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Super Seventies RockSite!'s

 Guestbook 'Greatest Hits' - 1998

Name: Odango Atama
My Email:
Location: I'm over here!
Age: 15
Referred by: ... I think it was fate.
Favorite feature: Haven't been through the whole site yet, just been through
the midi jukebox. Cool, man!
Favorite Seventies act(s): John!! John, wake up, man!! ...he hasn't said
anything since 1980, I'm beginning to worry...

Lovely site. One of my new favourites. Though I'm still bitter about missing
the decade...


Name: Craig My Email: Location: Jersey Age: 31 Favorite feature: Almanac Favorite Seventies act(s): CCR, Eagles, Steely Dan, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Bob Seger, Paul Simon, Doobies, Jackson Browne... I could go on for pages Comments: I loved going through the Almanac year by year. What a lot of great memories!

Name: Tamara Eastman My Email: Location: Virginia Age: 37 Referred by: Found on my own. Favorite feature: I have quite a few faves Favorite Seventies act(s): The Bee Gee's Comments: Thanks for allowing me to go back to "high school" and feel all the excitement of that era, again. This trip down Memory Lane was fun! Thanks!

Name: kevin My Email: Location: chicago Age: 16 Referred by: Danny's Classic Rock Links Favorite Seventies act(s): Led Zepelin, Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Beatles Comments: Super Site man. I enjoy reading all their reviews of all them old albums and then venturing down to the basement to search through my parents vinyl colection to see what they've got. Your site has also inspired me to create a little club dedicated to Classic rock. The Youths for the Conservation of Classic Rock is a little club for the kiddies who love the music from that fantabulus decade known as the seventies. Thanks much.

Name: Wm Mike Ryan My Email: Location: Hartland, Mi. usa Age: 49 Referred by: Johnny V's Favorite feature: 70's music Favorite Seventies act(s): Moody Blues Comments: I've been a big fan of midi for many years.. The 70's were *my* years.. Thanks for the great collection of the stuff I grew up with..

Name: Jill Onouye My Email: Location: Irvine, Ca Age: 22 Favorite feature: images Comments: Hello, I am a student teacher at the University of California, at Irvine. I was wondering if I could have the permission to use one of your images in my Hyperstudio project for class. I am working on a project on the seventies. I would really appreciate it if you could notify me at Thank you. Sincerely, Jill Onouye

Name: DOUG My Email: Location: upland,ca Age: 28 Referred by: (tom)likus' links Favorite feature: it has ALL the jammin midi songs! Favorite Seventies act(s): all of them! Comments: i've spent about 2 hours here! kick ass!

Name: Jason Arvey My Email: Location: Chacgo Age: 22 Referred by: the decades ring Favorite feature: Single of the week Favorite Seventies act(s): Zappa, Bowie, Beefheart, Zevon, The Clash Comments: Your site is pretty informative and useful, but (as you can probably tell from my favortie acts) I find it somewhat lacking in certain areas. You should really squeeze in some of the less mainstream, but nonetheless influential artists of the seventies. That I couldn't find a trace of Zappa's Sheik Yerbouti, Apostrophe ('), Overnight Sensatino, and Weasels Ripped My Flesh; or of captain Beefheart's Clear Spot; or of "Werewolves of London", "Lawyers, Guns and Money", or "Mohammed's Radio" was kind of disppointing. I realize you can't include everything, but these musicians are (at least in my view) too important to be overlooked.

Name: Sarah Lynn Location: Illinois Age: 13 Referred by: just dropped by Favorite feature: 70's Almanac Favorite Seventies act(s): DeFranco Family, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Queen, Uriah Heep, Bread, Jonothan Edwards, Stones,and Elton John Comments: Love the site! Keep up the good work! P.S. Put more Queen stuff in!

Name: dave sweatt My URL: My Email: Favorite feature: pictures Favorite Seventies act(s): steve miller band, eagles, elo, styx Comments: can someone tell me the title of the Barry White song that starts out "Don't be a baby lady, just be a lady baby"

Name: bex Location: buckinghamshire/uk Age: 17 Favorite feature: top 150 tunes Favorite Seventies act(s): Rolling stones/dire straits Comments: i really love this site. it's all i love. has the greatest trivia and now i can live in the seventies ( i should have been alive) i would love to see all the wonderful bands from them rather than the shallow bands of today.

Name: David Vander Laan My Email: Location: Rotterdam Junction, NY Age: 42 Referred by: search engine Favorite feature: liked everything Comments: Your alamnac provided some 1978 'Current Events Tidbits' that I needed for a 20th anniversary Christmas cantata introduction. Thanks for your help - great site!

Name: allison My Email: Age: born in 1970 Comments: I love 70s music...from the Carpenters to Boston.The 70s produced the best music of all time..My favorite song from the 70s is Miracles by Jefferson Starship.

Name: Jean Stevens My Email: Location: michigan Age: 18 Favorite feature: trivia Favorite Seventies act(s): The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis J.,etc... Comments: This page kicks ass!!! Thanks for all the kick ass stuff you put on it..

Name: Beato Ana Maria de Jesus My URL: My Email: Location: Espana Age: muchos Comments: Torpe Goeb, tristes escaneos, pero mucho esfuerzo. Ires al cielo.

