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Spooky Tooth

Island SW9337
Released: October 1973
Chart Peak: #99
Weeks Charted: 10

Spooky Tooth is the archetypal late-Sixties British rock band; all churning organs, anguished singing and general bombast. Here in the mid-Seventies, the group is something of an anachronism, too anguished and a little too earnest to ring true. They remain good at what they do within the severe limits they've set for themselves. When they go for the colossal, as in "Ocean Of Power," they seem to be making unintentional fun of their own pretensions; when they ease off, as in "As Long as the World Keep Turning," they're more effective. But there's nothing exceptional here when compared to the best of the band's earlier work. On Witness, Spooky Tooth often sounds like an idea grown tired of itself.

- Bud Scoppa, Rolling Stone, 2/14/74.

Spooky Tooth - Witness
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British band's first after leaving A&M bristles with tight harmonies and solid rock. "Ocean Of Power" and "Things Change" show them off well.

- Billboard, 1974.

The old ghostly molar (which now includes original teether Mike Kellie on drums) may just inherit Free's title of England's rawest, most underrated band. Witness presents more of the hauntingly melodic raunch that dominated You Broke My Heart last spring, but extends it a bit via some nice chord changes and some really plaintive vocals by Mike Harrison. Gary Wright's songwriting is really beginning to come into its own, too. If you have the chance, give this a listen. Spooky is so good, it's scary...and that's the absolute tooth...argh.

- Ed Naha, Circus, 1/74.

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