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Subject: Rolling Stones FAQ
From: (Anthony J. Rzepela)
Date: 14 Sep 1996 02:33:28 GMT

Archive-name: music/rollingstones-faq
Last-modified: 1996/09/08
Version: 3.09

            Welcome to the Rolling Stones' Mailing list FAQ list

     COPYRIGHT 1994, 1995, 1996 (c) Anthony J. Rzepela  (the "compiler")

   This collection of four works is under the copyright of the compiler, 
   who may, at his discretion, relinquish said copyright to the authors 
   named herein.

   This collection may not be broken up, or be made available 
   by any publisher.  It may not be redistributed in any form 
   if any changes are made to it except by the holder of the 
   The compiler of this FAQ retains all rights for use of it.

   No author or proofreader or assistant credited herein grants 
   the use of his or her name to any publisher.  Be warned that 
   attempts to publish this shared work-in-progress may interfere 
   with legal commitments individual authors may privately hold 
   with publishers.

  This FAQ list is intended for new subscribers to the Rolling Stones' 
  Internet mailing list and digest, known as 'Undercover', and users of 
  the USENET news group alt.rock-n-roll.stones, where it is a monthly 

  It is a four-part FAQ list, with the following sections:

        Part 1:  basic question list. You are reading it now.
        Part 2:  Live and Unreleased recordings - a history 
        Part 3:  a bibliography of Rolling Stones-related material
        Part 4:  The "Lazy Man's Discography" of official releases


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  Last revised - September, 1996

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Disclaimers:   The  authors of information on  hard-to-find items are unable
------------   to  provide  you  with any more  information than is provided 
               here on locating those items. Particularly where unauthorized 
               recordings are  concerned,  do not write anyone whose name is 
               listed  here as an  author and ask if  they can  help you get 
               your hands on such-and-such a recording.  

               Please realize that when you do so,  they are being asked by 
               a perfect stranger to give advice in writing on how to carry 
               out an illegal act.

               The authors of this document make no guarantees about the 
               quality  of  workmanship  or service  you will  get  from 
               patronizing a publisher, CD house, or magazine listed here. 

               Inclusion of a vendor's name does not imply an endorsement
               or recommendation.


    For part II  (Live and Unreleased recordings), we thank D.H. ("Mr. X.")
    For part III (the bibliography), we thank Stephen Carter (e-address below).
    For part IV  (EPs and albums), we thank Anthony Rzepela (e-address below).

     Contributors to Part I of the Rolling Stones FAQ list are: 

        Jens Backlund        (
        Frank Blau 
        Jon Brode            (also the major inspiration)
        Stephen D. Carter    (  
        Dave Heller
        Charles Papworth
        Ken Pennington       (
        Steve Portigal       (
        Dan Ream             ( 
        Anthony J. Rzepela   (
        Bjornulf Vik         (

     We'd also like to thank the fine-tooth brigade: our FAQ helpers/

        Todd Furesz          (
        Jim Henning          
        Michael Honig        (
        Mark C. Walters      (

     Finally, we would like to thank the Rolling Stones, for....whatever.

Maintenance:   Maintenance on parts one, three, and four are carried 
------------   out by Anthony J. Rzepela. Discussion/disagreements 
               should take place on the mailing list 'Undercover'.

Summary of questions:

        1. Who ARE the Stones - what is the band lineup/history?       
        2. Hey! Do they get email???
        3. What Stones-specific online resources are there?
        4. Where can I get online lyrics/chords/tabulature/GIFs?
        5. Where can I get an online discography?
        6. Hey! Why isn't this discography complete?
        7. Well, where *can* I get a complete one?
        8. What about CDs? What do I need for a complete
           set? How do they sound???
        9. Can you at *least* tell me about the solo records????
       10. Where can I get bootlegs? 
       11. Which bootlegs are best? Which will have my favorite song?
       12. How can I get that Keith sound in the comfort of my own home?
       13. Wouldn't it be neat if there were a Stones "museum"? 
       14. I'm a novice.  Can you recommend the best...
                a. albums
                b. movies  
                c. books
                d. home videos
                e. fanzines
       15. What is/who are 
                a. "Nanker Phelge"
                b. "The Glimmer Twins"
                c. "Rock and Roll Circus" 
                d. "Altamont"                  
                e. "Cocksucker Blues"                
       16. Gossip
                a. How many times have they been arrested?
                b. How many times have they been married?
                c. Will the band break up?
                d. Are they going to tour?
                e. Do you think this is the last time, really? 
                f. How old ARE they?
       17. What gives with:
                a. that tongue logo all over the place
                b. cheese
       18. Myths & legends:
                a. Did Keith really get his blood changed?
                b. Do they worship satan?
                c. Is Paul dead?
                d. Is Kim Poindexter a man or a woman? 

Sources used in this FAQ list:

(full publication information on these books can be found in part three of 
the FAQ list, The Bibliography From Hell)

The primary resources for fact-checking in this document are:

Dalton, David             - "The Rolling Stones - The First Twenty Years"
Giuliano, Geoffrey        - "The Rolling Stones Album"
Wyman, Bill               - "Stone Alone"
Weiner, Sue & Lisa Howard - "The Rolling Stones A to Z"


@Q1. Who ARE the Stones - what is the band lineup/history?

  The first Rolling Stones long-playing album was released in 1964, to
  enough advance excitement to encourage the band's management to
  release it with only a portrait of the band on the front.  Once you
  understand that, all the rest really just falls into place. 

  Originally comprised of Mick Jagger (vocals), Brian Jones  (gtr),
  Keith Richards (gtr), Ian Stewart (piano),  Charlie Watts (drums), and
  Bill Wyman (bass), Ian Stewart was 'demoted' by de facto manager 
  Andrew Loog Oldham by the time of their first album, because he did
  not look the part of a Rolling Stone.  Although Ian did not appear in
  photographs or get listed in band personnel information, he played,
  credited, on records and in concert with the Stones up until his death
  in 1985.

  The first 'real' personnel change took place with the dismissal of 
  Brian Jones in 1969, who died several weeks later.  Before his
  death,  his slot was filled by a young guitarist named Mick Taylor,
  who had been in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, and who stayed with the
  Stones until  December 1974.

  Ron Wood, already a star from his work with Rod Stewart and the Faces,
  joined as a 'special guest' in 1975 for a US tour and became a full 
  member by the end of the year.  In 1993, bassist Bill Wyman, then 56,   
  officially quit after years of rumours and speculation.  As of this  
  writing, no permanent replacement has been announced for Mr. Wyman, 
  although Daryl Jones, ex- of Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel, Sting, 
  Madonna and more, played bass on the 1994/95 'Voodoo Lounge' tour, 
  and on much of the 1994 'Voodoo Lounge' album.

@Q2. Hey! Do you think they read email???

  As part of promotion for the "Voodoo Lounge" tour, Mick and Keith 
  have each participated separately in "online" Q&A sessions, but the
  first ones were really in batch mode, with questions submitted to 
  them in advance by service users, then to the band at once by 
  representatives, after accumulating them. However, the Stones have 
  been at the bleeding edge of the latest in Internet doo-dadery.

  Early in their 1994 tour, a five-song portion of a concert was 
  put out 'live on the Internet', and was the first scheduled one 
  of its type. (A renegade outfit actually beat the Stones to the 
  punch for the honor of 'first live concert over the Internet'
  _after_ the Stones' announcement was made.)

  Keith's second Q&A session took place live as the Stones 
  were about to take the stage in Oakland, CA., and in December
  1995 Jagger, who had already done things on AOL and Prodigy,    
  went live on a CompuServe forum which was supposed
  to demonstrate the latest in Internet-ready interactivity 
  applications (live video, for example).  In it, Jagger 
  cited his lurking on unnamed Internet entities devoted to 
  the Stones (this could be the Usenet news group or 'Undercover' - 
  no one knows for sure) as one source for 1995 set list 

  There is no evidence that the Stones read or even accept 
  personal email from strangers, although a number of vendors 
  have claimed to manage email accounts for band personnel. Until 
  such time as it can be demonstrated exactly what happens with 
  email sent to those addresses, those vendors can pay for their 
  own advertising.

@Q3. What Stones-specific online resources are there? 

     Lists and newsgroups

        The longest-running Stones-related Internet resource is 
        'Undercover', an e-mail mailing list for Stones discussion, 
        which is also available in digest form. 

        Subscription requests should be addressed to 
        the majordomo server at


        Majordomo subscription requests should be of one of the 
        four following forms: 

                  SUBSCRIBE UNDERCOVER [your email addeess]
                  UNSUBSCRIBE UNDERCOVER [your email addeess]
                  SUBSCRIBE UNDERCOVER-DIGEST [your email addeess]
                  UNSUBSCRIBE UNDERCOVER-DIGEST [your email addeess]

        Traffic from the list gets forwarded automatically to the USENET 
        newsgroup alt.rock-n-roll.stones, when possible, which loosely 
        translates to 'not usually'.  The traffic from the newsgroup 
        does not come over to the mailing list.  The newsgroup and 
        list are two different entities. 

        Here are some other USENET newsgroups which could conceivably 
        hold some online Rolling Stones content: 


     The World-Wide-Web

        The official WWW site for the Rolling Stones 

        The 'official' World-Wide-Web site of the Voodoo Lounge tour 
        was at until recently; it offered (and
        may yet still) live audio and video from the 1994 US tour, 
        photographs taken by Ron Wood, and selected other goodies, 
        including a band history authored by Stones expert and former 
        fanzine publisher Bill German.

        There is a home page for the 'Undercover' list 

        which has: 

             * recently mailed digests
             * selected Stones' lyrics
             * 1995 Tour reviews
             * A database of Guest Appearances by Stones' personnel 
                    on others' recordings. 
             * A database of Stones' songs covered by other artists
             * A constantly updated sheet of other Stones' resources:
                    FTP sites, guitar tab archives, and other exciting 
                    Stones-related Web sites run by individuals, such as 
                    John A Artukovich's "FingerPrint File" 
                    ( dedicated to the 
                    history of live Rolling Stones recordings, and 
                    Gary Paranzino's site dedicated to former Stone Mick 
                    Taylor (
                    which includes Real Audio, a messaging area, and
                    an exhaustively researched career history. 


        The Rolling Stones are just one music act with lyrics, 
        pictures and more archived  at 'THE' Internet 
        music-related FTP site, The University of Wisonsin-Parkside.  
        The host name is (or and is 
        frequently too overwhelmed with active FTP connections 
        to respond.  Any files available there via FTP 
        are also up and available on UWP's Web server: 

        In the pub/music/artists/r/rolling.stones directory 
        there are JPEGs (found in the pictures/ subdirectory) and 
        lyrics (found in the lyrics/ subdirectory). 

        In Web-ese, these locations are: 

        Other specific types of resources are detailed 
        in some of the following questions. 

@Q4: Where can I get online chords/tabulature?

  If you have access to USENET news, look at the groups          and the more raucous 
  and free-wheeling for guitar taulature.  
  People will often post chords or tablature to Stones 
  songs on this groups. If you have chords and/or tab 
  for a song, feel free to post it to those groups. Tab 
  is not appropriate for posting to Undercover (although it's 
  been done before, that doesn't mean it's appropriate). 
  If you are posting tablature, perhaps 
  the best solution is to post it to the newsgroups and 
  just indicate on Undercover that you have done so.    
  You should be willing to offer to mail it to 
  anyone who doesn't have news access.             

  Look on the newsgroup
  for the latest on new or de-commissioned OLGA sites.
  OLGA is short for the Online Guitar Archive. 
  The list of available OLGA sites is constantly changing,
  but maintained at

  If you do not have Web Browser access, here is a small 
  list of OLGA's FTP sites, as of April 1996:

@Q5. Where can I get an online discography?

  Part IV of this document has a minimal listing which includes all 
  Rolling Stones EPs and albums released in the US and UK, excluding
  out-of-print compilations. Original release dates, producer, song 
  lists, and maybe a biased comment or two, are added.

  A section of it lists tracks which cannot be found on CDs as 
  of the time of this writing. 
@Q6. Hey! Why isn't this discography complete?   

  To assemble a complete discography of the Rolling Stones is indeed a 
  daunting task.  The band has, in its' long recorded history, multiple 
  versions of the same songs, multiple versions of an album depending on 
  country of origin, multiple record labels releasing their post-1970
  recordings,  mono and stereo versions of pre-1970 albums, mono and
  stereo and "electronically processed" stereo versions of individual
  songs, dozens and dozens of singles, dozens of European compilation 
  packages, and then, in the eighties, the re-release of three-quarters 
  of it all on compact disc. (!)

  To give you an idea of the volume, take the experience of German Stones' 
  authority Dieter Hoffman, who has a book out on the topic called the 
  'White Book'.  The work covers all these issues in excruciating detail,
  and requires more than 560 pages to do so.

  So, in a nutshell - *you* want a complete online discography? Be our
  guest, and feel free to type one up.
@Q7. Well, where *can* I get a complete one?

