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Super Seventies RockSite! presents

 Seventies Usenet Music FAQs

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uper Seventies RockSite! is pleased to present in an unarchived format these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists that originally appeared in the artists' Usenet newsgroups. They're the result of a lot of research and hard work by their respective authors and contain valuable info and trivia you'll find nowhere else.

If you maintain a FAQ by a Seventies artist you don't see here, or have a newer version of a FAQ that's listed here, just contact us and we'll be happy to make the addition/update.

AC/DC [size: 104K]
"American Pie" [48K]
Bachman-Turner Overdrive [32K]
The Beach Boys [31K]
The Beatles [44K]
Bee Gees [105K]
David Bowie [229K]
Jimmy Buffett [35K]
CCR/John Fogerty [14K]
Harry Chapin [11K]
Deep Purple [48K]
Dire Straits [159K]
The Doors [51K]
Bob Dylan [69K]
The Eagles [35K]
8-Track Tapes [59K]
Electric Light Orchestra [22K]
Billy Joel [58K]

KISS [379K]
Lyrics [9K]
Ozzy Osbourne [240K]
Paul McCartney [34K]
The Moody Blues [52K]
Stevie Nicks [47K]
The Alan Parsons Project [355K]
Progressive Rock [83K] [148K]
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Lists [36K]
Rolling Stones [256K]
Status Quo [35K]
James Taylor [84K]
Top 1,200 Songs Of The 1970s [64K]
Vinyl/CD Collecting [65K]
XTC [93K]
Yes [10K]

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