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Super Seventies RockSite!'s

 Guestbook 'Greatest Hits' - 1999 (July - Dec.)

arto - 12/19/99 07:09:27
Location: Indonesia
Age: 42
Favorite Seventies act(s): jimi hendrix
Comments: very interesting information in this web site

Ulli - 12/17/99 16:21:50
Location: Germany
Age: 42
Referred by: FOCR
Favorite feature: M S Album Spotlight
Favorite Seventies act(s): Steve Miller Band
Comments: Hi, I'm impressed and it is so good to see others loving the same style of music. You are doing a very great job. Please continue and be invited to come to my classic rockmusic homepage as well. Keep on rockin' and hello from Germany Ulli

Carl Youngblood - 12/17/99 05:01:01
Location: Missouri
Age: 20
Referred by: Yahoo
Favorite feature: the pictures, the years of the decade broken down
Favorite Seventies act(s): The Boss, ZZ Top, Bob Seger, Joe Walsh, Ten Years After, Fleetwood Mac
Comments: What a great site! You guys saved my butt for a paper I was writing for my media class. I thought I knew alot about the 70's until I bumped into this place. It is easy to get around, the wording and pictures are well organized, not a bunch of jive all over the place. And that quiz! Ouch!

Aerial Sanders - 12/16/99 20:15:18
Age: 13
Referred by: Cherry
Favorite feature: Cool pictures
Favorite Seventies act(s): everything
Comments: This is one of the cooliest seventies web site I've seen in 3 weeks

L. Januska - 12/15/99 21:51:39
Location: Toronto Canada
Age: 34
Referred by: search engine
Favorite Seventies act(s): Aerosmith
Comments: I remember hearing Aerosmith (before they were big anywhere else) on Detroit radio. Man, growing up with that was fabulous. They still rock me out, and I'm glad you've got them highlighted here so appropriately! LJ

Dave Kraus - 12/15/99 04:40:46
Location: Pittsburgh
Age: 47
Favorite feature: archives
Favorite Seventies act(s): Watergate
Comments: One of the most entertaining sites on the net

Andy Potts - 12/13/99 10:33:01
Location: London
Age: 28
Referred by: surfed in
Favorite Seventies act(s): Brecker Brothers
Comments: I loved your site. It would be great if you could put a link to our site. The 007ties are a live 7 piece dico band playing many of the awesome tracks you have listed. Many thanks, Andy.

jeremy sage - 12/12/99 01:50:47
Location: muncie indiana
Age: 19
Referred by: foundit
Favorite feature: Classic 300
Favorite Seventies act(s): electric light orchestra
Comments: anyone else my age like the 70s alot?

Mary DeLong - 12/09/99 04:16:52
Location: Madison,TN
Age: 38
Favorite Seventies act(s): Queen,Steve Miller Band,Carpenters
Comments: I thought the site was very cool. You have a lot of interesting stuff on it.

Gale - 12/08/99 17:24:03
Location: Ohio
Age: 46
Referred by: Friend
Favorite Seventies act(s): Harry Chapin
Comments: Great Site

LINDSAY BELL - 12/03/99 22:38:45
Location: Sydney Australia
Age: 39
Comments: a very comprehensive informative site. Thank-you for your effort.

Champ - 12/03/99 22:23:06
Location: U.S.A.
Age: 14
Referred by: English teacher for a project.
Favorite feature: The top Ten Lists
Favorite Seventies act(s): Anything with the Beatles, Or K-C and the Sunshine Band!
Comments: I really enjoyed this website, and it was very useful! Keep it up!

Gary W. De Long - 11/30/99 22:22:15
Age: you know, lol
Referred by: found cybering
Comments: This would be a grand place to make contact with my alumni of "73". Take care and look forward to hearing from you. Gary

CCJ - 11/29/99 21:13:39
Location: Singapore
Comments: Hey! I like this website man

Mayumi Horikoshi - 11/29/99 08:29:44
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 35
Referred by: Yahoo!
Favorite feature: ALL!
Favorite Seventies act(s): Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Rod Stewart, etc...
Comments: Great site! Keep up the good work!

amber norris - 11/29/99 01:39:10
Location: kansas
Age: 13
Referred by: english project
Favorite feature: kiss (hotter than hell)
Favorite Seventies act(s): kiss
Comments: a 13 year old is not likley to be in a place for 70's music but in this case i had a research project to do and plus i like kiss hotter than hell

Marti - 11/28/99 22:24:05
Location: USA
Age: 46
Referred by: GOOOZ
Favorite feature: all of it : )
Comments: Hi, I love this place, GOOOZ sent it to me about 2 months ago and I come here often. I'd love to have music on my mail page but somehow it doesn't work with your midis... I come in all the time to listen to "And I Love you So"... If there's a way I can get it.. please contact me ok? thanks

H.Gokhan GULTEK - 11/28/99 18:29:06
Location: Turkey
Age: 37
Favorite feature: Elvis
Comments: One of the best Elvis sites!

