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"The 70's - They Rocked Then and They Rock Now"

By Robert Lobitz

I was "surfin' the net" a few days ago when I happened on this site, and it really took me back in time. It's hard to believe that
the 70's happened 40 years ago.

I didn't realize it, but the seventies hold some of the fondest memories of my
life. They didn't start off too well though; I believe it was in October of 1970
that Janice Joplin was found dead. I still listen to her music, and I still think
it some of the best I've ever heard.

When talking to the younger generation of today, you can tell that they have no
concept of the seventies. They get that "they're talking about the OK Corral
again" look. They think you are talking about a new location on the moon when you
mention "Haight-Ashbury," or Woodstock.

They do not get the fact that their world today would be much different if our
generation had not molded those years. (Of course we did do a few not so smart

Those years had a totally different lifestyle, dinner at the table, and sports
after school. Boys did not show their underwear, and the crotch of their pants
didn't wrestle for space between their calves. Heck, the closest we came to
"gangs" was watching re-runs of West Side Story!

I also remember that my dad played poker with a group of his friends every
Saturday night. I looked forward to the nights that the game was at our house. My
dad let me help set up the kitchen table for the game, and get the poker chips
out. Sometimes he would let me sit at the game table, and once or twice they even
let me play a hand or two. I remember loving the feeling of the poker chips. It's
funny now because all they had were those cheap plastic chips, but to me they were
the real things.

I now have my own group of poker buddies, but we are much more sophisticated (at
least we think so!). I bought a set of clay poker chips from so
we would feel like we were in the big leagues of poker.

Poker nights consist of good companionship, lots of poker lies, and 70's music on
the CD player. Wow - I guess not that much has changed after all.


You have Robert Lobitz to thank for this nostalgic article. Robert writes for, which carries a full
line of poker chips and poker supplies, but unfortunately, no pet rocks.

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