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Raw Sienna
Savoy Brown

Parrot 71036
Released: March 1970
Chart Peak: #121
Weeks Charted: 18

Here's an excellent album of heavy piano and bass, some excellent Chicago brass which is for once not overused, and all merged into a good Kim Simmonds lead that can range around from Bike movie stuff to some verdant upper range fingering. It's all woven around a hard, simple yet very together rhythmic frame -- analytical verbiage for sounds which more than occasionally ignite to fuse into a genuinely new kind of sound that arises from its own synthesis. Terry Noonan's arrangements for bass and string help unite what could have been very conflicting types of sound. Something of Mose Allison's voice comes through. Remember Mose on "Needle and Spoon," another anti-drug song? "I rise with the sun and sleep with the moon but I feel alright with my needle and spoon." Never mind all that. The music is lots of fun by some people who deserve more recognition than they've received.

- Jonathan Eisen, Circus, 7/70.

Bonus Reviews!

Rising from the depths of the underground to the thick of the chart races, Savoy Brown bids for the top of the charts with another hot album and featured single "A Hard Way to Go." Chris Youlden is a superfine rock/blues singer, and co-writes the group's subtle, penetrating material. Never better, the outfit scores throughout, especially on "While the Night is Young" and "Needle and Spoon."

- Billboard, 1970.

A blues-rock standard. * * * *

- Michael G. Nastos, The All-Music Guide to Rock, 1995.

Masterful baritone blues singer Chris Youlden sang on four albums including Savoy Brown's finest, Raw Sienna, his voice carrying the day on tunes such as "Stay While the Night Is Young," "Needle and Spoon," "I'm Crying" and "When I Was a Young Boy." * * * * 1/2

- Patrick McCarty, Musichound Rock: The Essential Album Guide, 1996.

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