Name: susan ritter My Email: Location: ohio Age: old Favorite feature: trivia quiz Favorite Seventies act(s): raspberries Comments: hi, thanx for a trip down memory lane. it was fun. i didn't find anything on the RASPBERRIES.?? but i also enjoyed todd rundgren,ambrosia,steely dan, america, etc... thanx again. susan

Name: Mario Mora My Email: Location: San Jose, Costa Rica Age: 44 Comments: Hi. Greetings from Costa Rica. I have an oldies weekly show in an oldies Radio Station. The name of my show is "Antologia" (Anthology), and it airs every Sunday afternoon, at 5 p.m., on Radio Dos, (95.5 and 99.5 Mhz FM Stereo. Thanks for the info. M.

Name: Harry M My Email: Location: scotland Age: 36 Referred by: just surfed in Favorite feature: midis Favorite Seventies act(s): led zepplin Comments: excellent site, will surf back in when i have more time........catch you later

Name: The Levee My URL: My Email: Location: Raleigh, NC Age: 29 Referred by: Search engine Favorite Seventies act(s): Led Zeppelin Comments: Please check out my web site above! We're a brand new Zeppelin tribute band and we'd like to know what people think about our setlist. What do YOU think we should play? Check out the 22 songs there now and tell us what should stay, what should go, and what should be added.

Name: Doug My Email: Location: B.C. CDN Age: 36 Referred by: friend Favorite feature: l dig it all man Favorite Seventies act(s): McCartney, E.J. Comments: This sight is really far out man, its the coolest, dude.

Name: Nick My Email: Location: Russia Age: 18 Favorite Seventies act(s): QUEEN,PINK FLOYD,Led zep. ,Deep P. Comments: Just great site!,What else do we need? 8-)


Name: Rick McDougal My Email: Location: Romulus, Michigan Age: 45 Referred by: web search Favorite feature: top 40 hits each year Favorite Seventies act(s): Led Zep, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues Comments: What a wonderful little time machine you've built here. What a cool trip back into the best time of my life I've had. Thanx

Name: Joan Morbie My URL: My Email: Location: New Jersey, USA Age: 43 Referred by: The Heart Spoken Khatru Favorite Seventies act(s): Can't name one in particular Comments: Hello there! Your site has REALLY made my day! Woweeee!! :) It was great to stumble upon your page and listen to some of the greatest bands that have ever existed. I'll definitely be returning when I have a little more time to spend here. If you get a chance I hope you'll stop by my site and please sign the guestbook to let me know what you think of it. Take care, Joan

Name: LadyHawk My Email: Location: Melbourne Australia Age: 43 Comments: LOVE the site!

Name: Douglas Wagner My Email: Location: New Philadelphia, Ohio Age: 44 Referred by: surfing Favorite feature: history Favorite Seventies act(s): too numerous to mention Comments: This is a great site.... i am a music educator in a city school system.... I teach a new class this year entitled HISTORY OF ROCK MUSIC.... your site has an abundance of resources that I need to make the class better. This is my first semester teaching it but your site has opened my eyes to many facets of the rock history that didn't occur to me and has given me all kinds of ideas to put forth in the future. THank you. Douglas Wagner

Name: Garth Nelson My Email: Location: Arlington WA1 Age: 36 Referred by: looking for this on my own Favorite feature: The Trivia Favorite Seventies act(s) Stones Comments: Great site. Thanks for letting me browse through it.

Name: Jaime A. Flores Suarez My Email: Location: Tabasco Mexico Age: 33 years Referred by: surfed in Favorite feature: Seventies Almanac Favorite Seventies act(s): Classic Rock & Disco Comments: It's a great site for the seventies music lovers. I have a TV program on a Cable Sistem named Planeta Rock (Rock Planet) and this information is so usefull for my production. Thanks for all, congratulations, and "Keep on rocking"

Name: C. Auvin My Email: Location: Wisconsin,USA Age: 36 Referred by: Found on my own! Favorite feature: Monthly lists of songs from each year Favorite Seventies act(s): Stylistics, Abba, Lobo, Comments: Unbelievable!!!! I really love the old tunes and playing Trivia with friends, now I'm gonna be one up on them!!!!! Great site, keep up the good work! A great trip down memory lane!!!! So many great songs that i had nearly forgotten, funny how the words come back to you when you see the title!! I'll be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Miss Kitty My Email: Location: North Carolina Age: 33 Referred by: Surfing Favorite feature: Everything Favorite Seventies act(s): Alan Parsons Project, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Yes Comments: Really excellent page! The best '70s information source in the planet. Keep up the good work!

Name: mab My Email: Age: old Referred by: surfed in Favorite feature: all Favorite Seventies act(s): styx/pink floyd Comments: real nice site....

Name: melanie My Email: Location: california Age: 20 Referred by: search on web Favorite feature: 1974 Comments: Thank you so much for the great information on the years. I have been searching everywhere for something that gives the music of 1974. THank you again. Great site. Melanie

Name: luz!!! My Email: Location: argentina Age: 18 Favorite feature: the whole site!!! Favorite Seventies act(s): THE ROLLING STONES, Creedence, Bob Dylan./ ***Too bad Jim Morrison "died"in 1971 Comments: I got to see the site by chance, and I was glad I did. These are the kind of sites that come to my EMOTIONAL RESCUE, when I feel all I can do with life is to PAINT IT BLACK, and I'm SAD, SAD, SAD. Though I haven't lived the 70's, I feel that THE TIMES THEY AREn't A-CHANGING!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Name: Glenn My Email: Location: England Age: 38 Referred by: Surfing Favorite feature: cult films Favorite Seventies act(s): Abba Comments: Nice one Cyril!