Sassy - 11/27/99 03:05:35
Location: Tennessee
Age: 49
Referred by: self
Favorite feature: Barry White
Favorite Seventies act(s): Barry White
Comments: Excellent artist....I would like to add my name and email to a fan club I would love to someday see him in person. Barry has NEVER left music he has changed with it in a postive way.It would thrill me to hear from him thur email or personal contact. A Girl can only hope hahhaha. My admiration, enjoyment, and appreciation to Barry for such quality workmanship in the music Yesterday, Today, and Years to Come.....Sassy

Glenn L. Hill - 11/26/99 06:39:09
Location: Ridge Spring, SC
Age: 49
Referred by: Browsing
Favorite feature: Top 150 LP Reciew
Favorite Seventies act(s): The Rolling Stones
Comments: I think this is a great site. I would like to find one dedicated to the 60's as detailed as this. If you know of one would you please let me know thru my e-mail at Again you have done a great job. It is apparent that you are a dedicated follower of the 70's. Thank You! Glenn L. Hill

Stump - 11/26/99 01:00:10
Location: Bogalusa,LA.
Age: 44
Referred by: Found It
Favorite feature: Everything
Favorite Seventies act(s): All of Them!!!!!!!
Comments: Great site, it was wonderful, brought back so much, you think you may forget, but you don't. Oh for The WhareHouse, N.O., as so many of these Bands i grew up with them, i did not see that at the time, But you just rock till you drop,for the LAST TIME????

- 11/23/99 07:45:17
Location: texas
Age: 50
Comments: does someone know who recorded "tall cool woman in a black dress"? HELP!!!!!!

John Richardson - 11/22/99 18:43:11
Location: El Salvador
Age: 49
Favorite Seventies act(s): Bee Gee's, Barry White, Chicago.
Comments: Your site has help me a lot for my 70's radio program, Thanks.

Bria Tharen - 11/21/99 10:59:21
My Email:bt@i'
Favorite Seventies act(s): ABBA + Bee Gees
Comments: To tell you the truth, I'm only here for research in a music project at school. But I was very surprised and impressed by your website and just want to say keep up the good work!! PS: I would just like to say hi to my boyfriend. He knows who he is!

Leela - 11/21/99 05:59:00
Location: Yarrawonga, Australia.
Age: 41
Favorite feature: all
Comments: Thanks for helping me get the info for a seventies party night to remember!

Schmid - 11/20/99 08:57:49
Age: 27
Comments: Your music is great! Thank you.

Harry S. Anchan - 11/15/99 10:09:05
Location: Calgary, Canada
Age: 40
Referred by: Search engine
Favorite feature: Anything 50s to 70s
Favorite Seventies act(s): America, Manilow, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton-John, Wings, The Who, Eagles,...
Comments: Fabulous site! I am linking to it rightaway! Thanks for the memories! Harry

Darkstar - 11/14/99 18:27:36
Location: Northern California, USA
Age: 20ish
Referred by: Banner on Another Page
Favorite feature: It's all great!
Favorite Seventies act(s): CSN&Y and Fleetwood Mac
Comments: Wonderful place you have here! I've made sure to bookmark it and will be adding your banner to my site. Hope you can drop by and have a look at my music page if you get a chance. Keep on Rockin'! ~darkstar~

PeŚny - 11/14/99 16:44:04
Location: Poland/Łomňa
Age: 41
Favorite Seventies act(s): music
Comments: Super,super,super !!!!!!!!!!!!!

L. Dale Adams - 11/13/99 17:47:09
Location: Tacoma, WA.
Age: 42
Referred by: Curiosity
Favorite feature: none yet
Favorite Seventies act(s): Chicago
Comments: Could you please send me some info. on Chicago ie... names of albumns like the one that said "CHICAGO" across the front in writting, I think it was in white letters. thank you

Michael Perry - 11/12/99 15:12:14
Location: Queens, NY
Age: 28
Referred by: Yahoo
Favorite feature: Top 150
Favorite Seventies act(s): Stones, Zeppelin, Bowie
Comments: Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys...I love the site, and I love your section on the top 150. But Bad Company has three albums up there and Zeppelin only two...something is seriously, seriously out of kilter.

