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"The 22 Rules of Pot Etiquette"

by Kevin Pickford

1. When rolling a joint, do not lick the whole joint for a "slow burn."

2. Hogging the reefer to yourself is often known as "Bogarting," punishable
by death.

3. Never roll your weed with "lumber" (sticks/stems).

4. Always roll with one paper.

5. Never roll a "popcorn joint" (marijuana cigarettes with seeds).

6. Always de-seed and de-stem your pot.

7. Never criticize another's weed after smoking it.

8. Always hold in smoke for 2.3 minutes, then cough a lot through nose in

9. After smoking, play "Physical Graffiti" as loud as possible.

10. Don't mooch pot off others, unless others mooch pot off you.

11. Never spill the Bong water.

12. Don't ever drink the Bong water (even if it's a beer bong).

13. Never talk while holding the joint (unless in Europe).

14. Don't scrape your friend's pipes.

15. Don't skim others bags.

16. Always sell full, five finger bags.

17. Save roaches for a rainy day (or dry periods).

18. Don't hand someone a clogged bong.

19. Never pass a microscopic roach

20. Don't light cigarettes off the joint.

21. Don't light joints off the cigarette.

22. Never EVER narc.

- from Dazed and Confused (St. Martin's Press, New York, 1993).


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