Name: Gary Robinson Location: Sydney, Australia Age: 34 Referred by: Chance Favorite feature: 70s almanac Favorite Seventies act(s): Eagles, S'tramp, Doobies, ELO, Earth Wind & Fire Comments: A fabulous page, sound achives and month by month release lists are the only possible improvements

Name: Sher My Email: Location: US Age 16 Favorite feature: The Classic 300 Favorite Seventies act(s): 70's dancing Comments: I like the displayed information, I would love to see the 70's dance and clothes styles displayed if you could.

Name: Judy My URL: My Email: Age: 21 Favorite feature: Seventies Quiz Favorite Seventies act(s): Barry Manilow Comments: Hi groovy page.:-)

Name: Kitty Diva My Email: Location: England Age: 17 Favorite feature: Quiz Favorite Seventies act(s): The Jacksons Comments: I am a seventies disco dancer and found this page very interesting as i love the seventies groovie baby!

Name: Nikki My Email: Location: USA Age: 32 Referred by: surfed in Favorite feature: music Favorite Seventies act(s): The Beatles Comments: Hi, Just a few lines to say you have a wonderful site with most of the music from the 70's keep up the good work, I love your web site Nikki

Name: Lucy Piller My URL: My Email: Location: Atlanta Age: 40+ Favorite Seventies act(s): Bad Company Comments: Come visit this FAN website for BAD COMPANY + FREE & PAUL RODGERS -

Name: Debbie My Email: Location: PA Age: 38 Referred by: myself Favorite feature: ALL OF IT!!! Favorite Seventies act(s): It's All Great! Comments: Dennis, You put a lot of time and hard effort into this web site, and I just had to tell you how fantastic it is! I needed research on 70s music for a party, and I need not look any farther, Ive found it all! Great Job, Debbie

Name: Jean May Comments: Thank you for the collection of information. It has been very helpful for 20 yr reunions.

Name: Adam Sheehan My Email: Location: East Bridgewater, MA Age: 20 Favorite feature: The seventies almanac Favorite Seventies act(s): Saturday Night Fever Comments: This seventies site is totally awesome. I printed out the seventies almanac from 1970-1979 it is awesome. I love it a lot

Name: Jeannette My Email: Location: California Age: 43 Favorite feature: Ease of use Comments: I needed this information for a 70's party I am throwing. Thanks for having it so easy to find. Thank you again.

Name: Peggy My URL: My Email: Location: Memphis Age: 37 Referred by: search engine Favorite feature: everything Favorite Seventies act(s): Too many Comments: I have put links to your site on mine. Check it out!!!*peace* Peg

Name: Linda My Email: Location: Denton, TX Age: 38 Referred by: surfed in Favorite feature: Midis Favorite Seventies act(s): While I was there--Olivia Newton John. Now I like BTO the best!!! Comments: My favorite song the year I graduated (1978) was "If I Can't Have You I Don't Want Nobody Baby." I didn't see a Midi for it. Boo Hoo... I loved finding this site. It has been fun listening and remembering. Thanks for putting it together.

Name: David Fuller My Email: Location: Peterborough, UK Age: 36 Favorite feature: Everything Favorite Seventies act(s): Pink Floyd Comments: Very good to see your site. Nicely put together and proving useful in some research I am doing onmusic of my youth. Many thanks David Fuller

Name: §tarorchid, Ring Mistress--Fans of Classic Rock My Email: Location: KY Age: 21 Referred by: CDNow Cosmic Credit Favorite feature: Almanac Favorite Seventies act(s): Kiss, Black Sabbath Comments: Was just surfing around when I found your site... awesome! I would like to invite you to join the Fans of Classic Rock Webring, a ring of sites about 60's and 70's rock legends. Yours is by far the most detailed site I've seen in a while, so you'd be a great addition to our 180+ sites. =)

Name: Rob Roy My URL: My Email: Location: New Jersey, USA Age: 24 Referred by: Favorite feature: the reviews Favorite Seventies act(s): Yes, Genesis, ELP, Led Zeppelin Comments: Very cool site you have here!! so thorough and complete, so much information but not enough time!!! :) great site!

Name: kenneth Age: 13 Favorite Seventies act(s): pink floyd Comments: i wasn't born in the 70's but i like the stonery music

Name: Ron My URL: My Email: Location: Arkansas Age: 42 Referred by: surfing Favorite feature: all Favorite Seventies act(s): Eagles,Doobies,Stones Comments: This is a very well done web site ..very imformative I really love the Seventies music it is very refreshing to listen to music you can understand....Keep up the good work

Name: David Pidgeon My Email: Location: Elizabethtown College Age: 19 Favorite feature: All of it Favorite Seventies act(s): Crosby, Stills & Nash Comments: I want to thank you for all the information that you have provided me. I am a college disc jockey with a classic rock show on Thursday afternoons. Every show at 4:45, I do a yearly profile and play a set of three songs from that featured year. Thank you for providing this service, and I plan to use it quite often.