Sandy Adler - 11/12/99 06:21:14
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Age: 30
Referred by: no-one
Favorite Seventies act(s): all disco music
Comments: I absolutely love the 70's music. I was brought up with a very hip 70's mother, so I know a lot of the music. Great page, keep up the good work!

Marit Lani - 11/06/99 20:00:24
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Age: 16
Comments: Your site was very good, but you see I have a problem. I have to organize an activity of 10-15 minutes for a group of fifteen people in the style of the seventies and as much of the eighties, too. So if You could help me out. If you have ANY ideas, mail them to and I would be very thankful. Thanks. Marit from Estonia

Roxanne - 11/06/99 14:06:44
Comments: This site is great. I am trying to find a site like this one for my brother. He graduated in 1966. Any suggestions for a 1960 site?

Stef GaGs - 11/05/99 03:20:48
Location: Montreal
Age: 32
Referred by:
Favorite feature: Marantz audio
Favorite Seventies act(s): Black-Sabbath
Comments: very good site,by the way can someone tell me where I can get information for the 1981 Marantz recievers series.

jos’ Geraldo - 11/05/99 22:00:43
Location: Rio de Janeiro-Brazil
Age: 42
Favorite Seventies act(s): bread
Comments: Great Site.

jeangenie21 - 11/04/99 07:53:18
Location: louisville,ky
Age: 23
Referred by: no one
Favorite feature: fashion tips for chicks
Favorite Seventies act(s): KISS
Comments: born too late

Mean Jeanne Mistreater - 11/04/99 05:40:21
Location: Florida
Age: 42
Referred by: Roadkiller (Shock)
Favorite Seventies act(s): Grand Funk Railroad
Comments: Thanks to my friend, I can now see the others who love GFR as much as I. Three men from Michigan that have brought a world together with there music. For 30 years now, there music is a way of life. They have brought many years of happyness to me,and have united thousand around the world. Thanks you Don, Mel and Mark. I think you know what you mean to all of us. Hopes and prayers you will tour again, there are a lot of people out there that still want the chance to see you. And those of us that were blessed in last 3 years to have met with you. Come on back to Florida, we miss you.Also thanks to VH-1, Roadkill, and others that keep the Funk alive. - Mean Jeanne Mistreater, Florida's #1 female Funk Fan

Olive Molloy - 11/02/99 16:43:01
Location: Ireland
Age: 23
Comments: Tina you're simply the best

Wade - 11/02/99 16:00:37
Location: VA
Age: 29
Favorite feature: almanac
Favorite Seventies act(s): KISS..Sabbath
Comments: Nice page. Keep up the good work.

mark simoes - 11/02/99 14:18:03
Location: RI, US
Age: 25
Referred by: self
Favorite feature: whole site is great
Favorite Seventies act(s): led zepplin
Comments: a few weeks ago you helped me find a song i was looking for. i was looking for the number one song on the charts for october 19, 1975. you had e-mailed me with neil sekada's "bad blood". i have been looking for a way to buy this song, but i can't figure out what album it is on. if you can help me again i would be greatful. if you know the album "bad blood" is on or if you know a site where i can buy could you please let me know. thanks again, mark s.

Terje - 10/31/99 16:26:24
Location: Norway
Age: 30
Comments: I just wonder if anybody have heard about a song by Sly Stone called "Crayzay" (or something simular) If you know which cd this is on please send me a mail!

Colin Robinson - 10/31/99 13:06:49
Location: New Zealand
Age: 43
Favorite feature: Album spotlights
Favorite Seventies act(s): ELP,Deep Purple, Queen, Black Sabbath
Comments: A great place to relive the memories of the greatest era of music ever.

thomas anthony clarke - 10/30/99 22:20:29
Location: toronto,ontario,canada
Age: 30
Referred by: my personal need for nostalgic reflection
Favorite feature: six million dollar man
Favorite Seventies act(s): lee majors(pre-fatness era/ala burt renolds
Comments: liked episode with William Shatner guest appearance. wish I could find it on home video...haven't seen

Anonymous - 10/29/99 17:55:54
Age: 33
Comments: Hi. I saw that on 10/20 a person by the name of Robert had asked a question about a duet. It may have already been answered, but if not, I believe that it's "Whenever I Call You Friend", by Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks. I think it's from 1978. Hope th s helps.:-)

Lynn Woody - 10/27/99 12:10:33
Comments: Would like a little information on the British group First Class and the single "Beach Baby". Thanks.