  Although it has a mistake or two (out of THOUSANDS of opportunities),
  Dieter  Hoffman's 'Das Weissbuch'  (German for the 'The White Book', 
  ISBN: 3980248940) lists all official releases, vinyl and CD, single and
  LP, promos and dance remixes,  by the Stones in Germany, Japan, the UK
  and the United States. It is more than 560 pages long and includes
  photographs of covers and labels, and a detailed index of all known
  recorded selections by the Stones, even those appearing on 'official
  unauthorized' recordings (widely called 'bootlegs', see question 8).  
  It is available as an import, and will set you back about $US 90.00.  
  As of this writing, it is available from the Connecticut mail-order 
  firm "The Disc Junkie". Their phone number is 1-(203)-483-8317.

  A more reasonably priced ($US 16), if less thorough and accurate book, 
  is available by Martin Elliott: 

            'The Rolling Stones: Complete Recording Sessions'
            ISBN: 0-7137-2118-9

  Great for a beginner, this book answers many basic questions. It is 
  current up to October 1989.
  Stones "fanzines" can also be a good ongoing source of information 
  for collectors and interested parties.  Please see the "fanzine" section 
  under question #14.  

@Q8. What about CDs? What do I need for a complete set? How do they sound???

  Part IV of this document also includes a brief summary on the 
  state of the Recorded Stones in _the_ format of the eighties 
  and nineties.

  It briefly overviews who issues Stones CDs, what you need for
  a complete set of Stones music on CD (short answer: you can't do it 
  on Compact Disc just yet), and what kind of sound you can expect
  for your purchase.

@Q9. Can you at *least* tell me about the solo records????

  Fair enough. For our purposes we are not, at this time, including any 
  appearances by band members on others' recordings, or band members' 
  efforts at producing or presenting other artists, but restricting 
  ourselves, in the interest of brevity, to recording projects prominently 
  featuring the member, his name, or some variation thereof (e.g., the Charlie
  Watts Orchestra), and excluding singles and configurations that do not 
  present previously unavailable material. 

  Although considered the first 'solo' effort by a group member, 'Memo From
  Turner', sung by Mick Jagger in the movie 'Performance', released in
  1970, is credited to the 'Rolling Stones' on European compilations, 
  although the soundtrack, which is still in print, says 'Sung by Mick 
  Jagger'.  No one, apparently, was all fired up to collect similar 
  credit for Mick's vocal from the movie "Ned Kelly": "The Wild-eyed 
  Colonial Boy", a traditional song sung by Mick's character. After 
  years of languishing unseen (and largely undemanded) the movie came 
  out on videocassette in 1993.

  Next up, in 1972, was a collection of lukewarm 'jams' which took place
  several years earlier in the studio while the Stones were  'waiting for
  our guitar player to show up'.  The effort was called  "Jamming With
  Edward", and it features the talents of Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Mick
  Jagger, and non-Stones Nicky Hopkins and Ry Cooder.  It was released on
  the Stones' own record label, and rereleased on CD in 1995 by Virgin 
  Records in Europe.

  The rest of the recordings listed below should be fairly straightforward. 
  Promo-only versions have an asterisk.

  Jagger, Mick       "Don't Look Back"                      sgl     (1978)
                           (billed as a co-lead vocal w/Tosh in some countries)
                     "State of Shock"                       sgl     (1984)
                           (billed as a co-lead vocal w/Michael Jackson)
                     She's the Boss                         LP      (1985)
                     "Hard Woman"                           sgl     (1985)
                           (German 7", re-recorded version of the LP track)
                     "Lucky In Love"  (4:51*, 4:45, and 3:57* versions)
                     "Lucky In Love"  (extended, and a 6 min. + dub version) 
                     "Dancing in the Street" (duet w/ David Bowie)
                                                            sgl     (1985)
                     "Ruthless People"/"I'm Ringin'"        sgl     (1987)
                     Primitive Cool                         LP      (1987)
                     "Catch as Catch Can"
                          (flipside to "Let's Work")        sgl     (1987)
                     "Memory Motel"
                          (re-recorded for a BBC TV show)   song    (1990)
                     Wandering Spirit                       LP      (1993)
                     "Sweet Thing" 12" single 
                          ("Mick's Extended Version", "Mick's Dub",
                           "Instrumental of Extended Mix", "Extended Remix",
                           "Stripped Down Version", "Instrumental of
                           Stripped Down Version")          12"     (1993)
                     "Sweet Thing" CD5
                          ("Mick's Extended Version", "Mick's Dub",
                           "Extended Remix", "Stripped Down Version", 
                           "Instrumental of Stripped Down Version", "LP Mix")
                                                            CD5     (1993)
                     "Everybody knows About My Good Thing"/"Sweet Thing 
                                                    (Funky Guitar Edit)"
                          (selections from the "Don't Tear Me Up" Euro-CD5)
                                                            CD5     (1993)

  Richards, Keith    "Run Rudolph Run"/"The Harder They Come"   
                                                            sgl     (1978)
                     Talk is Cheap                          LP      (1988)
                     "Make No Mistake" (single edit)        sgl     (1988)
                     "Make No Mistake" (extended edit)      12"     (1988)
                     Live at the Hollywood Palladium        LP      (1991)
                     Main Offender                          LP      (1992)
                     "Eileen" US CD5 has 4 extra non-LP tracks     
                          ("Gimme Shelter",  "Wicked As it Seems", and
                           "How I Wish", all live, plus "Key to the Highway"
                           with Johnnie Johnson)
                                                            CD5     (1993)
                     "The Nearness of You"                  (song)  (1996)
                           (KR's 1980 recording of the old chestnut 
                            is used in the Julian Schnabel film "Basquiat", 
                            but does not appear on soundtrack CD)

  Taylor, Mick       Mick Taylor                            LP      (1979)
                     Stranger in This Town (live)           LP      (1990)
                     Too Hot for Snakes                     LP      (1991)
                                 (Mick Taylor & Carla Olsen)
                     Once in a Blue Moon                    LP
                                 (Gerry Groom, Mick Taylor & Friends)
                     Coastin' Home                          LP      (1995)

  Watts, Charlie     Live at the Fullham Town Hall          LP      (1986)
                       (Charlie Watts Orchestra)
                     From One Charlie to Another 
                       (CD plus book "Ode to a high-flying bird")
                                                            BOX     (1991)
                     A Tribute to Charlie Parker
                       (Charlie Watts quintet)              LP      (1992)
                     Warm and Tender                        LP      (1993)
                     Long Ago and Far Away                  LP      (1996)

  Wood, Ron      I've Got My Own Album to Do                LP      (1974)
                          (aka "Cancel Everything", on CD)
                 Now Look                                   LP      (1975)
                 "Sweet Sunshine" (flipside to 'Big Bayou')
                                                            sgl     (1976)
                 Mahoney's Last Stand (w/Ronnie Lane)       LP      (1976)
                 Gimme Some Neck                            LP      (1979)
                 1234                                       LP      (1981)
                 "It's Not Easy" (soundtrack to "Wild Life")        
                                                            song    (1984)
                 Live At the Ritz (w/ Bo Diddley)           LP      (1989)
                 Slide On This                              LP      (1992)
                 "Seven Days" (appearance on Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary CD 
                               CBS C2K 53230)               song    (1993)
                 "Somebody Else Might" (3:48  remix)/     
                    "Ain't Rock & Roll" (3:46 remix)        CD5     (1993)
                 Slide On Live (Plugged in and Standin')    LP      (1993)
                 "Stay With Me" (edit from live LP*)        CD5     (1993) 
                 "Somebody Else Might" (5:59  remix)/"Josephine" (remix)
                    (tracks are on US "Stay With Me" CD5)   CD5     (1993)

  Wyman, Bill        Monkey Grip                            LP      (1974)
                     Stone Alone                            LP      (1975)
                     Bill Wyman                             LP      (1981)
                     Green Ice (film soundtrack)            LP      (1981)
                     Digital Dreams (video soundtrack)      LP      (1983)
                     Willie and the Poor Boys               LP      (1985)
                         ("superstar" group w/ Charlie Watts, others)
                     Stuff (Japan only)                     LP      (1992)

@Q10. Where can I get bootlegs?

    Stones fans are pretty lucky when it comes to bootlegs.  There are
    hundreds of Stones' bootlegs available, many of them are even 
    high quality recordings. You can find all sorts of things 
    bootlegged: demos, rehearsals, outtakes, concerts and interviews. 
    Unfortunately, bootlegs are sort of illegal. 

    A legal loophole discovered by 'Swingin' Pig' records in 1986 created
    an explosion in the "unauthorized recording" market, although it still
    finds challenges in court by the likes of U2, Phil Collins, and others.
    Many, (but not all) "unauthorized recordings" are not "bootlegs" but 
    were legitimate releases throughout much of Europe at the time they were 
    released.  (You may, if you are lucky, find "unauthorized recordings" at 
    your own local mom-and-pop record store clearly marked *IMPORT*.)

    Local authorities in Europe have been increasingly successful  
    at finding ways to crack down on the manufacturers as the 90s draws 
    to a close.  In the US, 1996 saw a marked increase in raids on
    manufacturers and record shows, and shutdowns of long-standing retail 

    Here are the 4 main ways to acquire bootlegs:

    First, know your local record stores.  Avoid the large chains - they
    generally only carry legitimate items. The small, independently run
    stores are good places to look, and used record stores are a good bet.
    Get a phone book and personally visit all the stores listed.  Bigger
    cities and college towns usually have more of the stores you need. 
    Go to your nearest metropolis or campus and comb the stores.

    Second, go to record shows and conventions. Even the ones that have
    a "no bootleg" policy can be rewarding, as they often don't enforce
    the rule very well. Check in area newspapers and with local record
    stores for dates and locations. Goldmine magazine prints a national 
    directory of record show listings, but it may not list all of the 
    shows in your area.

    Third, use mail order places. Record magazines, such as Discoveries, 
    (or "Record Collector", in the  UK) abound with ads offering Stones  
    merchandise.  Of course, there's always an extra risk involved when  
    dealing with  mail-order places,  but most that bother to advertise 
    in major magazines are reputable. If you're unsure of a vendor, start 
    small (buy one item) and work up to larger purchases.  If they are 
    prompt and straightforward, then feel comfortable sending larger orders. 

    As a last resort, you can often resolve any dissatisfaction with 
    a vendor using the power of the purse: many credit card agreements 
    have "consumer clauses" which allow you to withhold payment 
    to a vendor if you can show that promised goods were not delivered
    in a timely manner.

    You can  usually find a copy of Discoveries, Goldmine, or 
    Record Collector in record or book stores, or get in contact 
    with them directly.                  
    Caveat emptor. Bootlegs are often over-priced and low quality. 
    Due to the legal gray area in which most bootlegs are sold, 
    sellers may not have a friendly return policy on them. Some  
    other vendors may refuse to do business with credit cards to 
    avoid the paper trail.

    Fourth, trade tapes with friends. This is the cheapest way to build a
    respectable collection of bootlegs. Buy a few and trade tapes to get other

@Q11: Which bootlegs are best? Which will have my favorite song?

  Part two of this document is occupied with nothing but answering 
  this question.  It is a concise history of the band's performing 
  career,  and it includes remarks on availability of outtakes,  
  unreleased studio recordings, and live performances.   

@Q12. How can I get that Keith sound in the comfort of my own home?

  Two approaches, here:

  If you want to play like Keith, well you *really* need a  Fender
  Telecaster ;-). As well, Keith plays in open G tuning, his own  5
  string version. Take your low E string OFF the guitar and tune it:
  (low to high) GDGBD. You can always tune the low E string to D as well
  if you don't want to remove strings. Keith sums up his guitar playing
  thusly: "5 strings, 3 fingers, and one asshole."


  barre at the 5th fret (that's a C in open G tuning) and slam a few
  chords... hammer on an Am7 form in fron of the bar.. that's an F... slam
  a few more... repeat progression at the 2nd fret... noodle around on the
  open G.... that'll get you through about 70% of all the solo albums and a
  great deal of Stones stuff as well. A few tidbits... Keith uses talcum
  powder on the neck before he speeds things up a lot, but if
  you are really picky about strings, you will have to be religous about
  wiping them when you are finished. And of course, never be so dull as to
  actually play chords ON the downbeat... wait about 20 nanoseconds from
  all major timing cues...get that one string about 2 clicks out of tune...
  it's all in the tension, you know. And remember, no effects boxes and
  keep in mind that "it only tightens up"...

@Q13. Wouldn't it be neat if there were a Stones "museum"? 