Name: Colleen My Email: Location: Earlham College Age: 17 Favorite Seventies act(s): LED ZEPPELIN, the WHO, Stones, Tull, Grand Funk, Uriah Heep, Allman Brothers... Comments: LOVE the site... needs MUCH more Zeppelin!! Other than that... you rock!

Name: Kathy My Email: Location: Spokane, WA Age: 38 Referred by: surfing Favorite Seventies act(s): Bad Co., Elton John, Foreigner, Kansas, Boston, Doobie Brothers Comments: Loved the Classic 300 list.

Name: Jeff My URL: My Email: Location: San Diego, Calif. Age: 29 Referred by: This drunken mexican from Tijuana, Mexico Favorite feature: The pics. Favorite Seventies act(s): AC/DC (with Bon Scott) Comments: Cool page.....There is this little local bar in Tijuana, Mexico that has the Eagles and The Doors on the jukebox, and we always play them when we have those $1 Coronas........Later.. (((Todos Santos Rules)))!!!

Name: Ron My Email: Moon0260@AOL.COM Location: Springfield, OH Age: 38 Referred by: no one Favorite feature: almanac section Favorite Seventies act(s): Styx, Aerosmith,Bee Gees Comments: Nice site! Graduated in 1978 and amazing to see some of those "one time wonders".

Name: Enrique Figueroa My Email: Location: San Juan , Puerto Rico Age: 40 Referred by: surfing the web Favorite feature: all Favorite Seventies act(s): CSN & Y, ELP, EAGLES, ROLLING STONES, LED ZEP., YES, ELTON JOHN, PINK FLOYD, FLEETWOOD MAC, MARVIN GAYE, BILLY JOEL,JACKSON BROWNE, CHICAGO,ERIC CLAPTON,CAROLE KING... Comments: Great site,one of my favorites.Keep on the good work.

Name: Susan Hood My Email: Location: School Age: 38 Referred by: lookmsart Favorite feature: all of it Comments: I love your site. It's really cool!

Name: Cal My Email: Location: western isles Age: 27 Referred by: chris who links Favorite feature: quadrophenia Favorite Seventies act(s): the who Comments: just read your piece on quadrophenia, its so refreshing when i hear someone else mentioning the film or album and having the sense to realise that the beginning is actually the end and that he walks away from the cliff(in the movie anyway)and is physically intact. You would have to be a major fan of Quadrophenia it would seem to be aware of this because the majority of people i know who have seen it refer to his spectacular suicide as being one of the best bits.(if you have a decent pause facility on your vcr then you will see a solitary figure on the cliff edge as the scooter falls to its untimely death) but for any further proof see opening sequence. Loaded magazine ran a monthly serial on the story and i believe they killed him off at the end, icould be wrong there but if i am then i know for a fact an article they did run on the movie around the time of its re- release was full of inconsistencies like this. Phew glad i got all that of my chest anyway cheers the now Cal

Name: David Smith My URL: My Email: Location: Pinson, Alabama Age: 16 Referred by: search engine Favorite feature: Everything! Favorite Seventies act(s): This is a very long list: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, The Eagles, Boston, Led Zeplin, The Allman Brothers, KISS, Black Sabbath, Steve Miller, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Jim Croce, Elton John, and a whole lot more! Comments: Man, this page rocks! I've got a link to it on the music section on my page and I hope everyone gets a chance to see it. Growing up in the 90's, it is like rock is straight up dead and that is why I love the rock of the 1970's! I pretty much downloaded every file from the archive section! Also, you'd probably like to know that my favorite movie is Dazed and Confused. In the words of Kevin Pickford: "Keep on Space Trucking Man!"

Name: zen My Email: Location: phils Age: 19 Comments: on a rate of 1 to 10, i rate this site an 11

Name: Asbjoern "ping" Haegeland My Email: Location: Oslo, Norway Age: 20 Referred by: AltaVista Favorite Seventies act(s): David Bowie, Queen, The Kinks Comments: This was a huge experience! Thank you very much for letting guys like me, who were born several years too late, get a chance to visit the gloriousness of the no. 1 decade in rock music. I was a little bit disappointed though: Please write at least two positve words about the best glam-rock band ever, Queen. At least the legendary albums such as Queen2 and Sheer Heart Attack. But the stuff about David Bowie is magnificent! THANK YOU!

Name: BD Treitler My Email: Location: Chicago Age: 18 Referred by: Search engine site Favorite feature: the list of albums Favorite Seventies act(s): Steely Dan, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, The Who Comments: Great site. I like the respect shown for Steely Dan, a group I find doesn't get much from other sites. The list of the best albums with links to Rolling Stone reviews is heavenly. I love the look of the site and the entire layout. Awesome.

Name: Debbie Freeman My Email: Location: Lufkin, TX Age: 38 Favorite feature: Seventies Almanac Favorite Seventies act(s): Boston Comments: This is great! My high school class is currently planning our 20 year reunion and this was a jackpot! Debbie

Name: Brenda My URL: My Email: Location: Florida Age: 34 Referred by: me Favorite feature: photos Favorite Seventies act(s): Rush,Yes,Genesis,Peter Frampton Comments: A great site. Great to know many still love the 70's.

