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Caught In the Act
Grand Funk Railroad

Capitol SABB-11445
Released: August 1975
Chart Peak: #21
Weeks Charted: 10

Craig FrostMel SchacherDon BrewerMark FarnerIf Grand Funk was once a publicist's tool, this new live album shows the extent to which they have become a producer's tool. If once their reach exceeded their grasp, they are now not reaching at all.

Grand Funk - Caught In The Act
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In the studio, a patient craftsman like Jimmy Ienner (who also did some work here) can bring forth from this group the occasional brittle guitar work, something approximating an R&B groove, and effective vocals. When the material is good "We're an American Band," "Some Kind of Wonderful," "The Loco-Motion"), the results are pleasing pop hard rock.

Live, it's another story. The groove is replaced with a sort of lumbering monolith that's not always sure where it's going. The vocals are painful and organist Craig Frost and guitarist Mark Farner seem way out of their league when attempting anything more ambitious than scales. Years after the quantitative improvement that became evident with E Pluribus Funk, the musicianship here isn't much superior to that of their early live album -- and this stuff has none of the raw, explosive energy that substituted for talent or imagination in those days. After two giant steps forward, Grand Funk seems content to stand perfectly still, as if they had reached their limit and there was nothing left to do but stay there.

- John Morthland, Rolling Stone, 11/6/75.

Bonus Reviews!

The brunt of critic's jibes for most of their career, railed against for lack of originality in material and performance, Grand Funk are nevertheless one of the most popular rock bands of the day and over the years have quietly come up with some of the finest singles in rock. This double live LP cut during their 1975 tour includes most of the foursome's major hits and a good sampling of their most popular album cuts. Production is good throughout, with the instruments, particularly Mark Farner's guitar and Craig Frost's keyboards, standing out. Voices come over well, and the addition of the Funkettes backup adds some fun to the project. Excellent duplication here of a Grand Funk concert which displays a professionalism not found on earlier live efforts. The critics may rant, but, for what they set out to do, Grand Funk are close to the best. Best cuts: "Rock & Roll Soul," "Closer To Home," "We're An American Band," "Some Kind Of Wonderful," "The Loco-Motion," "Inside Looking Out."

- Billboard, 1975.

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