  Bill Wyman operates a restaurant called "Sticky Fingers" in the 
  well-heeled Kensington section of London. The food is much the 
  same general type of menu as you might find at Hard Rock.  Cost 
  seems OK.  The whole place is of course a shrine to a certain 
  well known band!  Bill has decorated it with framed (etc)
  posters, magazine covers, guitars, gold discs, etc etc. - even
  an especially  good blown up cutting on the right of the door
  as you go out, headed 'Korner Cancels', referring to the
  first real Stones Gig, on 12th July 1962. No trouble finding
  things to read and gaze at while you await your meal.  Most of the
  time Stones music plays.  Location: 1 Phillmore Gardens, London.
@Q14. I'm a novice.  Can you recommend the best...
  First.... a note on the worth of opinions. They are, as the saying 
  goes, like anal cavities.  Everyone has one and they all stink. They
  are also free, so remember that you get what you pay for.

  Detached, objective judgment of the worth of a particular period  of
  the Rolling Stones' career is a problem all its own.  As Keith
  Richards has said, people tend to be fond of what they were hearing
  the first time they got laid.

a. albums

  If you are thinking of starting out with live albums or greatest-hits
  compilations for an exposure to the Rolling Stones, (or for someone
  else's benefit!), consider:
  Their early work (the first eight years), originally on DECCA records 
  (London Records in the USA), is covered by any of the greatest-hits
  compilations that are now being released on CD by ABKCO.   

  "Hot Rocks 1964-1971", the double-CD set, is a near-definitive collection
  of hit singles. Alternatively, you could pair up the single CDs "High
  Tide and Green Grass (Big Hits)" and "Through the Past  Darkly (Big
  Hits Part 2)" for a collection of equal length with a slightly 
  different impact.  Or, get the 1989 ABKCO  3-CD set called "The London  
  Years", which is full to the rim with just about anything the band put 
  out as a single in these years. It includes everything found 
  on the American versions of the two "Big Hits" compilations, everything 
  on "Hot Rocks 1964-1971" with the exception of three HR songs, and it 
  has several somewhat rare selections otherwise unavailable 
  to CD consumers.

  (As of June 1995, the three compilations mentioned in the paragraph
  below seem to be off the shelves indefinitely and _superseded_ by the 
  1993 European compilation "Jump Back".  If you can find any of these 
  three compilations on your store shelves, consider that they may
  be gone forever soon. It's mostly no big deal: Two of the three 
  have material that is available elsewhere. 1981's "Sucking in the 
  Seventies", however, has several tracks on it unavailable elsewhere 
  on CD.)

  Several compilations cover their post-ABKCO work.  "Made in the Shade"
  was originally released in 1975, and "Rewind (1971-1984)" in 1984. 
  Unfortunately, the CD  releases of these two albums have an overlap of
  four songs.  "Rewind" is the better value for your CD money. "Sucking
  in the Seventies", from 1981, is of interest largely to collectors. 
  It has three tracks otherwise unavailable on CD, and single/promo
  edits of 6 other Stones numbers released after 1975. 

  A 1993 compilation, entitled "Jump Back", was not released in the 
  US, but has, on a single CD, everything found on the "Rewind" CD except 
  for "Hang Fire" and "Heartbreaker"; plus, thrown in for good measure
  are "Bitch", "Wild Horses", "Respectable", "Mixed Emotions", and "Rock 
  and a Hard Place".

  The Rolling Stones have released five "live albums" (six if
  you count 1995's "Stripped" which has a limited number of 
  live performances) and except for 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!', (1970), 
  everyone seems to hate something about all of them.  

  Moving on to "regular" releases, many people are strongly persuaded that
  the Rolling  Stones' years with Mick Taylor, and just before, are an
  artistic peak that no one before or since has been able to touch.  To
  acquire that era, you can obtain the albums released from 1968 to 1972.
  (In order of release: 'Beggar's Banquet', 'Let It Bleed', 'Get Yer
  Ya-Ya's Out' (live), 'Sticky Fingers', and 'Exile on Main Street'). 

  While an investment in the ABKCO compilations provides a fairly complete 
  overview of the best of the Rolling Stones' first eight years, the band's 
  first three American releases ('Newest Hit Makers', '12 X 5', and 'Now!')
  stand as a powerful documentary of what all the fuss was about. 
  'Aftermath' is also a favorite among many aficianados.

  What one critic has referred to as their 'silver age' occurred  in the
  late 70's-early eighties, after many had given the band up for dead.  The
  albums "Some Girls", "Emotional Rescue", and "Tattoo You" (released from
  1978 to 1981) show a veteran outfit churning out top-notch material
  which was a critical and commercial success. Common rock criticism to the
  contrary, this rejuvenation was NOT just the result of the appearance of
  punk rock and the Sex Pistols in the world. After all, the punk
  phenomenon didn't seem to do much for Led Zeppelin or the Who.  

b. movies
  The Rolling Stones are the focus of several films that have not made it 
  to the home video market. 

  Their film history is somewhat chaotic.  Part of the reason you 
  can't see them all at your leisure may have as much to do 
  with technical feasibility as court injunctions.

  Any movies that were subsequently released to the home video 
  market are listed under part d. of this question, "home videos"

  'Cocksucker Blues' - 

      A concert film cum tour documentary, widespread exhibition of 
      this film has been frustrated by much legal wrangling over the 
      years.  See question #14.

  'Ladies & Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones' - 

      A concert film by which all others surely must be judged. High 
      excitement prevails in this film of two concert performances from 
      their 1972 American tour. Originally released in Quadrophonic 
      sound, the original soundtrack, recorded as it is on film 
      in an unusual manner, requires considerable labor to screen
      properly. That effort is occasionally undertaken, as it was for 
      a September 1996 screening at Lincoln Center.
c. books
  The number of published books about the Rolling Stones can (and does)
  fill up a separate document all its own: Part three of this FAQ list.  
  Still, it is probably of some use to have a 'shortlist', some starting
  point, so here are the titles of five current books we recommend for
  giving you a good  start in learning about the history, influence, and
  greatness of the  Rolling Stones. 

  Please note that these five are not necessarily the best 
  books about the Stones, but they ARE the best of what's currently 

       'Dance With the Devil' 
       Stanley Booth
           - Delayed for years due to litigation, this book combines 
             equal parts tedious personal confession and juicy Stones-tour 
             gossip. Particularly compelling is the detailed description of 
             a group rehearsal. An insider's account of the Stones' entree into 
             the big time.

       'Symphony For the Devil' 
       Philip Norman
           - Stops in 1983, but the author delivers a respectful and 
             competent biography.  Bookended by anecdotes about their 
             1981 tour, Norman's analysis of characters in the play 
             known as the Rolling Stones is deep and thoughtful. Revised
             and reissued in 1992.

       'Keith Richards - the Biography' 
       Victor Bockris
           - Little more than a cut-and-paste job of other,
             indiscriminately chosen biographies, this book still has the 
             advantage of recent vintage, and the fact that the author
             can turn out seductive and flowing prose.  Never a dull moment, 
             which is actually difficult to say about lesser Stones'-related 

       'The Rolling Stones Album' 
       Geoffrey Giuliano
           - Biographically, nothing is very deep - only a thumbnail 
             sketch of the band's history is attempted.  Sometimes, though,
             this is more refreshing than failed attempts at deep analysis.  
             Intended as pornography for the Stones-memorabilia fetishist, 
             this book has great color photographs of records, books, 
             promotional items, and posters. If a picture paints a thousand 
             words, this is a million-word chronicle. 

       'Stone Alone' 
       Bill Wyman (with Ray Coleman)
           - The only book by any band member that was there in the early 
             years, and at the height of the madness, this can (surprisingly)
             get awfully boring.  If, as is said, the devil is in the details,
             then opportunities abound here, as one of Wyman's techniques is to 
             provide the full text of letters for rather unseemly work-a-day 
             tasks.  Yet, there is no discussion of the band's working 
             techniques, except as they pertain to, for example, how long they
             would spend working on a new song of Wyman's versus one penned by 
             Jagger and Richards. Great opportunities missed, but others taken,
             if you have the interest and patience. NB: only covers up to 
             July, 1969.

  Now these five *are* the best: good luck finding them all!          

       'Stone Alone' - Wyman/Coleman
       'Symphony for the Devil' - Phillip Norman
       'An Illustrated Record'
       Roy Carr
           - A beautiful, thoroughly researched, large-format book which 
             presents the Rolling Stones' discography up to 1976. It includes 
             tour history, side-project information, interviews, unreleased 
             album covers, and beautiful reproductions of the original DECCA 
             LP covers. Essential.

        'The Rolling Stones - The First Twenty Years' 
        David Dalton 
           - Dalton has edited several books on the topic, any and all of
             them worthwhile. Another large format book, this collection of 
             essays, reviews, band history, interviews, photographs, and a 
             sessionography, remains overwhelming years after you acquire it.
             Out of print, and highly recommended. 

        Robert Greenfield
           The abbreviation of "Stones Touring Party", and the name of a 
           drug, this out-of-print classic is about life on the road
           with the World's you-know-what on their most infamous excursion
           to the United States, in 1972.

d. home videos

  The Stones have several releases on home video.  
  Note: ("import") means this is a title that is not generally available 
  in the States except in 'specialty' stores.  Since the rest of the world 
  has a different video standard from the US, these tapes may have been 
  made through a format-conversion process, and so may suffer in son et 

  Any title marked with an 'M' has a theatrical release in its history.

  'Live Voodoo Lounge'

      In November of 1995, a 94-minute home video began appearing     
      on shelves in the UK.  This single VHS tape, released 12/95 
      in the US, is a 17-song distillation of the November 1994 
      "pay-per-view" concert from Joe Robbie Stadium 
      in Miami, Florida. It features one-time collaborations with
      guests Robert Cray and Bo Diddley.  

  'The Rolling Stones '95 Voodoo Lounge in Japan'
  (Japan-only release) 

      A double-disc (or double-VHS-tape) of the band's March 
      1995 performance in Tokyo which was originally shown on NHK-TV.  
      The set list includes "Sweet Virginia", "Slipping Away", 
      "Rock and a Hard Place", "Live With Me", "Angie", and 
      "Sympathy for the Devil".
M 'At the Max'                    

      85 minute distillation of the concert film they said couldn't
      be brought to home video. Originally filmed in
      the eye-popping IMAX format, and exhibited only in planetariums
      or learning institutions where your peripheral vision could
      be properly occupied, this feature was culled from three 
      concerts in the 1990 European tour. PolyGram released this 
      title on home video in Europe in November '94 just as the 
      Stones planned to announce 1995 concert dates on the continent. 
      The video was released in the US shortly thereafter. 

M 'Sympathy for the Devil' (ABKCO re-release) 

      Re-released for home video in 1994 under the auspicies of 
      ABKCO, this version of the Jean-Luc Godard film 
      'One Plus One/Sympathy for the Devil' uses the more 
      Stones-oriented title. 

  'Live Voodoo Lounge'

      Highlights of the band's four August 1994 appearances at Giants'
      Stadium at the New Jersey Meadowlands. This 90-minute concert 
      tape is basically the 1994 set at that time less five songs or 
      so (no 'Love Is Strong', 'Beast of Burden', 'I Go Wild', 'Happy', 
      or 'Can't Get Next To You', which were getting played regularly 
      at that point in the tour).  This tape was only available from 
      Brockum (the Stones' concert souvenir marketeers) which claims 
      that the Spring of 1995 may find the item discontinued, like
      many other 1994 tour souvenir items.

  'The Rolling Stones: Unauthorised Biography'       

      This program consists mostly of *still* *photographs* floating in 
      a small portion of the screen over a black background.  There is 
      occasional motion picture footage (a couple uninteresting complete 
      shots of some airport arrival or departure which would be shown for 
      only two seconds in a judiciously edited documentary.), and the *only* 
      music one hears is about 30 seconds of "Around and Around" in front 
      of that froofy curtain (is this PD stuff YET?).  There are a couple 
      TV news stories (Mick's 1967 bust and the 1976 UK tour), about one 
      minute of a Wyman interview, and two minutes of of an interview 
      with Mick Jagger done after his 1992 solo appearance on Saturday 
      Night Live. (He wouldn't reproduce his comedic imitation of 
      Keith Richards for the interviewer without the props he had 
      on the live TV show.)

  '25 X 5 (The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones)' - 

      This two-hour retrospective of the band's entire career, released in 
      1990, has some Ultra-rare and exclusive footage and performances from 
      the band's own collection.  It's narrated by interviews with the band, 
      so bring your own grain of salt. Highly recommended.

  'Mick Jagger & the Rolling Stones'            

      A 30-minute episode of something called 'Celebrity Showcase'. At 
      least the outside box is honest: it warns potential customers
      that there is no Rolling Stones music on the entire program. Not

  'Video Rewind' - 

      A one-hour feature, this early attempt at making a unique offering 
      in the then-infantile home music video market is occasionally 
      successful and funny. Includes rarely seen "official" videos of 
      records released from 1978 to 1983, two television performances
      from "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" in the mid-70's, and a 
      cut-and-paste version of "Brown Sugar", using spliced 
      footage from several tours. The thread/plot tying this 
      all together is a long hallucination by Bill Wyman.