Suzanne Slaa - 10/26/99 11:39:26
Location: Holland
Age: 18
Referred by: ? Suzanne
Favorite feature: What is feature?
Favorite Seventies act(s): Tim Buckley, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Lou Reed etc etc
Comments: I don't know what to write and to whom. Since 1994 I'm a big admirer of Jeff Buckley and I've just find out about his father, so i'm discovering his music now, which I think is also very good, intense, tearjerking, but his cd's are very hard to get here in Holland. I only have 'Once I was' I think these two young man were the best performers ever known

Robert - 10/20/99 04:24:40
Favorite Seventies act(s): led zepplin
Comments: Awesome site, very comprehensive. I have been trying to find the title of this song which is a duet from the seventies I believe. I only remember some of the chorus "sweet love on a saturday night...and we'll be doing it, doing it." sorry that's all I can remember. Can YOU help me? email me if you know what the song is. Thanks

scott - 10/16/99 18:40:14
Location: minnesota
Age: 15
Favorite feature: year by year almanac
Favorite Seventies act(s): led zeppelin
Comments: great page, keep up the good work.

Bobby Miller - 10/15/99 04:21:42
Location: Nashville, Tn.
Age: 48
Referred by: just found you on the web.
Favorite Seventies act(s): Stillwater
Comments: Have always wondered what happened to those boys from Warner Robbins, Ga. Always thought they were the greatest. I played for a southern rock group called The Winters Bros. Band (Dennis & Donnie), not Johnny & Edgar. We did alot of shows with them and always had such respect for them. They should have made it!

Deidre Krok - 10/14/99 23:47:45
My Email:djkrok@aol
Location: NJ
Age: 25
Favorite feature: trivia!
Favorite Seventies act(s): Bee Gees, Abba and more
Comments: Great Site- I learned a lot about the 70's!

Arno Stijlen - 10/14/99 12:31:58
Location: South Africa
Age: 42
Referred by: Self
Favorite Seventies act(s): Various
Comments: Wonderful, I found all the names of artists and songs I have always wanted.

Robyn Farina - 10/14/99 01:52:45
Location: Maine, USA
Age: 47
Favorite feature: bio
Favorite Seventies act(s): Blue
Comments: Loved the reviews of Joni Mitchell's "Blue" and "For the Roses" in "The Seventies Era: One Nation Under a Groove."

Taija - 10/13/99 10:34:08
Age: 19
Favorite Seventies act(s): ABBA
Comments: Where are the Great Names of 70's music, like ABBA, the Sweet, T-Rex, Steeleye Span etc???

Deniece - 10/13/99 02:52:51
My URL: http://3com.snap
Location: Illinois
Age: 44
Favorite Seventies act(s): Bill Withers
Comments: HELP! I'm trying to find a record that Bill Withers had song. called "I love you Dawn". I heard it years ago, and cannot find it anywhere. I believe it was the theme song from MASH. Please anyone e-mail me and let me know if this is correct.

han - 10/11/99 13:50:34
Location: school
Age: 15
Referred by: yahoo
Favorite feature: the pictures
Favorite Seventies act(s): Abba
Comments: thanks a lot it helped with my 70's tech project at school. Ta ! See ya again sometime!

Matt Matthews - 10/11/99 03:17:04
Location: southern west va
Age: 32
Favorite feature: Everything
Favorite Seventies act(s): Grand Funk Railroad & Led Zepplin
Comments: This "super" seventies site is wonderful and reminds me of my very early youth. I saw Grand Funk Railroad a couple of months ago and I was in "heaven". I can do without some disco!

Neha - 10/09/99 18:49:33
Location: NJ
Age: 26
Favorite Seventies act(s): Elton John
Comments: This site just keeps getting better!

Dan Pennington - 10/08/99 05:03:34
Location: Dallas, Tx
Age: 36
Referred by: email
Favorite feature: classic rock
Favorite Seventies act(s): Boston
Comments: What a great idea! Keep up the good work!!! Dan

Shonna Hudgins - 10/06/99 14:45:04
Location: Harmony,Nova Scotia, Canada
Age: 17
Favorite feature: rules of weed edicate
Favorite Seventies act(s): led zeppelin
Comments: wicked site man!

sheila boatner - 10/05/99 15:07:19
Location: georgia
Age: 42
Favorite Seventies act(s): bad company
Comments: thought it was a cool site. brought back alot of memories.

Allan Akamine - 09/30/99 07:42:00
Location: Mililani, Hawaii
Age: 45
Referred by: AltaVista
Favorite feature: Seventies Almanac
Favorite Seventies act(s): M*A*S*H, BeeGees, Farrah Fawcett, DeTomoso Pantera
Comments: Who would believe Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever would be released in the same year. For me, the seventies was a nice coming of age...especially following the rebellion and turmoil of the late sixties. Great sight. Waiting for the Psychedelic Sixties. And the Enigmatic Eighties.