Name: Polly Weifenbach My URL: My Email: Location: Boca Raton FL USA Age: 33 Referred by: Hunting for 70s MIDI files, found this site! :) Favorite feature: The trivia, the MIDI files, everything! Favorite Seventies act(s): The Osmonds, J5, Olivia Newton-John, the "teen idols" of the 70's! I'm a bubble gum girl and proud of it! :) Comments: Great site! Bring back the 70s!!!!!!!

Name: Grant Womack My URL: My Email: Location: Oz Age: 17 Referred by: Another guestbook that you signed... Favorite feature: Liked the trivia questions... They'll impress... Favorite Seventies act(s): Van Morrison Comments: Great site. Gotta love all the greats, which is absolutely, no doubt, what they are when you compare them to most of today's music. 'course, I dun listen to a whole lot of today's music so what would I know. In fact, most of the stuff I like was from bfore 1900... =) Oh well, still like this music better than modern...

Name: Todd My Email: Location: Atlanta, Ga Age: 40 Comments: I like your site. I have a 20 year class reunion in a couple of weeks and I was able to check out the top songs/artist's of 1978. Thanks again, Todd

Name: Kim Rose My Email: Location: Duluth, Minnesota Favorite Seventies act(s): too many to name Comments: Cool site! Will try to visit often.

Name: Rosemarie Buchanan My Email: Location: Vancouver Island BC Age: 43 Referred by: Web Ferret Favorite feature: not sure yet Favorite Seventies act(s): all of it! Comments: Great place, looking for The Save-Your-Life Diet and found it here ... hoping to find it in a used book store! Going to try the 70s music site next ...

Name: vesta hamitlon Location: 140 west park ave. Age: 16 Referred by: myself Favorite feature: archie bunker Favorite Seventies act(s): the brady bunch Comments: the seventies were the greatest years.

Name: Jim Boarrman My Email: Location: davie Fl Age: 19 Referred by: yahho Favorite feature: top 40 singles Favorite Seventies act(s): have many can't list all Comments: i love the 70's and the music of the 70's. If i could take a time machine back to the 60's i would in a second

Name: W Allan Wilson My URL: http://www, My Email: Location: Scotland Age: 27 Referred by: n/a Favorite Seventies act(s): Bowie/Quo/Queen/

Name: Meg Finch Age: 16 Comments: well, the reason i had came to this site was for an assignment, but i had to include all aspect of music. But you didn't cover punk rock in here so i'm totally screwed. but your site included heeps of information. sorry about crapping on about my assignment nobody cares.

Name: Sweet AeroLover My URL: My Email: Location: Minnesota, USA Age: 15 Referred by: Deaf Dude's Seventies Lyrics Guestbook Favorite Seventies act(s): Aerosmith, Led Zepplin Comments: Hey, great page. I love 70's music, Aerosmith in particular. Check out my Aerosmith Page.

Name: Jose Cardenas My Email: Location: Monterrey, Mexico Age: 37 Favorite Seventies act(s): Zepp,Sabbath,Purple,G.Funk,Eagles,Heep, etc. Comments: Amazing!! The best site on the web, i am looking for 70's rock lyrics, can you give me(or help me) with something? Keep on Rocking.

Name: Leah My URL: My Email: Location: "burbs" of Dallas, Texas Age: over 30 Referred by: Mining Company search Favorite feature: top music each year Favorite Seventies act(s): Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin Comments: This has been a total blast !! You've worked hard here and it shows. I loved it and will bookmark your site and return soon. Thanks for the memories. :-) PEACE! ~pass it on~, Leah

Name: Peter Bradfield My Email: Location: Atlanta, Georgia Age: 34 years Referred by: Found while surfing. Favorite feature: Everything. Favorite Seventies act(s): Carole King, Roberta Flack, Carly Simon, America, Elton John, John Lennon, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Foreigner, Gerry Rafferty, Walter Egan (1 hit wonder Magnet & Steel), Donna Summer, Barbra Streisand Comments: I like your site. I just wish you would incorporate just a couple of suggestions: 1. A way for people to go and vote for their own favorite classic (and the seventies is the quinessential era of classic rock 'n roll/pop) album of the seventies on a on-going basis. 2. I wish that you, Dennis, would go to the classic-American Top 40 website and see if you can get with the author of that site and see if you can download on to your site some midi-files of the American Top 40 countdowns of the seventies. I also love the fact that there is more coverage of 1970-75, than any other site around.

Name: MIDI Files For The Professional By The Professional My Email: Location: here Age: Mmmm Referred by: Me Comments: Great site, love the design and the originality.

Name: Odalys My Email: Location: Florida Age: 33 Referred by: sister Favorite feature: all Favorite Seventies act(s): all Comments: Love your site!! Happy days are here again.

Name: Zenaida O'Bryant My Email: Location: Florida Age: 35 Favorite feature: Classic albums Favorite Seventies act(s): Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, America, Eagles Comments: I love this site. Brings the good old days back. Keep up the good work.

Name: kevin mcnamara My Email: Location: arvada, colorado Age: 38 Favorite feature: almanac Favorite Seventies act(s): springsteen, styx, the who Comments: this site was a great help getting me ready for a trivia contest on local tv. great stuff! thanks and how about a similar site for the 1980s?