M 'Let's Spend the Night Together' - 

      The home video version of the film of their 1981 US tour, directed 
      by Hal Ashby. Opinion on this film is widely varying.  Some longtime 
      Stones' enthusiasts are disappointed by the performance, while others 
      find it an exciting document of a great tour (current author loves
      it, but he was 18 when the tour took place!).  A video rental costs 
      you three bucks - we're not going to sweat making a bad recommendation. 
      The original VHS release, if you can find it, may not be in Hi-Fi.

  'Rolling On' - 

      A 60-minute television documentary, assembled in 1982, but consisting 
      of an annoying 'cheese-rock' soundtrack (no Jagger-Richards tunes), 
      and some rarely seen footage from the 'Charlie is My Darling' era 
      (1965). Little to recommend it except when you mute the horrendous 
      audio tracks, and watch Jagger work a crowd in some rarely-seen 
      early live footage. 
M 'Gimme Shelter' - 

      This home video of the documentary of the 1969 tour and the disastrous 
      free concert that closed it ("Altamont") stands as a classic film 
      separate from any other rock film due to its' too-true human drama 
      and its portrait of the end of an era.  Refurbished in 1992, the newer
      editions of the VHS tape are in Hi-Fi. Aficianados claim that the
      later, HiFi versions of this release use, in fine ABKCO 
      tradition, less desirable mono tapes for the concert performance 

  'The Stones in the Park' ("import") - 

      A one-hour Granada TV documentary of the Stones' July 1969 free concert 
      in London's Hyde Park. The stage debut of new guitarist Mick Taylor, this
      show has snippets of some classic performances. Rarely seen, but is
      available for rent in select, non-"chain store" shops.

M 'One plus one (Sympathy for the Devil)' -     

      A pretentious bore by Jean-Luc Goddard, this film has splices of the 
      Stones building and recording the classic track 'Sympathy For the Devil'
      in the studio in 1968. Since seeing the Stones 'behind-the-scenes' at 
      work is so rare, this is a valuable document. No. No. Yes. No. No. No.

      (A 1994 re-release by ABKCO uses the 'Sympathy' title exclusively.)

  'Charlie is My Darling' ("import")  

      A one-hour documentary of their 1965 tour of Ireland. Some stunningly 
      funny documentary footage of Keith and Mick, drunk, at a piano and 
      singing. Also, a nice portrait of the frenzy and excitement that 
      accompanied their early road work, including a truly frightening mob 
      scene at a show that got out of hand while the band was playing.  
      Same narrow distribution as the Hyde Park documentary video above. 

M 'That was Rock/The TAMI Show' - 

      The Stones perform five songs in twelve minutes on the "Teenage 
      Music International" show, filmed in Los Angeles in 1965. Other 
      guests on the show(s) were Chuck Berry, James Brown, Lesley Gore, 
      Marvin Gaye, the Supremes, and Ike and Tina Turner. Worth it to 
      see a young Mick and Diana Ross singing together at the finale. 

e. fanzines

*   Basement News 
    c/o Dieter Hoffman 
    Lausitzer Strasse 13 
    D-63110 Rodgau  

    $20/3 issues (air mail)

    Published by Dieter Hoffman, the author of the Schwarzbuch (Black
    Book) bootleg bible and Weissbuch (White Book) listing of legit
    releases. Provides detailed information on current band activity,
    bootleg reviews, and the scuttlebutt on new Stones or Stones related
    record or CD releases.  

*   Beggars Banquet   [NOW OUT OF BUSINESS]
    P O Box 6152
    New York, NY   10128

    Monthly - 20 US Dollars/12 issues in the US, 25 US Dollars for overseas

    Originally a 'pure' fanzine written by Bill German, this survived
    being the semi-official Fan Club Magazine in the Mid-80's. Rather
    tame and uncritical, and perhaps too much 'Bill German and the Stones'
    (usually Ronnie).  Wouldn't be without it.
    [Ceased operations early 1996]

*   Front Row Fan Club
    Landseestr. 49
    D-76437 Rastatt 
    A German-language monthly newsletter which has published 
    more than 50 issues. Includes live CD reviews.     

    English-language Home Page is at: 

*   It's Only Rock'n'Roll
    Vabraaten 111
    N-1392  Vettre
    Norway             [Tel: (+47) 6679 4297]

    English Language, A5-sized magazine, first appeared in 1980. 
    Published approx. quarterly, four issues are definitely scheduled 
    for the year 1995. Price: NOK 200 (or, roughly, $US 30.00, or 
    20 English pounds) for four issues. No personal checks, please.
    Visa and MasterCard accepted, which greatly simplifies things.

*   Le Club Des Stones
    75666 Paris Cedex 14

    Actually the name of the French fan club for the Rolling
    Stones, they'll issue four A4 magazines per year to you 
    (in French, natch) for 100F.

*   Shattered
    PO Box 3723 
    London SE15 1HW

    A5-sized 'zine. Four issues 12 UK Pounds/18 pounds overseas

*   Sticky Fingers
    Suite 411
    12190 1/2 Ventura Blvd.
    Studio City, CA 91604
    Published its first issue Jan/Feb 1996. Six issues are 
    published a year.  Features extensive reviews of 
    live CDs. Not reviewed.

    Rates: USA:        $US 20 for 1 year ($36 for 2 years)
           Canada:     $US 25 for 1 year
           Other:      $US 30 for 1 year

*   Stones People Europe 
    Middenweg 2
    1217 HT Hilversum
    The Netherlands


    Prices (Eurocheque or cash only, please):   
                                NLG 60 (60 Dutch Guilders), 
                                NLG 80 outside of Holland

                                55 US Dollars for USA (incl. S/H)
                                15 US Dollars for sample issue (incl. S/H)

    Launched in December 1995, the goal is to publish quarterly 
    issues of 64 pages each. Includes color photography, and all 
    text is in both Dutch and English. Praised even by the
    competition. URL:

*   Tumbling Dice

    Terry Carty
    9 Collingwood Close
    Kent   CT8 8JD


    9 UK Pounds in UK, 12 UK Pounds in Europe, 18 UK pounds in rest

    Single issue for 1.5 Pounds plus a SASE (A5 sized).

    Only been going since early 1991 and still finding its feet.  Each
    issue much improved on the previous, and distribution problems
    slowly disappearing.  No band access. 

@Q15. What is/who are

a. "Nanker Phelge"?

  The credited author of several early compositions ("Stoned",  "The 
  Underassistant West Coast Promotion Man"), "Nanker Phelge" is actually a 
  pseudonym used for group compositions. "Nanker" was the nick name for 
  a rather unpleasant facial expression band members used to make, 
  and "Phelge" the surname of an early roommate of Keith, Mick, and 
  Brian's whose personal hygiene left something to be desired.

b. "The Glimmer Twins"?

  The production team known to the world as "The Glimmer Twins" consists
  of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, so dubbed because of a chance encounter 
  with an elderly woman on vacation, who thought she recognized one of the
  Stones, but only had a "glimmer" of the real identity of her find.

c. "Rock and Roll Circus"?

  Mere days after the release of 'Beggar's Banquet' in 1968, the band 
  pulled together a 'circus': a television spectacle consisting of real 
  circus performers, and some progressive rock acts of the day.  
  Jethro Tull, The Who and Eric Clapton were in attendance, as were 
  lions, trapeze artists, and Yoko Ono.
  The idea was to produce a unique showcase, but the footage was
  eventually shelved, due to what the Stones felt was a sub-standard
  performance. It had not been seen for 27 years, except for brief
  excerpts in home videos (the Stones' '25 x 5', and the Who's performance
  of 'A Quick One', which was in their own film/career 
  documentary, 'The Kids Are Alright'.). 

  It was also Brian Jones' last performance with the band.  
  The two main musical highlights were a 'supergroup' consisting of 
  Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Keith Richards, and Mitch Mitchell (of the 
  Jimi Hendrix Experience), and a performance of several songs 
  by the Stones themselves, including 'Route 66' (not filmed), 
  'Confessin' the Blues' (not filmed), 'Parachute Woman', 'Jumpin' 
  Jack Flash', 'Sympathy for the Devil', 'No Expectations', 'You 
  Can't Always Get What You Want', and 'Salt of the Earth'.

  The surviving footage (65 minutes' worth), including six of
  the Stones' selections, was placed on the October 1996 New 
  York Film Festival schedule thanks to an agreement between ABKCO and 
  the Rolling Stones. A wider consumer release, in some format,
  is hoped for, but nothing has been announced as of this writing.

d. "Altamont"?

  The band planned a large, free concert in San Francisco to cap off 
  their highly successful 1969 tour of the United States, similar to a
  successful event they had done in London's Hyde Park several months
  earlier.  Between permit denials, greed, and a last-minute change of
  venue, the event devolved from a potentially powerful West Coast
  Woodstock to a poorly-planned mess.  A bad choice of security
  (American biker gang the "Hell's Angels") contributed to a day-long
  sideshow of violence and "bad vibes". 

  By the time the Stones came on in the evening, tempers were short.
  The dramatic stabbing of a spectator by one of the Hell's Angels
  during the Stones' set was captured on film in the documentary 
  "Gimme Shelter", available now on home video.
e. "Cocksucker Blues"? 

  It is the title of both a notorious slow blues song performed by 
  Jagger which has been frequently bootlegged, and an unrelated film
  project by Robert Frank which was a documentary of the Stones' 1972
  American tour.

  The song tells the woeful tale of a "lonesome schoolboy" who has come 
  to the big city (London) but does not know where to find all the 
  amenities a young man needs.  Presented as a single by Jagger to 
  fulfill a contractual obligation to the then-despised 
  DECCA records, the label declined to release it. It did appear 
  very briefly as an 'official' release: as a bonus single 
  to a German boxed set in 1984.  The box was quickly pulled, 
  and re-released without the offending tune.

  The film is rarely seen, as a unique legal settlement has required 
  that its' director, Robert Frank, accompany each and every showing of
  the film.  More bark than bite.  Drug-fueled orgies and
  all kinds of human degradations were rumoured to be captured on film. 
  This was more a reflection of what people thought went on on a Stones'
  tour than what actually happened.  Rather tame, it has some tit, some
  drunken revelry, some drug use by band members, and some footage of
  the greatest rock and roll band in the world in action. 

@Q16. Gossip

a. How many times have they been arrested?

  The band's longtime acquaintance with law enforcement started with an 
  infamous 'pissing' incident in March of 1965 in which Bill Wyman, who
  needed to use the rest facilities at a car fuel stop, was not only
  refused admittance to the chamber, but told to promptly  vacate the
  premises.  Mick Jagger and Brian Jones joined Bill in pissing against
  a wall, and the Stones' image as 'bad boys' was firmly established. In
  a remarkable show of solidarity and opportunism, which was not to
  be repeated, all five band members showed up at court, several
  weeks later...

  Unfortunately, being pop-stars in the "swingin' sixties", they were
  easy targets for aggressive  narcotics enforcement officers.  Human
  nature and law enforcement being what they are, these officers
  descended on the weakest and most vulnerable of the lot, Brian Jones,
  with some regularity and viciousness, although by the end of the
  Seventies, Mick and Keith also found themselves "busted" several
  times, culminating in the most serious case, Keith's 1977 arrest for
  heroin possession in Canada, which threatened the continued existence
  of the band.

  The Eighties, the decade of the "War on Drugs", produced its own
  comical efforts at putting Stones Behind Bars, but these were so
  poorly executed, they failed almost upon impact. Ron Wood, several
  years younger than everyone else in the band, got his own taste in
  1980.  Although charges were dropped, Mr. Wood was said to have problems
  with unspecified drugs in the early eighties, and also to have taken
  care of them with a "Betty Ford"-type cure while the Stones were
  languishing unused mid-decade.  In 1994, Charlie Watts admitted 
  to a mid-80s episodic problem with abuse of speed and alcohol, and a 
  flirtation with heroin. He claims to have cleaned himself up 
  towards the end of 1986.

  1965 - "Pissing" incident at a gas/petrol station. Five-pound fines
         for Mick, Brian, and Bill are appealed.  
  1967 - The "Redlands" bust - allegations of carpeted girls and Mars bars.
         Keith's conviction on "allowing his premises" overturned on
         appeal; Mick's pep-pill possession successfully appealed - Court 
         found that he had been more severely sentenced than an "anonymous 
         young man".
  1967 - Brian busted same day as the "Redlands" case court appearance.
  1968 - Brian busted for cannabis. Found guilty and fined.
  1969 - Hashish possession: Mick and Marianne Faithfull; Marianne
         acquitted, Mick is fined.
  1972 - Jagger and Richards held on assault of a photographer; delay means
         the evening's show in Boston starts after midnight. 
  1972 - Keith's French pied-a-terre is raided; Coke, Hashish, heroin found.
  1973 - Keith present when his British residence is raided. Drugs and guns. 
  1975 - Keith gets in trouble for carrying a knife in Fordyce, Arkansas
  1977 - Keith fined 750 pounds + costs for coke possession.
  1977 - Keith arrested for heroin possession in Canada.  Eventually
         "sentenced" to play a free concert and take his cure in New Jersey. 
  1980 - Ron and Jo Howard hang out with the wrong crowd in St. Maarten, 
         and spend several days in jail for possession of cocaine.
  1987 - Jerry Hall gets into some trouble in Barbados when the local
         customs people decide a 20-lb. package of marijuana is hers.
         The "Kangaroo Customs" officers screw their own case, and Jerry
         is found 'not guilty'.

b. How many times have they been married?                            