Kraig Nace - 09/30/99 03:36:53
Location: Pennsylvania
Age: 19
Referred by: N/A
Favorite feature: Music Charts
Comments: Great site! Just what I was looking for - My mom and dad are celebrating their 25-year anniversary and we are trying to find the popular songs from their "era"

Micki - 09/29/99 12:52:03
Location: Michigan
Age: 15
Comments: I just would like to know who sings a song about hair. I dont know the band or the name of the song, but its somewhere in the seventies or eighties. Can you just post it some where or give a site where I could find it? Thank You

Dave - 09/27/99 02:49:02
Location: Canada
Age: 19
Favorite Seventies act(s): Supertramp, Dire Straits all the 70's rock bands gall darnit!
Comments: Love the site... Keep up the good work!

Alex Pena - 09/26/99 02:44:28
Location: Clementon, NJ
Age: 41
Favorite Seventies act(s): Queen
Comments: Graduated 1976, Great Neck north Senior HS

ANDREA BARBETTA - 09/25/99 10:18:01
Age: 19
Referred by: I DONT KNOW
Favorite feature: I DONT KNOW
Favorite Seventies act(s): STEPPENWOLF

Jeb and Patty - 09/25/99 03:37:47
Location: Kansas
Comments: Just wanted to extend a thank you for the Super Seventies award! It really made our day! We love your site, and come back often, just thought I'd let ya know.

Sally Spencer - 09/23/99 20:18:11
Location: Holly Springs, MS
Age: 35
Favorite feature: All of it
Favorite Seventies act(s): David Bowie, Captain &Tennille and of course, Pink Floyd and Jan Brady
Comments: This site is the coolest, most far-out and grooviest on the Net. And, yes, I still use in every day speech groovy and cool. I am writing a novel about the 70s and this site has given me tons of background info. I needed. Keep on truckin' and dancin' and groovin'. The only thing I would like to see is some information on top selling stuff like smiley faces and those big fuzzy feet and like Hang Ten clothes. Thanks for great memories.

June Zimmerman - 09/22/99 18:10:50
Location: Detroit, MI
Age: 47
Referred by: Yahoo!
Favorite feature: Almanac
Comments: I just want to thank you for creating this web-site. My 30th class reunion is coming up in 2000 and this site helped me find several items that will help remind all of us old folks what was happening in 1970. Thanks so much!

Jeb and Patty - 09/21/99 20:53:06
Location: Kansas
Favorite feature: I love this site! It is on my "favorites"
Comments: We want to extend a big thank you to all who have supported, and subscribed to Classic Rock Revisited, monthly-online magazine. Because of the great response, we have been able to lower subscription rates almost in half! $12.50 per year! We just wanted to make this announcement to all the 70's classic rock fans. Thanks!

HEDA - 09/20/99 17:58:57
Location: AZ
Age: 33
Referred by: surfing
Favorite feature: all of it!
Favorite Seventies act(s): too many to mention
Comments: Glad to see this site - lots of good info -

Karen M. - 09/20/99 06:33:41
Location: Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Age: 33
Referred by: searched the web
Favorite feature: trivia, almanac
Favorite Seventies act(s): Bread, Bee Gees, Gerry Rafferty, Al Stewart, etc.
Comments: Very interesting website! Although I was only 13 at the time the 70's ended, I remember hearing all those good songs. It is my favorite decade for music!!

Danny - 09/18/99 05:59:15
Location: Duffel, Belgium
Age: 38
Referred by: Ask Jeeves
Favorite feature: High Heels
Favorite Seventies act(s): Slade, Sweet & other Glam Acts
Comments: Hi there 70's lovers ! I'm looking for someone who can put together a video tape with seventies classics for me.Pop, Rock, Disco...anything will do ! So if you got a nice collection and are willing to share it with me, Please e-mail me and give me your price ! Danny, Belgium

LaVonia Marriott - 09/14/99 04:30:28
Location: Round Rock, Texas
Age: 54
Favorite Seventies act(s): Peter Frampton
Comments: Cool page! All my seventies favorites!

Greg Clarke - 09/10/99 22:27:13
Location: The Wirral , UK
Age: 42
Referred by: SURFING THE WEB
Favorite feature: First time in sight
Favorite Seventies act(s): BOWIE/ELO
Comments: Do you know what ever happened to Anusha Fox the singer from the group FOX. They had a hit with " ONLY YOU ". I do find the (what the stars are up to now) feature excellent. But you can miss out the Osmonds next time...... What's David Cassidy up to, my wife has just shouted.

