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Carly Simon

Elektra 75016
Released: November 1971
Chart Peak: #30
Weeks Charted: 31
Certified Gold: 9/5/73

Carly SimonA year ago, who really knew who Carly Simon was? Only her friends and those who remembered when she and sister Lucy used to play as The Simon Sisters. But an album and a hit single changed matters nicely for Carly -- to the point where her second LP was eagerly awaited. Titled Anticipation and encased in a jacket with a splendiferous photo of Miss Simon, it more than fulfills the hopes and promises which sprang to birth after her first set.
Carly Simon - Anticipation
Original album advertising art.
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The title song is probably the most dazzling number on the record -- it's a can't put down refrain which Carly belts out with grace and confidence. But the more subdued pieces are the ones which set this album apart. The idea of two people discovering each other is hardly a novel one, but in "Our First Day Together" Carly succeeds in tapping experience in a manner which is universal but never common, no easy trick. "The Girl You Think You See," written with Jacob Brackman, is a simple declaration that she would be any kind of woman, even "a foul mouthed Marine," for the one she loves. "Share The End" moves in and out, alternating in volume and intensity, and buoyed by a chorus -- it features some striking images as well as a plea to the Lord for more time. "Three Days" reflects upon the sad nature of celebrityhood and brims over with the sense of loneliness which besets the performer who must keep traveling to bring her songs to the earth's far corners. An insistent drum beat is used like an alarm calling the singer away for still another gig. The only song on the LP that Carly did not have a hand in writing turns out to be Kris Kristofferson's "I've Got To Have You," and this is a nice reminder that she is an exceptional interpretive artist too.

- Ed Kelleher, Circus, 2-72.

Bonus Reviews!

Cat Stevens' producer, Paul Samwell-Smith, has helped Carly Simon put together a lovely package of original material written with Jacob Brackman. The title cut "Anticipation" could make a great single. FM programmers will pick up on "The Girl You Think You See." Sales reaction should be immediate.

- Billboard, 1972.

Carly Simon's second album found her extending the gutsy persona she had established on her debut album, notably on the title track, "Legend In Your Own Time" (both of them hit singles), and "I've Got To Have You." The last especially suggested a frankly passionate person whose vulnerability was a source of strength, not weakness, a valuable feminist trait and one Simon would pursue in her later work. * * *

- William Ruhlmann, The All-Music Guide to Rock, 1995.

Anticipation is not as varied and lacks the instrumental depth of Simon's debut, but her vocals carry the album in an increasingly confident and at times confidential manner. * * * 1/2

- Patrick McCarty, Musichound Rock: The Essential Album Guide, 1996.

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