  Both Charlie Watts and Keith Richards are on their first marriages.  
  Charlie married in 1964, Keith 19 years later. Brian Jones was never
  married. Mick Jagger and Ron Wood are both on their second marriages, 
  to women they met in 1977. Ex-Stone Bill Wyman was the only member
  married when he joined the group, and he entered his third legal
  marriage shortly after leaving the group in 1993. 

c. Will the band break up?

  At some point, we believe.

d. Are they going to tour again?

  The band cancelled dates which were scheduled for 1996 
  on their "Voodoo Lounge" tour.  Rumours of future performances
  are, as always, persistent, unconfirmed, and greatly exaggerated. 
  The current batch of rumour has them playing the United States 
  in 1997. (printed in the Washington Post, April 1996.) 
e. Is this the last time, really? 

  They were first asked this in 1966. 

f. How old ARE they?

  Birthdays are as follows:

      Jagger       July 26, 1943         
      Brian Jones  Feb. 28, 1942    (dismissed June 8, 1969; died July 3, 1969)
      Richards     Dec. 18, 1943 
      Stewart      July 18, 1938    (died December 12, 1985)
      Taylor       Jan. 17, 1948    (quit December,    1974)
      Watts        Jun. 02, 1941         
      Wood         Jun. 01, 1947         
      Wyman        Oct. 24, 1936    (quit 1993)     
@Q17. What gives with: 

a. that tongue logo all over the place

  When the band formed "Rolling Stones Records" in 1971, their label 
  design was basic yellow, with a small red, white, and black 
  "tongue-and-lip design", as the copyright notices now say, on the 
  left side. The "tongue-and-lip", and countless variations, have 
  since appeared on all kinds of official (and unofficial) Stones 
  memorabilia and products. In a 1971 interview in _Rolling Stone_ 
  magazine, Keith Richards claimed that the inspiration was the 
  Indian goddess Khali, and he went on to say that we could expect
  many variations on the theme.

  The credit for the original design has been mistakenly given to
  several people over the years.  The most frequent misattribution 
  is the claim that it is a creation of Andy Warhol's. Even a 
  researcher as thorogh as Philip Norman has mistakenly 
  repeated this legend. Warhol designed two Stones' album covers, 
  including the first LP released on "Rolling Stones Records", but 
  he did not supply the tongue.  Mr. Norman claims elsewhere 
  that the earliest inspiration was a set designed by 
  Kenneth MacMillan for the Royal Ballet's 'Paradise Lost'.

  As recently as March 1995, Billboard magazine printed a blurb 
  which incorrectly hinted that the 1971 design which would go on to 
  remain imprinted on thousands' of Stones' fans' minds came 
  from one Ruby Mazur.  Billboard finally saw their mistake 
  and identified Mazur as the designer of the first officially 
  used variation on the tongue: the Rolling Stones Records 
  open-hole 7" single sleeve. First used in 1972 and last used 
  9 years later, the sleeve design has one eye, and uses the 
  middle record-label open hole as "the mouth" of an ill-defined face.  
  The design for the sleeve is memorable because 
  the record-label hole is NOT perfectly round, as is standard 
  industry practice, but a contour of the Mazur-designed 
  open mouth. 

  On April 8, 1995, Billboard definitely attributed the original 
  classic design to John Pasch. 

b. cheese

  Very simple really...........

  Woody says Keith is afraid of cheese in Rolling Stone 
  magazine, October 1994...

  Undercover readers analyze the meaning of this for approximately six 
  weeks, digressing into the interelationship between cheese and heroin 
  addiction and constipation. A syndrome of tight pants wearers dubbed 
  (by a doctor) as "Mick Jagger's Revenge" joins the story. Exact 
  relevance, if any , unclear......

  A newswire story about 18 people being injured in a Cheltenham, England
  cheese-rolling festival and the fact that Brian Jones grew up there leads 
  to speculation that Brian Jones rolled cheese down a hill every year as a 
  child in Cheltenham and then grew up to be a Rolling Stone. Speculation of 
  cheese involvement in Brian's death in 1969 discussed now and then.........

  A Toronto caterer to the Stones commented that Keith lingers round the 
  cheese tray and eats a lot for a skinny guy......

  Keith tells Q magazine that he isn't allergic to cheese, but he might 
  as well be.....

  Cheese influence on Stones lyrics analyzed (i.e. "don't wanna walk or 
  talk about cheeses, just want to see Keith's face)......

  Steve Portigal gives cheese names to unsubscribers who send their 
  unsubscribe request to the readers, rather than to the admin address
  as instructed at the end of each digest.

  Mick Jagger, suspected of being an incognito reader of Undercover, 
  begins talking about cheese during concert song interludes, 
  introducing keyboard player Chuck Leavell at the Halloween show 
  in Oakland, 1994 with the phrase "I talk to the cheese". (editors' 
  note: current scholarship claims that what is said here 
  is "I talk to the trees.")

  And why does this interest us?

  To each his own answer...or as Bob Dylan used to say.."the ants 
  are my friends, they're blowin in the wind, the ants are just 
  blowin in the wind"

  [special thanks to Dan Ream with his help on question 17.]

@Q18. Myths & legends:

a. Did Keith really get his blood changed?

  It was a widely circulated rumour that to cure himself of an addiction
  to heroin, Keith Richards flew to the Swiss chalet of an exclusive 
  physician who had a method for replacing all of a patient's nasty 
  addicted blood with good clean blood. 
  Great gossip. Bad science.

  While it has been claimed in print by at least one biographer,  this
  author was also Keith's dealer for several years. It is widely 
  considered to be little more than another colorful urban legend.

b. Do they worship satan?

  Among the phenomena that have become known to us since the formation 
  of the Rolling Stones are: CDs, wireless amps, home video, and 
  Serious Rock Criticism.  Early Serious Rock Critics, trying in vain 
  to capture in prose the mystique, wonder, beauty, arrogance, and power
  of the Rolling Stones, would often resort to demonic imagery.  It did
  not help matters that the band released songs like "Sympathy for the
  Devil", or that Jagger performed in a swirling cape bathed in red
  light.  Blame this one on the old "four blind men describing an
  elephant" syndrome.
  Professional demonist and man-about-town Kenneth Anger once asserted
  that Anita Pallenberg (Keith's paramour in the Stones' supposed
  'demonic' period) was a 'witch'.  But that's Kenneth Anger.

c. Is Paul dead?
  He is rumoured to have shown up at a Rolling Stones concert in 
  New York City in 1978 to catch the festivities. Other than that, 
  no one seems to care.

d. Is Kim Poindexter a man or a woman? 


                                Part Two

                 The Rolling Stones--Live and Unreleased recordings

The Rolling Stones--Live and Unreleased Audio
(Version 2.71 of *this* document, July 26, 1996)

      The Rolling Stones have been around for over 30 years and have
      released many albums.  However, for some fans, they haven't released
      enough. This is a guide for those fans who want to know what the
      Stones were doing on their many unrecorded tours, or are curious to
      hear the various working stages of a classic song.  The only way to
      hear this is from unauthorized recordings.

      This portion of the FAQ is an introduction and guide to the
      unauthorized recordings of the Rolling Stones.  This information is
      for educational purposes only.  Please note that this article is _not_
      written by Tony Rzepela.  Your humble author chooses to remain
      anonymous; call me Mr. X.  Any comments, questions, or additional
      information concerning this portion of the FAQ should be posted to
      Undercover; I will see it and modify the FAQ as needed.

      (Thanks to those of you who have contributed.  You know who you are).

      This is intended to be a general reference, to be carried around when
      looking for unauthorized recordings.  If you see such a recording,
      check the date/location in the FAQ for quality and my comments.  This
      document doesn't have song titles but does include standard live set
      lists, in case you are looking for a live version of a certain song
      but aren't sure if it was ever performed.  Set lists don't vary too
      much except for the first shows of a tour and the Voodoo Lounge tour. 
      For song titles on a particular CD/LP, consult John Artukovich's
      "Fingerprint File" at, _Hot Wacks_
      (many mistakes but at least the song titles are right), a more
      specialized book such as Nico Zentgraf's _Collector's Delight or
      Collector's Disease_, or a fanzine.  For setlists, try accessing
      Nico's data on the web at

      Unauthorized recordings may be either live concerts or studio
      outtakes.  Live concerts may be recorded in several ways:  In the
      audience using a hand held tape recorder, by a sound man from the
      soundboard, or from a radio broadcast.  Audience recordings will
      generally sound the worst, but modern technology makes it possible to
      have very good audience recordings.  Studio outtakes are generally of
      good quality as the recording is usually professionally done.  In all
      cases, sound quality will deteriorate as analog copies are made from
      one generation to the next.

      This is a partial list of unauthorized recordings of the Rolling
      Stones.  It is not complete.  I have omitted many LPs and CDs, and
      virtually all tape only performances.  Many of the best recorded
      performances have been released by as many as 10 different companies;
      I have listed only the best or one of the best versions.  This list is
      biased toward in-print CDs since they are what most people want, and
      can be found without too much difficulty.  However, I have included
      some out of print and hard to get items which I consider important.

      Listings are by location, date, length, quality, and source.  All
      quality ratings from 1 to 10 are done by the author, with 1 being
      unlistenable and 10 being perfect release quality.  Since I can't
      listen to everything, some ratings are from books, fanzines, or
      postings to Undercover.  These ratings are in the form of EX
      (excellent), VG+ (very good plus), etc.  'm' indicates mono, 's'
      stereo, and 'es' electronic stereo.


Part 1:  The Early Years with Brian Jones

      Most of the recordings from this period are either from media
      appearances such as the BBC and TV shows, or studio outtakes. Although
      the band toured constantly, there are few unauthorized concert
      recordings.  This was the time of Beatlemania, and screaming girls and
      often riots at concerts.  With the extremely primitive PA systems of
      the era, the Stones were frequently drowned out by the audience.

Set lists:

      Second English tour, Feb./March 1964:  Talking About You, Roadrunner,
      Roll Over Beethoven, You Better Move On, Beautiful Delilah, It's
      Alright, Not Fade Away, I Wanna Be Your Man.

      September/October 1964 UK tour:  I Just Wanna Make Love to You,
      Walking the Dog, If You Need Me, It's Alright, Around and Around, It's
      All Over Now.

      March 1965 UK tour:  Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Pain in My
      Heart, Down the Road Apiece, Time is on My Side, I'm Moving On, It's
      Alright, Little Red Rooster, Route 66, The Last Time, Everybody Needs
      Somebody to Love.

      September/October 1965 UK tour:  Mercy Mercy, Cry to Me, The Last
      Time, Oh Baby We Got a Good Thing Going, I'm Moving On, She Said Yeah,
      Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, That's How Strong My Love is,
      Talkin' 'bout You.

      Paris March 28, 1966:  The Last Time, Mercy Mercy, She Said Yeah, Play
      with Fire, Not Fade Away, That's How Strong My Love is, I'm Moving On,
      The Spider and the Fly, Time is on My Side, 19th Nervous Breakdown,
      Around and Around, Get Off of My Cloud, It's Alright, Satisfaction.

      Paris April 11, 1967:  Paint It Black, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Lady
      Jane, Get Off of My Cloud, Yesterday's Papers, Under My Thumb, Ruby
      Tuesday, Let's Spend the Night Together, Going Home, Satisfaction.

      No audience tapes earlier than 1967 are circulating although there are
      rumors of earlier tapes.  Two of the April, 1967 audience tapes have
      been made into German LPs and Japanese CDs, but neither are listed as
      they are hard to get and sound pretty bad.

BBC '63-'65;                  52 min;   9.5 m&s; "Get Satisfaction if You
Interesting BBC studio recordings; a few songs have a live audience.  This
LP/CD and its numerous copies are made from 1985 rebroadcasts; older LPs
("Beautiful Delilah," "Rape of the Vaults," etc.) are made from tapes
recorded off the air in the '60s and are much worse quality but have some
different songs.

BBC TV & ITV '63-'65;         50 min;   8.0 m;   "Crackin' Up"
This '80s LP and its CD copy are made from tapes recorded off the air back
in the '60s, with quite good sound quality.  There is little overlap with the
above and it's worth hearing.

Ed Sullivan TV '64-'67;                 7.5 m;   "Conquer America"/others
Their famous TV appearances are available on several LPs and CDs, for over
20 years, and video as well.  Many if not all performances are live vocals
with the rest of the band miming to the studio version of the song, so not
that interesting.  The 1969 appearance is not on this disc because at the
time of its release, the performance was not yet 20 years old; this legal
barrier was surmounted for later releases.  Of course some people don't worry
about things like that.