Name: Brandi My Email: Location: California Age: 25 Referred by: surfen the net Favorite feature: Almanac Favorite Seventies act(s): Music, looking Glass Comments: Very intrested in finding pictures of the band "looking Glass.... Brandy". Was named after that song, and "Just Walk Away Renee", please let me know if you happen to get any more info on them... I'd sure apreciate it...Thanks, Brandi (My dads spelling error on my birth certificate... Brandi with an I) Thanks again!

Name: Paul My URL: My Location: New Orleans, La Age: 39 Referred by: someone's guestbook Favorite feature: everything ! Favorite Seventies act(s): Jackson 5 Comments: Great site !!!! brings back alot of memories !!!! Deaf Dude's Early 70's Lyrics!! -

Name: Kenny Williams My Email: Location: IL Age: 36 Referred by: dumb luck Favorite feature: trivia,almanac Favorite Seventies act(s): Styx, Cheap Trick, Boston Comments: This site is fantastic! I'm always looking for info that brings back the great memories of youth and music was a huge part of it! THANK YOU! Kenny

Name: Andy My Email: Location: Los Angeles Age: 41 Referred by: altavista Favorite feature: Quiz, articles Favorite Seventies act(s): Zep, Dead, Mott Comments: Wonderful site. You have good reason to be proud.

Name: Smokin' Dave My URL: My Email: Location: New Orleans Age: 39 Referred by: Search Favorite feature: Everything Favorite Seventies act(s): Led Zep, The Who, The Sweet, Springsteen, Dylan Comments: Still one of the most awesome sites on the web. What a job it must be to keep it updated! Talk about a labor of love. Thinking about starting an official club for people like me, who just can't get the seventies out of their heads. Comments, anyone?

Name: Vernon L Fenstermacher My Email: Location: New York Age: 47 Favorite feature: 150 seventies favorites Favorite Seventies act(s): Three Dog Night Comments: I think Three Dog Nights , Naturaly , Should have been in the list , but then you would either have to drop someone out , or change the name to the 151 seventies favorites.

Name: Linda My Email: Location: Upstate NY Age: 34 Favorite feature: midi files Favorite Seventies act(s): The Eagles Comments: This web site is AWESOME!!! I can't get enough of the 70s. I wish I could go back in time!

Name: john fastuca My Email: Location: Melbourne, Australia Age: 33 Referred by: no-one pure luck Favorite feature: the quiz Favorite Seventies act(s): sweet Comments: Just found the web site and completed the quiz... only managed to get 54 out of 100. And I've hosted a seventies show for five years - maybe too american, but as they say k-sera sera. Thanks for the challenge John

Name: Della My Email: Comments: I'm looking for the name of the artist who did the version of "Who do you love" between 1970-1971. I heard this song quite a bit on the radio and I couldn't find it on the top 40. It may have been popular around the time Tom Jones "Resurrection Shuffle" and Brewer and Shipley's "Tarkio Road". I'm looking for audio clip of it. Hope you can help. Della

Name: Alan Barnes My URL: My Email: Location: Onancock, VA Age: 32 Referred by: Alta vista Favorite feature: 70s almanac Favorite Seventies act(s): Kiss, LedZep, Queen, Aerosmith Comments: Great site. I am the program director, producer and co-host of a monthly radio show called "the Original 70's Soundtrack on WKHI-Fm 107.5. We are the #1 Friday night radio show in our area, blazing the airwaves with 50,000 watts of bell bottomed power. Cn't wait to get a computer at home so, I'll be able to check in to your site regularly. We will have our own website b4 the end of the year, hopefully. Again, GREAT SITE!

Name: Andrew Holt My URL: My Email: Location: Sidney, Ohio Age: 16 Referred by: Yahoo! Favorite feature: Top 150 Favorite Seventies act(s): Steve Miller Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Boston, Kansas, many others Comments: Great webpage.

Name: Erika Camacho Location: Mexico Age: 17 Favorite feature: The super seventies 'Classic 300' Favorite Seventies act(s): Queen, Led Zeppelin and Pink floyd Comments: I love every single song played by Queen, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, also The Doors, Rolling stones and some of The Eagles, Electric Light Orchesta and Supertramp, I would like to say that all these musicians are so incredible and so powerful that all their music is listened by girls like me, were born sometimes years later than they appeared, the seventies are sublime, and I'd like to see more things or by minus something of Queen, they were, and are really good, please i wanna see news, and more records in the list , just like News of the World, Queen or A day at the races. Thanks.

Name: Michele My Email: Location: Canada Age: 32 Referred by: surfing Favorite feature: Midi selections Favorite Seventies act(s): Captain & Tennille Comments: I found this site very interesting. I will continue to visit this site. I downloaded a few excellent midi files. Can you refer me to other 70's listening sites? Top forty selections? Thanks.

Name: Pat Swayne My URL: My Email: Location: near Atlanta GA USA Age: 51 Referred by: another guestbook Favorite feature: various Favorite Seventies act(s): Melanie Comments: Very good site! Stop by my place if you have the time.

