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  • Treasures of the Aquarians by Richard Davis and Jeff Stone. Archaeologists of the year 7069 A.D. document their findings at the Berkeley digs.
  • The 70s: Those were the real days, my friend 1990 newspaper article about the 70s revival.
  • Seventies Something 1991 Newsweek article about the Seventies nostalgia craze.
  • The '70s Most Influential Books From Jonathan Livingston Seagull to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a list of the decade's most influential books. From Book of Days: '70s.
  • Muscle Cars of the Seventies by Nick Georgano and Nicky Wright. Some of the baddest rods ever to terrorize American streets in the early Seventies.
  • Foxy Fashion for Seventies Chicks by Jody Kramer. Tips on hair, tops, jeans, jewelry, and dressing up that every Seventies high school chick should know.
  • The Rise and Fall of the Leisure Suit by Dee Mason. The history of the iconic men's fashion statement of the '70s.
  • '70s Hairstyles Ten of the '70s most popular hairstyles for guys & gals, including the unisex, steam set special, hillbilly shag and wrestler's clip. From National Lampoon.
  • Seventies Teen Idol Freakout Over a dozen TV and movie teen idols that set a young Katy Krassner's heart aflutter during the 1970's. Excerpted from the book Retro Hell.
  • Ten Groovy Seventies Toys by Renata Sancken. An overview of the Top Ten toy fads of the 70s, some of which are still being manufactured today (Weebles, Rubik's Cube) and others that have fallen to the wayside (Atari, Growing Up Skipper).
  • The 70's - They Rocked Then and They Rock Now by Robert Lobitz. Seventies remembrances including poker Saturday nights.
  • Sports Highlights of the '70s Some of the decade's greatest athletes retell their fondest memories. From Newsweek. Also, a "My '70s Sports Heroes" essay from Dazed and Confused.
  • SeventiesSpeak 75 popular catch-phrases that originated in the 1970s, many of which survive to this day. From Life magazine's special decade-end issue.
  • A Seventies Dictionary Seventies culture takes on a whole new meaning. From MAD magazine.
  • Weird Beliefs of the Seventies and their ordinary everyday equivalents. From National Lampoon. Also: scandals, urban legends and other brouhaha.
  • So Long Seventies Rock journalist Chet Flippo kisses off the Seventies in this irreverent 1979 Rolling Stone essay.

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  • The Greatest Moments in Seventies Movies From Midnight Cowboy to Kramer Vs. Kramer, pop-culture chronicle Entertainment Weekly exhaustively unspools the history of the Seventies era in film. Plus the best Seventies movie lines and Best Picture Oscar winners.
  • The Best Movie Soundtracks of the Seventies These 23 soundtrack albums from the 1970s were among the 100 best movie soundtracks of all time as chosen by Entertainment Weekly magazine in Oct. 2001. Plus the Top 10 '70s movie stand-alone tunes and director Cameron Crowe's favorite soundtrack albums.
  • Easy Rider A 1986 review of the 1969 counterculture movie classic by David Zinman.
  • The 15 Greatest Rebel Movies of the Seventies Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers counts down his favorite Hollywood rebel movies of the decade.
  • Disaster Flicks of the 1970s From Airport to The China Syndrome, Terry Lawson looks back at nine popular disaster films of the Seventies that began one of Hollywood's most enduring movie genres. Also, a Dazed and Confused high school essay on "Dubious Disaster Films."
  • Five to Frighten: '70s Drive-In Horror by Paul Gaita. Rent these five flicks for the ultimate in '70s drive-in kitsch. From Pulse! magazine. Also, a Dazed and Confused high school essay on horror flicks.
  • Thirty Top Cult Films of the 1970s Some of the most bizarre '70s flicks ever to hit the big (and little) screens at the stroke of midnight.
  • Notes from a 'Nasty Ebert': The Best of '70s and '80s Porn Ted McIlvenna, a connoisseur and scholar of the classic age of hardcore movies (1971-1987), presents his list of the ten top porn flicks ever made. From Esquire.
  • Very '70s in the '90s Marshall Fine of Gannett News Service reviews some of the recent and more serious cinematic studies of the "Age of Embarrassment" in this 1997 newspaper article.

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  • The Greening of America by Charles A. Reich. This bestselling liberal tome was required reading on many college campuses in the 1970's. Excerpted from the 1970 book.
  • The Anti-Rock & Roll Crusade Janet LaRene, going girl reporter for the Observer, interviews a Detroit area anti-rock & roll crusader priest in 1970.
  • Why We Need the ERA A '70s high school student makes her case for the Equal Rights Amendment. From Dazed and Confused.
  • Images of War: An Oral History of Vietnam Seventeen firsthand recollections of Vietnam by the famous and not-so-famous that were featured in Rolling Stone in 1975.
  • Impeachment: Now More Than Ever What some leading American journals of the day had to say about Richard Nixon in 1973, a Watergate primer, and a Watergate quiz. From Rolling Stone, Newsweek, and the Associated Press.
  • The Watergate [EXPLETIVE DELETED] Contest Guess what Nixon & Co. were really saying in those infamous White House tapes, and win an all-expenses paid weekend at the Watergate Hotel! From Rolling Stone.
  • What Watergate Means To Me by Tony Olson. A 1975 American History class essay on the aftermath of the Watergate scandal. From Dazed and Confused.
  • Spiro T. Agnew: He Sure Had a Way with Words Thirteen bombastic quotes from the late and staunchly conservative early Seventies VP.
  • The State of the Union 1975 by George S. McGovern. The 1972 Democrat presidential candidate discusses militarism, monopoly and the maldistribution of wealth.
  • The New Generation Gap Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Greene ruminates on Baby Boomers and Generation X.
  • The Worst Generation Political activist and Baby Boomer Paul Begala explains why he hates his own generation. From Esquire.

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