Outtakes '63-'65;             30 min;   9.0 s;   "Bright Lights Big City"
A combination of very early outtakes and Chess Studios outtakes.  Old LPs are
made from scratchy acetates but sound quite good otherwise; later CD releases
have lost the scratches.  (Old LPs also have an inferior Montreux '72, see
below.)  Moderately interesting; the early Stones sound none too confident
in the studio.

Outtakes '64-'70;            210 min;   9.0 m&s;  "The Black Box"
Compilation of most of the decent sounding outtakes from the early period. 
Most have been available on other releases but a few are new here.  Includes
the Stones portion of the "Karaoke" (instrumental outtakes) CD.  Having this
set would be enough early outtakes for most people.

Outtakes '64-'73;             70 min;   8.0 s;   "Mad Shadows"
A fine collection of material over the years including material never
available before, even to tape traders.  Mostly excellent sound.

TAMI show 10/29/64;           25 min;   9.5 m;   tape (laser disc)
This performance is available on at least one LP but may not be on CD.  The
video is available on a legal Japanese laser disc.  Fantastic performance;
being able to see it makes it even better.  Great guitar work by Keith and
Brian, and Mick does all his James Brown moves.

Stereo mixes/outtakes 65-'67; 60 min;   7.5 s;   "Dartford Renegades"
This includes some of the stereo mixes that are on the non-US "Hot Rocks 1"
CD, only in noticeably worse quality, plus others that have never been
officially released in stereo such as "The Last Time."  Also includes
outtakes dubbed from the rare German LP "As Time Goes By."

Paris  4/18/65;               40 min;   ___ m;   "Paris Match"/others
A French radio broadcast but the sound is primitive.  The show is available
on several LPs and CDs; in fact the listed CD is so new I have not heard it
yet.  This is supposed to be the best quality yet, after a mere 31 years. 
Good concert and the crowd is riotous.

Paris 3/28/66;                37 min;   4.5 m;   "F***ing and Sucking"
Rare Japanese CD.  Another French radio broadcast; this one sounds even

Honolulu 7/28/66;             30 min;   7.5 m;   "In Action"
First available on LP in horrendous and then pretty bad quality, this concert
is finally available in quite good quality on CD.  This is the only known
true soundboard recording from the Brian Jones era.  Amusing performance;
Charlie gets to introduce a song and announces one they already did, and Mick
says it will be their last concert ever!  Undoubtedly he was influenced by
the Beatles, who would have their last concert on August 29.

Outtakes and live '66-'69;    75 min;   10.0 s/6.0 m (varies); "Time Trip 4"
This latest in the Time Trip series, this marks a return to form after the
sub par Time Trip 3.  Superb quality outtakes, either never before available
or better than before, plus a few lesser quality live tracks.  "Carol" at the
end is the same version as "Ya Yas" but sounds better here IMHO.

Paris 4/11/67 complete;       30 min;   5.0 m;   "F***ing and Sucking" CD
Rare Japanese CD; this is the only release of the entire broadcast.  Sound
quality is pretty bad.  This is still the best available recording of the
1967 tour of Europe, the last tour with Brian Jones.  Other releases of this
concert are from a re-broadcast and are combined with the 4/18/65 concert;
sound quality is a little better.

Citadel reh.;                 51 min;   8.5 m;   "Request and Requires"
Interesting if you like "Citadel."  25 takes of the song, most incomplete. 
Good recording but lacking treble.

Surrey 3/68 reh + int;        45 min;   5.5 m;   "1968 Surrey Rehearsals"
Pretty rare LP.  Not on CD.  Not a good recording, better on tape. 
Interesting jams with the origins of Jumping Jack Flash, Stray Cat Blues, and
many other classics.  Brian is not present; Mick and Keith laugh about it.

Part 1a:  Brian is phased out

      The Stones did their last tour with Brian in the spring of 1967. They
      were unable to tour after that due to Brian's legal and health
      problems.  The Rock and Roll Circus was to be a way around this,
      bringing the performance to the audience instead of the other way

"Sympathy..." reh. 5-6/68;    20 min;   7.0 m;   "Angie"
This LP has part of the music in the "Sympathy for the Devil" movie.  Good
sound but not necessary now that the film is easily available.

Outtakes '68-'72;             70 min;   8.0 s;   "On the Rocks"
Decent collection of outtakes including a few which first appeared here. 
Good sound quality but later releases such as "The Black Box" (above) make
this mostly unnecessary.

Outtakes '68-'72;             85 min;   9.5 s;   "Trident Mixes"
One of the classic LPs; has been copied onto CD.  Fantastic sound quality,
especially for the vinyl era, though it's a bit scratchy.  Some if not all
the music is from acetates, which are generally scratchy, so that could be
the reason.  Several interesting cuts but I find some of the instrumentals
pretty dull.  If you can find them, there are 2 recordable CDs of this
material plus the Exile outs (see below), which are said to be very good
quality without surface noise.

Outtakes/diff. mixes '68-'73;100 min;  10.0 s;   "Time Trip" 1 and 2
An interesting yet frustrating set of CDs.  Some alternate takes of classic
songs, combined with alternate mixes of classic songs which barely sound
different.  Both CDs contain part of Montreux 5/72, see below.  Superb sound
quality plus material which was never available in the vinyl era, but
probably could have been edited down to 1 CD.

Rock & Roll Circus 12/12/68;  18 min;   8.0 m;   "R&R Circus"
Taken from the video soundtrack.  Good sound and a fairly good and
interesting performance, the last one with Brian.  The video is supposed to
be released late in 1996, but keep in mind there were rumors of its release
back in 1970.

Part 2:  The middle period with Mick Taylor

      After the forced exit of Brian, the Stones hired Mick Taylor as new
      lead guitarist.  His excellent playing made this lineup arguably the
      best for live performances.

      His first gig with them was a free concert in London's Hyde Park
      before several hundred thousand people.  Brian Jones had died 2 days
      earlier and the concert became a tribute to him.

Hyde Park 7/5/69;             85 min;   8.0 m;   "Stones in the Park"/others
First released on LP from an audience tape; later releases are from the movie
soundtrack and a WLIR FM documentary, with only "Down Home Girl" from the
audience tape.  The performance is sloppy but energetic.  This concert has
an unusual set list, partly due to Taylor's unfamiliarity with the band.

      The first actual tour with Mick Taylor was the fall/winter 1969 US
      Tour.  "Let It Bleed" was released at the end of the tour.  Toward the
      end of the tour the band did some recordings at Muscle Shoals, Alabama
      (partly documented on "Time Trip" above).  New York, Muscle Shoals,
      and Altamont are documented in the movie "Gimme Shelter." The official
      live album from this tour is the excellent "Get Yer Ya-Yas Out."  This
      tour established a pattern which would continue until 1982:  US tour
      every 3 years, with a European tour the following year.  There was no
      1979 European tour, but the New Barbarians toured that year.

      Typical set for 1969 US tour:  Jumping Jack Flash, Carol, Sympathy for
      the Devil, Stray Cat Blues, Love in Vain, Prodigal Son (not at all
      shows), You Gotta Move (not at all shows), Under My Thumb, Midnight
      Rambler, Live with Me, Little Queenie, Satisfaction, Honky Tonk Woman,
      Street Fighting Man.  Played infrequently:  I'm Free, Gimme Shelter. 
      Played only at Altamont:  The Sun is Shining (by Jimmy Reed), Brown

      Quite a few of these shows were recorded by fans in the audience. 
      These tapes vary from atrocious to excellent.  All of the good tapes
      have been made into LPs or CDs.

L.A. Forum 11/8/69 2nd show;                     "Lost Satanic Tour '69"/
Audience tape that did not circulate until 1992.  Hot show, Keith is on! 
Apparent PA problems make for a guitar dominated mix.  A rare German LP has
the entire show as does the Japanese "Born in a Crossfire Hurricane" CD,
which is made from a different source tape with Mick louder than the band.

Oakland 11/9/69 1st show;     70 min;   7.0 m;   "Bring It Back Aliver"
Another audience tape that did not circulate until relatively recently.  The
PA blows out early on; the replacement system is quiet which makes for a good
recording.  The show is average.  The rare "Liver Than They'll Ever Be" LP
and CD sound better than the more easily available title listed.

Oakland 11/9/69 2nd show;     70 min;   8.0 m;   "Liver Than You'll Ever Be"/
many others
The first Stones bootleg.  Many, many different releases on LP, now almost
the entire concert is on CD.  (The listed CD is not quite complete due to
tape flaws but there is a rare Japanese CD has the entire Oakland tape, with
flaws.)  Good audience recording for the time but Mick's voice is too loud. 
Average performance.  The LP, the first rock music bootleg with good sound,
caused a sensation back in 1970 and was even reviewed in Rolling Stone
magazine.  CDs sound about the same as the old LPs, without the scratches
which plague some pressings.  Coincidentally, a primitive incomplete
soundboard tape recorded by Bill Graham's people and broadcast on KSAN? in
1972? is available on a rare German LP which was dubbed onto the "Hangout"
CD.  The soundboard tape sounds much different but the overall quality is
similar.  An even better source for the broadcast soundboard tape is the
recordable CD "American Tour, 1969 Soundboard Compilation."

San Diego 11/10/69;           40 min;   8.0 m;   "Stoneaged"
Best 1969 recording though it's an audience tape, good even by modern
standards.  Decent performance, marred by the amazingly out of tune show-
closer Street Fighting Man.  The LP has been copied onto CD; the entire
performance is available on a rare Japanese CD.  Original LPs sound better
than any of the CDs.

Detroit 11/24/69;             70 min;   6.0 s;   "Live in Detroit"
Decent audience recording for 1969 but not good by modern standards.  First
released as the second ever Stones boot (also reviewed in Rolling Stone mag)
"We Didn't Really Get It on Until Detroit;" supposedly Mick said this meaning
it was the first really good show of the tour.  Now out on this CD, dubbed
from the very rare 2 LP set with minimal loss in quality but some dialogue
chopped out.  3 songs (where are the rest?) from a soundboard tape
(supposedly from a video) are available on a rare German LP and the
recordable CD "American Tour, 1969 Soundboard Compilation."

Baltimore 11/26/69;           60 min;   6.5 m;   "Baltimore 1969"
Decent audience tape of one of the best 1969 shows.  First available on the
"Devil's Disciple" LP, now the entire tape is on CD in better sound.  Love
in Vain on "Ya Yas" is from this show, not NYC as claimed.

MSG, NYC 11/27/69;            65 min;   7.0 m;   "Stoned-MSG"/others
This show was another early boot LP; the entire concert is now on CD, same
quality but without LP surface noise.  Above average audience tape, good
show.  Little of this seems to be on "Ya Yas" except the dialogue between
Jumping Jack Flash and Carol.

West Palm Beach, FL 11/30/69; 70 min;   6.5 m;   "Palm Beach 1969"/others
A good up front audience tape, marred by speed variations which start halfway
through.  This was a damp, chilly concert where the Stones didn't go on until
4 AM, and the guitars are frequently out of tune.  Still worth hearing.  This
Japanese CD is made from a very low generation tape, probably the best

Altamont Speedway 12/6/69;    82 min;   5.5 es;  "Altamont"
The infamous free concert.  A tape recorder is visible in the "Gimme Shelter"
movie; is this the tape?  The recording is flawed, very muffled at times, and
the drums are frequently inaudible.  Great concert highlighted by improvised
performances of Jimmy Reed's "The Sun is Shining" and the just-written "Brown
Sugar."  Even the comments from the crowd are interesting.  The entire
concert is on this Japanese 2CD set; there is also an incomplete Japanese
single CD which sounds considerably better but runs fast.  One song, "Gimme
Shelter," is available from a near perfect board tape on "A Shot of
Salvation" below.

"Gimme Shelter" soundtrack;   40 min;   9.5 s;   "There's No Angel Born in
Hell"/ others
There are several LPs and CDs made from the movie soundtrack. 
Unsurprisingly, those released after the movie became available on HiFi video
sound quite good.  Unlike "Ya Yas," these songs have minimal if any overdubs. 
Note that the video in the movie is spliced together from several shows and
does not always match the music.  The remastered video which was released in
1992? is virtually in mono but ca. 1989 CDs are stereo because they are made
from the earlier HiFi videos.  (Don't know if the recent "Gimme Shelter"
unauthorized CD is mono or stereo.)

Live & Studio '69-'74;        30 min;   8.5 s;   "A Shot of Salvation"
This was the first outtakes CD to break new ground compared to the vinyl era. 
It has outstanding to excellent sound and includes material never before
available, even on tape.  Rumor has it that this and some of the other
"Scorpio" and related CD are made from tapes sold at Sotheby's auction house,
which would certainly explain why the material is "new" to collectors.