Name: Sanfu Drat My Email: Location: Yorkshire Age: As old as dirt Referred by: Jack Quigley's Guest Book Favorite feature: Your .MIDS! :) Favorite Seventies act(s): Sanfu Drat Actually :) Comments: Brilliant site! I'm gonna have to come back again to see the rest of it and raid some more of your excellent midi collection! Happy Daze Snafu

Name: Lewis Halbert My Email: Age: thirty-four Referred by: personal browsing Favorite feature: all Favorite Seventies act(s): Zepp,Floyd,skynyrd,etc. Comments: I would like for this site to establish a "Reader's Top Twenty-Five" favorite albums of the Seventies.Similer to the top twenty-five of college football and basketball. You could view the responses and get different reactions from various people across the States and World.

Name: Jack Quigley Location: Washington, DC Age: Stone Comments: Nice Page! I really enjoyed my visit. Keep up the great work. Have a great day and take care.

Name: Will Ellis My URL: My Email: Location: Delaware Age: 16 Referred by: link Favorite feature: the song midi's Favorite Seventies act(s): The Song " Joker " Comments: hi, i love the song "Joker", can you please eventually send me an e-mail telling me who sings the song. I want to purchase it but i dont know the name of the band. Please help ???? thanx, Will

Name: Sharon Palmer & Bob Stamps My URL: My Email: Location: Nashville TN Age: 36, 47 Referred by: Linkage! Favorite feature: Complete 70s coverage! Favorite Seventies act(s): Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Chicago, James Taylor Comments: Great site! Your awards are well-deserved! Keep up the good work!

Name: KT Lowe My Email: Location: Michigan Age: 21 Referred by: What does Your Music Mean to You? website Favorite feature: Yikes! Its thoroughness! Favorite Seventies act(s): Queen, the Bee Gees, Warren Zevon Comments: Why is Warren Zevon so underrepresented? I understand that he had only one charting single of any importance, but he's influnenced many other artists. On top of that, he's got too much piss and vinegar to roll over and die yet, so what gives?

Name: Alexis Age: 39 Referred by: found you while surfing Favorite feature: everything! Favorite Seventies act(s): too many to name Comments: I absolutely love your site.

Name: jon howitt My Email: Location: uk Age: 29 Referred by: i surfed in Favorite feature: midi files Favorite Seventies act(s): Earth,Wind and Fire Comments: Excellent site, i thought i'd reached seventies heaven

Name: Mary My URL: My Email: Location: Baltimore, MD Age: 35 Favorite Seventies act(s): KISS Comments: I love your web site! It's totally cool! Rock On : )

Name: John Age: 36 Favorite feature: Midi Music Favorite Seventies act(s): Van Halen Comments: Total rad, cool, groovey, far out, and all that 70's stuff. The midi music took me back to the good ol' days. When I found the page I sat down with my ax and started playing along which brought me back to the days of the garage bands, park concerts etc. Very Nice. Thanks for the memories.

Name: Dave Location: Liverpool UK Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Favorite Act(s): Supertramp/Abba/James Taylor Comments: I feel 17 again!! he he. What a great site. A virual time machine! Brilliant.

Name: Edward Wylie Email: Location: St. Petersburg, Fl. Referred by: a search engine Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Favorite Act(s): Paul McCartney and Wings, KISS, Led Zepplin, Boston, Comments: Thank you for the EXTRA on Linda McCartney. Very well done. I think we were all curious, jelious, confused, and uncertain about who she was and what she was all about. Especially at the time the Beatles broke up. But, one thing is for sure, SHE was Paul's life. She was everything to him. I am sure all of us who have followed the Beatles saga, Paul, John, George, and Ringo genuinely feel the pain for Paul and his family. "Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs. What's wrong with that?" Thanks Dennis, Ed Wylie

Name: Aerodance Email: Location: Michigan Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 25-34 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Favorite Act(s): Comments: HI! Rocky had us jumping out of our seats cheering for him, Grease had us singing along out loud, Titanic had made us balled our eyes out, This 70's webpage makes me do all 3!!! :-D What a wonderful site Dennis. Keep up the groovey work :-) Take Care Now! Aerodance

Name: Kevin C. Freeman Email: Website: Location: Central Ohio Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: Seventies MIDI Jukebox Favorite Act(s): How does one pick one, out of the best in time. Comments: You have a great site. Keep up the good work. I am linking this site to mine. I am one of the last of the hippies of the '70's. Hair maybe shorter ( and a little thinner ) than then, but still in love with the time period.

Name: JeSTeR Email: Website: http:/www.mindspring/swehmeier/ Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: Under 25 Favorite Feature: Seventies MIDI Jukebox Favorite Act(s): Janus Joplin, Led Zeplin Comments: I think your site is wonderful. I'm doing a report on the seventies in my school and your site really helpful to me

Name: Wes Kosior Email: Referred by: a search engine Age Group: 45-55 Favorite Feature: Seventies Almanac Comments: Terrific page with good information. Brings back memories that were nearly forgotten. Thanks for your efforts. Wes

Name: Josette O'Shea Email: Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: Under 25 Favorite Feature: Seventies Almanac Favorite Act(s): Comments: Your site was great, I'm doing a paper on the 1970's and you had all the research done for me. Thanks, Josette

Name: Enrique Regordosa Email: Website: Location: Puebla, México Referred by: a search engine Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: Seventies Almanac Favorite Act(s): Linda Rondstand Comments: Felicidades por esta pégina, esté !SUPER!, hace recordar grandes épocas vividas.