J. Walls - 09/10/99 00:39:17
Comments: Thanks for such a great web site! We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary at the Junior High that my son attends. We are looking for all the info on the seventies that we can find. Have you got any idea where I can find some of the memorobilia form this vintage. The funny thing is I had already graduated from High school then. I should have kept all my old things.

Phil Gray - 09/09/99 05:23:52
Location: Hobart Tasmania Australia
Age: 34
Referred by: friend
Favorite feature: just reliving the 70"s
Favorite Seventies act(s): Boston
Comments: Keep up the good work.

Patty - 09/08/99 22:46:35
Location: Kasnas
Age: 32
Favorite feature: Trivia, Midis
Favorite Seventies act(s): All!
Comments: You have an excellent mixture of midi files! I am impressed...keep up the good work! I invite those who like magazines, to visit our online, monthly magazine Classic Rock Revisited. Subscription info is available on the non-members site. Again, Keep up the good work on the've been around along time!

Ray Roewert - 09/08/99 20:26:11
Location: Clearwater Fl
Age: 41
Referred by: the gods of rock and roll
Favorite feature: I liked them all
Favorite Seventies act(s): Eagles, Ronstadt, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Boston, Foreigner. Atlanta Rythym Section.
Comments: Thanks for taking me back to a better time!

Allen Tsao - 08/27/99 02:15:44
Location: Houston
Age: 40
Referred by: Just surfed In!
Favorite feature: Profile of Top music acts!
Favorite Seventies act(s): Led Zeppelin
Comments: Wow! What a great site! It sure did bring back a lot of memories! There will never be a decade quite like the seventies...I miss it...The music was better and the times seemed more innocent...

Luis Figueroa - 08/26/99 22:54:34
Location: Lima,Peru
Age: 46
Referred by: A magazine
Favorite feature: The Super Seventies
Favorite Seventies act(s): Led Zepellin
Comments: It's a great idea .Now I can find all what I want.

Joan - 08/25/99 05:15:09
Location: Houston
Age: old
Favorite feature: Everything
Favorite Seventies act(s): Linda Ronstadt
Comments: We are celebrating our schools 25th Anniversary this year(Junior High School) . We would like to put up pictures on the wall, who was popular then and what the news was back then. I tried to print it off but was unable to,can you help? This is a great sire and you have certainly done a great job on it!!! :) We would like the kids to see what happened that many years ago. It really seems like yeaserday to me!! Thanks for your hard work

Rodrigo Lopez V. - 08/18/99 17:52:42
Location: Chile
Age: 45
Referred by: browse
Favorite Seventies act(s): Pink, Led, Deep Purple, Sabbath
Comments: Very nice site. Good information, Congratulations!

kipper - 08/16/99 13:34:58
My Email:kipper_morris
Location: australia
Age: 40
Favorite Seventies act(s): the babes
Comments: what happened to TEN YEARS AFTER? i should have thought they were worth a mention remember woodstock man yeah! any how not knockin the list its all great but cmon i think you should have spent more of that lawn mowing money on some more artists as well no offence its just, well, like theres too much brilliance out there that never gets a mention you know what i mean? still this is a great site if only today kids knew what they were missing eh? i mean RAP! give me a doctor..!!! see ya, kipper. p.s any feedback? ta

mark - 08/15/99 02:03:41
Location: rhode island
Age: 25
Referred by: self
Favorite feature: music stuff
Favorite Seventies act(s): led zepplin
Comments: i've been searching for the song and the artist that had the number one song on the charts on october 19, 1975. if you could help it would be greatly appriciated. it's for a birthday gift. thanks, mark

Gayleen Delgado - 08/14/99 09:24:44
Location: Weed, CA
Age: 44
Referred by: just found your sight
Favorite feature: The entire sight
Comments: Great sight!! I've been trying to find a song from the seventies....don't remember who did it....don't remember the name. But I do remember a line that came back to me late one night during an intimate moment and would like to share it with that special someone, but due to the 70's for me, things are hard to remember. LOL ....."spill the wine, dig that girl" Can you help me out here?

fer - 08/13/99 04:19:34
Location: argentina
Age: 24
Favorite feature: jackson browne
Favorite Seventies act(s): eagles
Comments: Jackson is a genius

Escobar - 08/12/99 14:58:19
Favorite Seventies act(s): so many it ain't funny
Comments: Meet the woman who influenced Joni Mitchell's classic song "Woodstock," as well as David Crosby's "Deja Vu":

little one - 08/10/99 22:15:08
Location: kansas
Age: 32
Referred by: surfed in
Favorite feature: Classic Rock news (kiss, aerosmith, etc.)
Favorite Seventies act(s): too many to mention!
Comments: I love your site!!!! Very fun, and informative!!! We have an online magazine/club for classic rock, and I love the music, writing about it, and reading about it. The funnest part of our magazine is interviewing the artists I love so much. Keep up the good work on your site, It's awesome!