      The next tour, Europe in the fall of 1970, was musically similar to
      the 1969 US tour except that a horn section was used for the first

      Typical set for 1970 European tour:  Jumping Jack Flash, Roll Over
      Beethoven, Sympathy for the Devil, Stray Cat Blues, Love in Vain,
      Prodigal Son, Dead Flowers, Midnight Rambler, Live with Me, Little
      Queenie, Let it Rock, Brown Sugar, Honky Tonk Woman, Street Fighting
      Man.  Played infrequently:  Gimme Shelter.

      Most of these shows are available as audience tapes.  As with 1969
      tapes, quality varies from atrocious to pretty good.  Almost all of
      the good tapes have been made into LPs or CDs.

Hamburg 9/14/70;              67 min;   6.5 m;   "Let it Rock"
Decent, well balanced audience tape.  The speed gets warbly toward the end. 
Good performance as are all 1970 shows.  This is a Japanese CD, may be hard
to get.  Also available on another rare Japanese CD, "Prodigal Sons Tour
Mother Europe," coupled with a poor recording from Copenhagen 9/12/70.

Berlin  9/16/70;              70 min;   7.0 m;   "Berlin 1970"/others
Above average audience tape but not great by modern standards.  Very good
performance before a wildly enthusiastic crowd.  Parts of the concert are
also available on LPs in pretty bad to comparable quality.  This is a hard
to get Japanese CD; it is also out on another Japanese label in presumably
the same quality.

Paris 9/22/70;                70 min;   5.5 m;   "Paris 1970" (FM
This tape comes from a French radio broadcast, but the sound isn't very good. 
Apparently the source tape came from a microphone held to the radio speaker. 
How times change.  The recording is certainly no better than an audience
tape, and the between song commentary is annoying.  This is a Japanese CD,
may be hard to get.

Paris 9/23/70;                60 min;   7.5 m;   "Some Like It Hot"/1 other
The only 1970 soundboard recording to date, and a primitive one at that which
surfaced in 1993.  This hard to get Japanese CD adds in the last 2 songs from
a radio broadcast; the first release ("Paris 1970") does not have them but
sounds slightly better.  Worth getting, it's another fine 1970 show with a
long "Brown Sugar."

Essen  10/07/70;              50 min;   7.0 m;   "European Tour 1970"
Another early boot, until the mid '80s this was the only easy to get 1970
show.  A very well recorded audience tape of a good concert.  The LPs have
been copied onto CD but the best source is the old Rubber Dubber 2 LP set.

      Before their contract with Decca expired, The Stones were required to
      record one more song.  Fed up with Decca, they recorded Cocksucker
      Blues, an obscene tale about a lonesome schoolboy.  Its unauthorized
      releases are frequently paired with a studio outtake of Brown Sugar
      featuring Eric Clapton on third guitar.

"CS Blues"/"Brown Sugar";     10 min;  10.0 s;   "CS Blues"/12"/7"
"CS Blues" is a cool song if you're not offended by the subject matter and
have a sense of humor about it.  Even Mick cracks up a little while singing. 
This "Brown Sugar" is interesting and has more of a funky/party feel than the
official version.  Both songs are usually available in extremely good

      The band did a farewell tour of England in March, 1971 before moving
      to France as tax exiles.  "Sticky Fingers" was released after this
      tour.  Let It Rock from Leeds 3/13 has been legally released in Europe
      on vinyl.

      Typical set for 1971 English tour:  Jumping Jack Flash, Live with Me,
      Dead Flowers, Stray Cat Blues, Love in Vain, Midnight Rambler, Bitch,
      Honky Tonk Woman, Satisfaction, Little Queenie, Brown Sugar, Street
      Fighting Man.  Played infrequently:  I Got the Blues, Let It Rock

      Only one audience tape from this tour exists other than the ones
      listed below.

Leeds, UK  3/13/71;           60 min;  10.0 m;   "Get Your Leeds Lungs Out"
Great recording from the BBC though in mono.  The first 2 songs are missing. 
Relatively laid back performance.  Available on numerous LPs and CDs but the
Swingin' Pig and Royal Sound releases are noticeably better than the older

London 3/14/71;               52 min;   6.5 m;   "London Roundhouse"
Mediocre audience recording on LP and copied to a Japanese CD.  Good
performance.  "More Music and Better Sound" LPs have "Prodigal Son," others

Marquee Club 3/26/71;         40 min;   8.0 m;   "Marquee 71 + Sticky Out"
TV broadcast with bad sound for a professional recording.  Fine performance
but it was touched up in the studio.  This is the only live version of "I Got
the Blues."  The enhanced original broadcast is available on several LPs but
the CD listed above is best.  The unenhanced performance, which was going to
be re-broadcast in 1992, is available on 2 different CDs; the better one is
the Japanese "The Lost Marquee Tapes 1971."

      "Exile on Main Street" was recorded in the basement of Keith's house
      in France.  Outtakes are available.

"Exile" outtakes;             35 min;   8.0 s;   "Tropical Disease"/others
Some interesting outtakes.  Good quality professional recordings but some
hiss; more songs and better quality on tape.  The "Abkco Masters" CD uses a
better tape source but unfortunately runs too fast; get it only if you have
a CD player with a pitch control.

      Rehearsing for the upcoming 1972 US tour, the Stones were filmed by
      the BBC.

Montreux rehearsals 5/21/72;  25 min;   9.0 m;   "Gather No Moss"
Also available on several LPs ("Bright Lights Big City" for one) and the Time
Trip CDs; this is fine quality and there are no duplicate songs as on Time

      The 1972 US tour in support of "Exile on Main Street" was sucessful
      both musically and financially.  Not one but two movies were made, the
      unreleased behind-the-scenes "Cocksucker Blues" and the concert
      documentary "Ladies and Gentlemen the Rolling Stones."  Several
      concerts were recorded for a double LP live album but it remains
      unreleased due to Decca withholding the rights to songs.

      Typical set for 1972 US tour:  Brown Sugar, Bitch, Rocks Off, Gimme
      Shelter, Happy, Tumbling Dice, Love in Vain, Sweet Virginia, You Can't
      Always Get What You Want, All Down the Line, Midnight Rambler, Bye Bye
      Johnny, Rip This Joint, Jumping Jack Flash, Street Fighting Man. 
      Played infrequently:  Loving Cup, Torn and Frayed, Ventilator Blues,
      Don't Lie to Me, Dead Flowers, Honky Tonk Woman (encore), Uptight/
      Satisfaction (encore).

      Many of these shows are available as audience tapes, with the quality
      ranging from atrocious to very good.  All of the good tapes have been
      made into LPs or CDs except for snippets here and there.

Vancouver 6/3/72;             85 min;   6.5 m;   "Vancouver 1972"
Decent audience recording.  First show of the tour and sloppy, but this is
the only live performance of several songs.  This Japanese CD is said to be
the better of at least 2 from this show.

Hollywood Palladium 6/9/72;   55 min;   6.5 m;   "Burning at the..."
Decent audience recording.  Very good show.  LP has been copied onto a rare
Japanese CD.

Dallas 6/23/72 reh.;         135 min;   7.5 s;   "Stones Touring Party"/
Apparent studio rehearsals, perhaps to get ready for the upcoming filming. 
Hard to say, because the material is fairly uninteresting jams with little
in common with the '72 set.  Mediocre mixing board recording with excessive

"Ladies & Gentlemen" sndtrk;  80 min;   8.5 s;   "Dragon Slayers"
This is the 1972 tour movie recorded in Fort Worth and Houston 6/24-25.  This
rare Japanese CD is quite good quality but not as good as what can be heard
in "25x5."  Earlier LPs, including "Dragon Slayers," are not as good as this

Washington, DC 7/4/72;        75 min;   6.5 s;   "Washington '72"
Japanese CD of an above average '72 recording.  Interesting filler, 3
soundboard songs from 3 different shows:  ADTL, Pittsburgh 7/22/72 in stereo;
MR Sydney 2/27/73; and SFM, unknown.

Charlotte, NC 7/6/72;         62 min;   7.0 s;   "Back to the Roots"/ others
Best audience recording of the '72 tour.  Missing the first 2 songs.  A rare
Japanese CD includes the incomplete second song.  Available on LPs since not
long after the concert, but the CDs are better and more complete.  However,
even the CDs are not as good as some tapes.

Philadelphia + Fort Worth;   170 min;   8.5 s;   "Philadelphia Special"(1 &
2)/ others
Some of the unreleased live album has come out on boots.  Legend has it these
versions of the recordings were first broadcast on either Radio Luxembourg
or WMMS Cleveland, but a more believable story is that 2 cassettes were sold
backstage during the 1975 tour by a Stones associate.  (Apparently the
cassettes were then played over the radio in Cleveland.)  These are fine raw
recordings that have not been properly mixed in the studio.  Best sources are
the pre-Swingin' Pig "Philadelphia Special" 2 LP set (b&w cover, 'RSGL 72'
written in dead wax) and the Swingin' Pig "Philadelphia Special 2."  All
other LPs and CDs are inferior; the Swingin' Pig "Philadelphia Special 1" is
overly NoNoised, and "Unreleased Decca Live Album" (should be Rolling Stones
Records, btw) is hissy.  Incidentally "PS2" includes a few songs from the
"Ladies and Gentlemen" soundtrack.  Why?

Fort Worth/Houston/Philly;    35 min;   9.0 m;   "Keep Your Motor Runnin'"
This LP is part of the finished mixes of the Lost Live Album, unfortunately
in mono.  These recordings are a little tinny but sharper than those above. 
This LP has been copied onto a recordable CD of the same name with a slight
loss in sound quality and may have been copied onto a Japanese CD but I am
not certain.

MSG, NYC 7/26/72;             45 min;   8.5 s;   "Welcome to New York"
Mick Jagger's 29th birthday was also the last concert of the '72 tour. 
Legend has it this stereo soundboard recording was stolen from the mixing
desk by 2 fans.  Some LPs ("Madison," "Tour '72") are in mono and only have
the "Mick Taylor" channel so Keith can barely be heard.  Swingin' Pig
releases are dubbed from old vinyl and drastically over NoNoised.  Best
source is old vinyl with 'RS 546 REI' written in the dead wax.  Good luck
finding a copy!  Next best is probably the later pressing with the '2815'
matrix; these are considerably easier to find.

      The next tour was to Australia with a few stops along the way.  The
      first stop was Los Angeles, where the Stones played a benefit concert
      for victims of the Nicaraguan earthquake.  Musically, this tour was
      similar to the '72 US tour, except the LA and Hawaii shows feature
      attempts at older songs such as Route 66 which don't work that well
      and are dropped for the Australian tour.

      Typical set for winter 1973 tour:  Brown Sugar, Bitch, Rocks Off,
      Gimme Shelter, Happy, Tumbling Dice, Love in Vain, Sweet Virginia, You
      Can't Always Get What You Want, Honky Tonk Woman, All Down the Line,
      Midnight Rambler, Little Queenie, Rip This Joint, Jumping Jack Flash,
      Street Fighting Man.  Played infrequently:  Route 66, It's All Over
      Now, No Expectations, Live with Me.

      There are several audience tapes from this tour not made into LPs or
      CDs.  None are that exciting quality wise.

LA Forum 1/18/73;             80 min;   6.5 m;   "Winter Tour 1973"
Mediocre audience tape with a couple rare songs.  The LPs have been copied
onto a Japanese CD which has the treble considerably boosted.  The scratches
sure are loud (!) but the music does sound better this way.  

Honolulu 1/21/73 1st show;    75 min;   7.5 s;   "1973 Tour in Hawaii"/
Above average audience recording.  Good performance.  Available incomplete
on LP, CD is complete, similar quality.  

Honolulu 1/21/73 2nd show;    83 min;   7.5 s;    "Tropical Windsongs"/others
Another above average recording, on several CDs in roughly the same quality
from a tape which surfaced in 1992; some are missing "Street Fighting Man"
due to the length of the show.

Melbourne 2/17/73;            73 min;   7.0 m;   "Temperature Rising"
Good up front audience recording with some speed fluctuations.  This tape did
not circulate before the CD was released.  Good performance.

Perth, Australia 2/24/73;     50 min;   9.0 s;   "Rocks Off"
A classic.  This stereo soundboard tape first turned up in 1987 on a German
LP and is now on several CDs.  Great recording and performance.  I think this
Swingin' Pig release is the best; it's a combination of the 2/24 show with
parts of the 2/26 show; there is no 2/24 2nd show as some boots claim.  It
sounds a little better than disc 1 of "Happy Birthday Nicky" below.

Sydney 2/26/73;               65 min;   8.5 s;   "Happy Birthday Nicky"
The CD may claim disc 2 is 2/24 2nd show, but there was no 2nd show that day;
it's actually Sydney 2/26.  This is another stereo soundboard recording
though not quite as good as 2/24; the tape has been copied a few more times. 
Avoid the Japanese "Winter Tour 1973" 2CD set if you ever see it; it's the
audience tape of the show.  At least it has the last 2 songs missing from the
soundboard tape.