Name: Marco Castellani Email: Location: Italy Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: The Classic 300 Comments: Congratulations, it's a great site!

Name: DEBBIE Email: AAMIR1@PRODIGY.NET Referred by: a periodical Age Group: 25-34 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Favorite Act(s): ALL Comments: HEY DUDE I WAS TURNED ON TO YOUR SITE BY B-97S 70PS.COM SITE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Name: Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Comments: tHANK-YOU FOR ALL THE INFORMATION THAT WAS PRESENTED! IT WAS VERY ACCURATE AND PRECISE! I HOPE YOU CONTINUE TO KEEP THIS SITE GOING. sincerly,Valerie 3/12/98

Name: Simon Jester Email: Location: Down By the River Referred by: a link Age Group: 25-34 Favorite Feature: Seventies Albums in the Spotlight Favorite Act(s): Floyd, Santana, CSNY, Lou Reed, Blondie, so many more! Comments: Dennis Your site is, like, totally awesome, dude! :) Can't wait to link up to you from my humble little site! Peace! :-)

Name: JIM GILLESPIE Email: Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Favorite Act(s): Queen, Elton John, Abba, Jethro Tull, Stevie Wonder. Comments: excellent web site, good information, I hope in the future that maybe the 60s,& 80s will become part of this great site.

Name: Susan Taff Email: Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: Seventies Almanac Favorite Act(s): Love them ALL!! Comments: I LOVE your sites on the 70's.. I was looking for info to make a book for a class reunion and your sites were perfect!! Thanks so much! Also, I was wondering if you know of any 50's almanacs on the web?? My Mom has her reunion coming up and she asked me to look for some 50's sites, but I can't seem to find any as informative as yours.. Thanks again for the GREAT sites!! SusanTaff

Name: FRANK MARINO Email: Location: Montreal, Canada Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: The Classic 300 Favorite Act(s): Mahogany Rush

Name: Cori Green Email: jenngreen@pop.pknx.uswest. Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: Under 25 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Favorite Act(s): Everything! Comments: I used this information for a project for school. This gave me everything! This site is awesome, I just wish I could've have found it a little easier. It took me forever to find this but well worth the wait. THanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Chris Email: Location: Ohio Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: Under 25 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Comments: I love your page....I would love to add you as a link to mine..Would you do the same for me? If so send me your address and discription and I will add you Take care! Chris

Name: SCott Email: Website: Location: US Military in Japan - - Michigan Referred by: a link Age Group: 25-34 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Comments: I bet your house looks the same... had fun at your site, come by and visit our site. The Parriet Family

Name: Jim Mills Email: Location: San Diego, CA Referred by: a search engine Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: Seventies Almanac Favorite Act(s): The Grateful Dead Comments: I was helping a friend do a site showcasing his 1970 Chevy Nova, and wanted a 1970 song for the site. Your almanac was a great help in finding just what we needed. Great Looking site. Keep up the good work. Jim

Name: Pat Webster Email: Location: Deep South Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 45-55 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Favorite Act(s): The Marshall Tucker Band Comments: Enjoyed visiting your site but I can't believe you left out "Southern Rock" and I can't believe I didn't find any Marshall Tucker Band references. Thanks for the memories, however.

Name: cindy Email: Location: Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Comments: Hi. I enjoyed visting your page. It's nice. Didn't find what I was looking for but thats ok. It was a neat midnight treat to happen across! Stop by and vist mine i've got lots of differant stuff. If your a military brat from the past it's a must for links to find lost freinds!

Name: Cindy Gates Email: Location: New Mexico Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Favorite Act(s): afraid to say - the " Monkey's" Comments: Great web site! I have spent hours on this site. I hope four hours of sleep will be enough for me. Please find out who sang the song, "Eli's Comming" It's driving me crazy not knowing. Thanks :) Cindy

Name: Don Email: Referred by: a link Age Group: 25-34 Favorite Feature: I like them equally Favorite Act(s): Eric Clapton, Bob Seger, Jimmy Buffett, Van Morrison, Comments: I heard About you from, a radio station here in St.Louis. I think you Website is truely great. I was only 5 going into the seventies but I was 15 coming out and I love them all.

Name: Alexander T. Daniels Email: Website: Referred by: a link Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: Seventies Single of the Week Favorite Act(s): Focus, Santana, Jim Croce Comments: I found you through the B'nai Brith 70's page. ur soooo groovy. I will be back!!

Name: John Ortiz Email: Location: WA, USA Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 35-44 Favorite Feature: Seventies Almanac Favorite Act(s): ABBA, Deep Purple, Leynard Skynard, Olivia Newton-John Comments: Love your site! Very detailed. This site should be a "USA Today Hot Site." Please add ABBA to the list of performers who where at the UNICEF Special in 1979 (first line in 1979 Seventies Almanac). ABBA performed "Chiquitita."

Name: Cynthia White Email: Location: Amarillo, Texas Referred by: just surfed in Age Group: 45-55 Favorite Feature: Seventies Almanac Favorite Act(s): Fleetwood Mac / Eagles / Doobies / THE BEATLES Comments: I have bookmarked this into my favorite places....this is wonderful. Starting a new year with Great memories...Thanks!

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