Paul R. Smith - 08/09/99 17:24:18
My Email:Justin639
Location: Shadyside,Ohio
Age: 48
Referred by: myself
Favorite feature: everything
Favorite Seventies act(s): All of them
Comments: I've Liked the Moody Blues since the late 70's.I've seen them in concert 6 times.I lived in San Diego,Ca. and experienced their concert there and Pittsburgh,Pa.My son ,who is 13, is named after Justin Hayward.I presently live in Shadyside,Ohio.I play synthesizers and guitar and admire the imagination of the music of the Moody Blues.I've only heard a few bands in the world that come even close to the sound and performance of them.Again,my admiration to these guys as I have alot of good memories listening to them.

Wes O'Dell - 08/08/99 03:37:38
Location: Paso Robles, CA
Age: 41
Referred by: wandered in
Favorite Seventies act(s): Led Zeplin
Comments: I've got part of a song stuck in my head. I can't remenber who sang it. I won't be able to get it out until I find out the name of the song & who sang it. Can you help? All I can remember of it is: nana nana nana nana hey hey good buy (repeats). Heeeelllp Please!! Thanks Wes

Jeanette - 08/07/99 06:04:53
Location: Huntington, WV
Age: 40
Referred by: Yahoo
Favorite feature: many...
Favorite Seventies act(s): many...
Comments: Extremely cool comprehensive site - thanks from an original 70's chick (I can say chick now that I'm enlightened)

Stuart the Maniac - 08/04/99 21:42:37
Location: Austin, Texas
Age: yes
Referred by: Elvis
Favorite feature: the sixth finger
Favorite Seventies act(s): Mothers of Invention
Comments: Heya! Cool page you have here! Drop by my Web Jukebox if ya like at and sign my g'book! See ya! :-)

Steve Booth - 07/28/99 14:35:47
Location: London
Age: 36
Referred by: happened by chance
Favorite feature: top records of the 70's
Comments: What a fantastic and informative site, loved it, great information, god it takes me back (Cant get the tune of Band of Gold out of my head now) must go home and play it. Top Site

Lounge Lizard - 07/27/99 20:58:57
Location: NYC
Favorite Seventies act(s): Laura Nyro
Comments: Regarding Laura Nyro, here's my take on the different Nyro: ---- Early Pop (1966-67) - The songs were incredible, but she still hadn't found her "voice" yet. It was still very Tin Pan Alley sounding. Holy Trinity (1968-70): The voice became more transportive and chill-inducing, and of course, the songs during this period are still perhaps her best ever, for sheer emotional beauty and seat-of-the-pants (skirt) inventiveness alone, and of course, because they are just great songs, if not coverable material for others. Gonna Take a Miracle ('71/'72): The Holy Trinity voice coupled with R&B/Motown-era covers. Interesting idea, but I agree w/ Harold and I think Derek also that these songs would have come off a lot more successfully had Laura covered them during her latter period ('88 to '90s). Smile/Season/Nested ('76-78): The sexiest, most sensual voice in her career, IMHO. Sure, the songs may not have been as deep, chemical, out-there -- whatever you want to call them, but they were indeed emotional in their own personal way. If anything, Laura was more willing to open her private self to the listening world than any other music she ever made. Smile/Nested if taken as one piece (and wouldn't they make a great 2-on-1 CD?) really make me feel like I know the private woman, warts and all. Mother's Spiritual ('84): Her voice is still great here, but perhaps the power has been diminished somewhat by her smoking habit. The swoop and dive trademark is still there and her vocal command is probably better here than anywhere else, but it seems that her lung power is a little short. Maybe it's just me. Songwise, I just think they are less memorable than her previous works -- kinda Laura-Lite. (Don't shoot me people!) Bottom Line/Walk the Dog ('88-'93): On these albums, her voice is deeper and richer. Songwise, Bottom Line provides perhaps the greatest snapshot of Laura's merit as a singer and a songwriter to the uninitiated. Unfortunately, on Walk the Dog, the presence of the previously recorded newer tunes and the EXCELLENT covers set against weaker brand new songs only serves to accentuate Laura's decline as a writer, IMHO. Still, it is not a disposable album because it's Laura. ----Lounge Lizard (

Mark Williams - 07/20/99 15:41:02
Location: Chicago
Age: 33
Favorite feature: History of the 1970's Charts
Favorite Seventies act(s): Stevie Wonder
Comments: OH Thank you so much for this website. What a great way to have a retrospect of music in my youth. It is quite amazing when I hear a song in my infancy of how it brings a warm feeling of innocence in a world for the most part is not innocent. There were several songs which I couldn't remember. I would go to the music stores and no one could not understand the songs that I was looking for; but looking at your website I was able to reminisce my youth and share it with my friends. Is it possible in the near future that you can create a lyrical page with all of the hits of the 70's, because I notice the songs that I grew up on singing are the wrong lyrics. Few of the songs which I couldn't get out of my head was by Maria Muldaur, Bo Donaldon & the Heywoods and Stevie Wonder. Of course, when I talk to my children about my youth; they seem to think that Moses and I listened to the same 8 Track Cassette player and I couldn'y mention on how 45's was a craze in my youth. Keep up the good work.

ashley jones - 07/19/99 19:47:22
Location: toronto ontario canada
Age: 15
Referred by: a little birdie
Favorite feature: me !!!
Comments: hey kwel page!! good luck in the futre!! peachy keen jelly bean!! :)~

debbie - 07/17/99 17:39:18
Location: pittsburgh
Age: 41
Referred by: sentto me
Favorite Seventies act(s): elton john
Comments: really love this web site.i grew up in the 70's so i'm a big fan

Eric Sibilla - 07/17/99 15:01:06
Location: broomfield,colorado
Age: 22
Referred by: just surfin
Favorite feature: the amount of info.
Favorite Seventies act(s): pink floyd,eric clapton, the grateful dead.
Comments: truly, a cool page with a lot of far out facts and features that will never be forgotten. an one other thought, "I feel this decade, produced some of the most intreaging music of all time." these are just a few bands, I listen too now that, some how remind me of some rocken seventies bands. Phish, Strange folke, Modeski.Martin.Wood., The Jazz Mandolin project..Thanks.

howard lopez - 07/12/99 20:16:40
My Email:phil@musicmusicmusic
Location: Toronto Canada
Age: 43
Favorite Seventies act(s): ELP
Comments: Hello! I visited your site and I think its great! My name is Howard Lopez and I work for an online radio station that has interactive deals with various record labels. We offer music, in streaming MP3 format, by some of the best classic rock'n roll entertainers including Delfi label artists Ritchie Valen, The Bobby Fuller Four, Chan Romero, De-Fenders, Little Caesar and The Romans, The Romancers, Frank Zappa and many others. They can be listened to any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and free of charge, simply by browsing our interactive jukebox. How bout a link to our site from yours? It will allow your fans to listen to rock'n roll artists while they surf the web and give curious customers a chance to discover new rock' n roll music in beautiful MP3 format. We want to make RadioMoi the biggest and best radio station on the web. A simple link from your site, and other sites like it, will help us assist you in providing more enjoyment of rock'n roll music and will also boost your web site's popularity. If you'd like to know more, please visit our site at or feel free to contact: I look forward to hearing from you! Howard Lopez

dan - 07/11/99 21:51:37
Location: Fresno,California
Age: 42
Referred by: yahoo site
Favorite feature: The Exorcist
Favorite Seventies act(s): Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath,Genesis
Comments: New visitor to the Super Seventies Rock site. Exxtreemly glad it exists. Talk about a walk down memory lane, I'm just sorry I'm using a public access shared computer at a library, I wouldn't go home for a week looking at all the cool stuff here.

Yvonne Wheeler - 07/06/99 17:21:58
Location: San Antonio
Age: 33
Favorite feature: seventies almanac
Favorite Seventies act(s): kc & the sunshine band
Comments: My radio station just changed its format from smooth jazz to the Jammin' Hits of the 70's & 80's. This site was a great tool for me to give my sales people. As the promotion director, I personally love our new format.

Deborah Vazquez-Segura - 07/05/99 16:11:00
Location: Miami
Age: 35
Favorite feature: JukeBox
Comments: Great site. Congratulations Keep me updated on any new release.

- 07/04/99 21:40:06
Location: houston,tx
Age: 41
Referred by: pop kulcher
Favorite Seventies act(s): Mott the Hoople,Humble Pie, David Bowie, Jackson Browne, Big Star,Randy Newman
Comments: How can you have 4(!) Eagles albums and no Humble Pie!!! and just a B/O on Mott??? Gimmie a break--but I know these are subjective and mostly i got no quarrel--some are a little too obvious but again--everybody's different. Nice job

M J Madsen - 07/01/99 13:59:32
Age: 39
Referred by: Yahoo engine
Favorite feature: Year by year highlights
Comments: I host a party with a musical theme each year & this year the theme is the 1970s. I normally put together a memory book of events tied to the theme, and much of my research is done at the library or in almanacs. You have done all my homework for me. Thanks.

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