Sydney 2/27/73;               65 min;   8.0 s;   "Wizards of O.Z."/3 others
This tape did not surface until 1993.  It's another stereo soundboard but not
as good as the 2 above.  The last show of the tour; Mick babbles at times. 
Another good performance.  This release is the best of the 4 CDs.  Note that
all of these Australian soundboard tapes are missing the last couple songs.

      To promote "Goats Head Soup" the Stones recorded 4 songs for Don
      Kirshner's TV show.

Don Kirshner TV 7/17/73;      20 min;   8.5 m;   "Beast of Eden"/others
I haven't heard this CD; they are also on the old "Angie" LP and of course
video too.  Unexciting to hear but kinda neat to watch.

      For the fall of 1973 there was a European tour in support of "Goats
      Head Soup."  Billy Preston replaced Nicky Hopkins as the keyboard
      player.  This would be the last tour with Mick Taylor.

      Typical set for 1973 European tour:  Brown Sugar, Gimme Shelter,
      Happy, Tumbling Dice, Star Star (deleted from KBFH broadcast), Angie,
      You Can't Always Get What You Want, Dancing with Mr. D, Heartbreaker
      (first half of tour only), Midnight Rambler, Honky Tonk Woman, All
      Down the Line, Rip This Joint, Jumping Jack Flash, Street Fighting
      Man.  Played infrequently:  Bitch, 100 Years Ago, Silver Train, Sweet

      Most of these shows are available as audience tapes.  Quality varies
      but most are mediocre.

Vienna 9/1/73;               100 min;   7.5 m;   "100 Years Ago"/ others
Very good audience tape for the time.  First show of the tour and there are
some mistakes but also some rare songs.  Available on several LPs and CDs;
this rare Japanese double CD combines the fairly common audience tape with
a lesser quality tape to make a complete concert.  It's still best to get
this from tape as they used the lesser tape for all of CD2; should have used
it for only the last 1.5 songs which the better tape doesn't have.

Various, Radio Luxembourg;    30 min;  10.0 m;   "A Shot of Salvation"
This is a combination of Newcastle 9/13 and London 9/9.  Great mono recording
and performance.  The rare Japanese CD "CS Blues" has the songs in the
correct order and with longer edits than "A Shot..." but sounds the same. 
Two versions of this broadcast exist.  The alternate version can be heard on
a rare German LP, a rare Japanese CD, and the "Gather No Moss" CD
(mislabelled as "Brussels"); it is not as good quality, but does include
"Midnight Rambler."

Birmingham 9/19/73;           70 min;   8.0 s;   "Birmingham Odeon 1973"
Very well done audience tape and good performance.  The Oh Boy CD is the best
of at least 2.

Bern 9/26/73 2nd show;        75 min;   6.5 s;   "Bern-1973"
Very clear audience tape reveals some sloppiness by the band.  Rare Japanese

Munich 9/28/73 2nd show;      75 min;   6.0 m;   "Olympia Hall 1973"
Rare Japanese CD, average recording.  I mention this CD mainly to note that
this is the true Munich recording; this date is sometimes given for the King
Biscuit broadcast (see below).

Hamburg 10/2/73 1st + Essen 10/10/73; 45 min; 7.0 s; "Jean Clarke
A fairly common LP from the '70s but not available on CD.  Good up front
recording.  "The Stars in the Sky..." LP is a copy of this.

Brussels 10/17 + London 9/9/73; 75 min; 9.5 s;   "Brussels Affair"/others
This is a very common show on many bootlegs from the time of its first
broadcast on the King Biscuit Flower Hour in Sep. 1974 until now.  All songs
are from Brussels except Happy, Gimme Shelter, Heartbreaker, and Street
Fighting Man are from London.  Old 2LP sets such as "Nasty Music" combined
this broadcast with 4 songs from the NYC 7/26/72 concert.  Later CDs have
confused things further, for example "Brussels Affair" uses a remixed
broadcast for the first 3 songs, which happens to use the Brussels versions
of Happy and Gimme Shelter.  Got it?  The absolute best sounding release of
this broadcast is the rare German LP "Europe '73;" the "Brussels Affair" CD
is dubbed from it after the first 3 songs.  The "Nasty Music/Sound"/"A Tour
de Force" LPs are almost as good; the classic "Bedspring Symphony" LP is
slightly below them but does have a hilarious introduction.  A recent 2 CD
set "Headin' for an Overload" reproduces the first 2 broadcasts from 1974
(note 1 disc exactly matches "Bedspring Symphony") in very nice quality, and
is nicely packaged, but the CDs overlap and neither is complete, so I still
recommend "Brussels Affair" as the best easily available CD.  ("Headin'..."
also includes a Dudley Moore/Peter Cook interview with MJ and CW about the
newly released album "It's Only Rock and Roll.")  The recent recordable CD-R
"La Bruxelles Complete" pieces together the Brussels concert from various
broadcasts; quality varies somewhat.

      Alternate mixes and outtakes from "Goat's Head Soup" and "It's Only
      Rock and Roll" have recently surfaced:

'73-'74 alt mixes/outtakes;   51 min;   9.5 s;   "Acetates"
Once again interesting material which was never circulating has turned up on
CD.  Really good quality with only slight distortion on a few songs, no
typical acetate crackles.  I prefer most of the alternate mixes to the
released versions, and the outtakes are pleasant enough.  The last few songs
are unimportant "mono mixes" which don't sound any different to my ears.

      To promote "It's Only Rock and Roll," the band again appeared on Don
      Kirshner's TV show.

Don Kirshner TV 7/74;         13 min;   8.0 m;   "Beast of Eden"
I believe this CD is the first unauthorized release of these songs; they are
fairly easily available on video.  The widely seen "It's Only R&R" video is
from this show, as are the less well known ultra camp "Till the Next Goodbye"
and "Ain't Too Proud to Beg."

Part 3:  The Ron Wood era:

      Just before the Stones were to go into the studio to record "Black and
      Blue," in December 1974, Mick Taylor quit.  Three different guest
      guitarists ended up on the album, and the band also jammed with Jeff

Outtakes '73-'79;             45 min;   9.5 s;   "Lonely at the Top"
A classic LP of studio outtakes which has also been copied onto CD; recent
CDs may be from tape source but I haven't heard them.  Great quality and
interesting material.  Most songs have Ron Wood but a few are with Mick

Studio reh. 1-4/75;           70 min;   7.5 s;   "Black and Blue Sessions"
Not so great quality CD of outtakes.  The source tape is fairly hissy. 
Moderately interesting with some extended songs; some songs are without final
overdubs.  This is a fairly rare Japanese CD; similar material is on a more
easily available CD and the "Reggae and Roll" LPs.

      For the summer of 1975 US tour, Ronnie Wood was the "guest" lead
      guitarist.  Although Black and Blue was mostly recorded before the
      tour, it was not released until after the tour was over.  The 1975 and
      1976 tours featured much longer sets than had been played in the past. 
      Billy Preston also performed two songs at each show.

      Typical set for 1975 US tour:  Honky Tonk Woman, All Down the Line, If
      You Can't Rock Me/ Get Off of My Cloud, Star Star, Gimme Shelter,
      Ain't Too Proud to Beg, You Gotta Move, You Can't Always Get What You
      Want, Happy, Tumbling Dice, It's Only Rock and Roll, Heartbreaker,
      Fingerprint File, Angie, Wild Horses, That's Life, Outta Space (both
      sung by Billy Preston), Brown Sugar, Midnight Rambler, Rip This Joint,
      Street Fighting Man, Jumping Jack Flash.  Played infrequently:  Rocks
      Off, Sure the One You Need,  Star Star, Gimme Shelter, Luxury, Dance
      Little Sister, Cherry Oh  Baby, Lady Jane (a capella by Mick),
      Sympathy for the Devil  (encore at about half the shows).

      Most 1975 shows are available as audience tapes.  In general audience
      tapes from this point on are noticeably better; the drums sound better
      in particular.

Baton Rouge, LA 6/1/75 1st show; 135 min; 7.0 s; "Cajun Queen's..."
Baton Rouge, LA 6/1/75 2nd show; 135 min; 7.0 s; "Whores in the Night"
The first 2 shows of the 1975 Tour of the Americas.  First available on LP
incomplete and in mediocre quality, these are both 3LP sets of the entire
concerts, made from good clear audience recordings.  One of these shows is
available as a Japanese CD "Baton Rouge '75."  Both shows seem a little
tentative but not bad.

Buffalo 6/15/75;              65 min;   7.5 s;   "Hot As Hell"
Soundboard recording.

NYC 6/27/75;                 150 min;   7.5 s;   "Welcome Back to NY"/others
Well recorded audience tape.  First available on LP back in the '70s ("Stereo
Baby"), this has been on several LPs and CDs, but these Japanese CDs are the
best so far.

LA Forum 7/11/75;            160 min;   7.5 m;   "Rockin' at the Forum"
Taken from the slightly famous "Hot As Hell" video except this is the
complete show.  Soundboard recording with excellent drum sound but the
guitars are too low.  Mediocre performance IMHO.

LA Forum 7/13/75;            140 min;   9.0 s;   "LA Forum 1975"/ others
An extremely good audience tape, even by modern standards.  This was recorded
by the people who released it on vinyl as the classic "1975 Tour of the
Americas" 3LP set.  Now out on CD in even better quality than the old LPs. 
This Japanese CD (IMP 026/7) is the only one with the entire concert; others
are incomplete.  Maybe it's just the recording, but IMHO these are mostly
better performances than sides 1, 2, and 4 of "Love You Live."

Cow Palace, SF 7/15/75;      120 min;   7.0 s;   "It's Only Rock & Roll"
Good audience tape.  This is a rare German 3 LP box set; also available on
a Japanese CD.

Detroit 7/28/75;              90 min;   7.5 m;   "Rock and Roll Goes on the
Road Again"
Soundboard recording though not the greatest.

      The 1976 European tour was musically similar to the 1975 US tour,
      except that songs from "Black and Blue" were played.

      Typical set for 1976 European tour:  Honky Tonk Woman, If You Can't
      Rock Me/ Get Off of My Cloud, Hand of Fate, Hey Negrita, Ain't Too
      Proud to Beg, Fool to Cry, Hot Stuff, Star Star, Angie, You Gotta
      Move, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Happy, Tumbling Dice,
      Nothing from Nothing, Outta Space (both sung by Billy Preston),
      Midnight Rambler, It's Only Rock and Roll, Brown Sugar, Midnight
      Rambler, Street Fighting Man, Jumping Jack Flash.  Played
      infrequently:  Rip This Joint, Cherry Oh Baby, Sympathy for the Devil. 
      Played at Knebworth only:  Satisfaction, Around and Around, Little Red
      Rooster, Stray Cat Blues, Let's Spend the Night Together, Dead
      Flowers, Route 66, Wild Horses, Honky Tonk Woman, Country Honk theme.

      Most shows are available as audience tapes.  For some reason there are
      also a fair number of soundboard tapes available.

Frankfurt 4/29/76;            45 min;   7.5 s;   "Frankfurt 1976"
Soundboard recording.  This Vigatone CD is better than any other LP or CD.

Paris 6/6/76;                100 min;   8.5 m;   "Paris Aux Printemps"
Soundboard recording.  Parts of this show are on "Love You Live."

Paris 6/7/76;                125 min;   7.0 m/8.5 s;"Vive La France", "Paris
Par Exc."
The entire concert is on the audience tape "Vive...," which has been dubbed
onto CD.  "Paris Par Exc." is an extremely good stereo soundboard recording
of the end of the show; I think this is out on a rare Japanese CD.  Good
performance; parts of this show are on "Love You Live."

Lyon 6/9/76;                  71 min;   8.0 s;   "Backstage Limited"
Soundboard recording.  This is a rare CD but I think this performance is
available on the more common "Les Inrockuptibles" (huh?).

Knebworth 8/21/76;            90 min;   8.5 s;   "Hot August Night"/others
One of the Stones longest concerts, definitely the longest of the '60s and
'70s, before a large crowd.  The Stones worked up a special expanded set list
for this show only.  Interesting performance, if only to hear the unusual
songs.  Many audience tape recorders were running, so was one at the
soundboard, plus there's a pro-shot video!  The audience tapes range from
lousy to fairly good.  Frustratingly, the soundboard recording is incomplete,
and the best version is on a rare German LP which also runs too fast. 
Neither of the 2 videos is close to complete either.  The only source for the
entire 2.5 hour show which isn't missing anything is a rare Japanese CD
apparently made from an audience tape; don't know the title but it's on the
Shaved Disc label.

      The Stones came to Toronto in early 1977 to record live at the El
      Mocambo Club.  Keith was arrested there for heroin possession, but
      recording took place and became side 3 of "Love You Live."

Toronto 3/4 & 3/5/77;         40 min;   8.5 s;   "Small Club Gig"
I don't have this CD, but have a rare German LP.  That is a combination of
a soundboard tape and 3 songs from an acetate, which were released on a fan
club disc.  Good performance.

      The next studio album was "Some Girls."  Outtakes are available.

Outtakes late '77;           100 min;   9.0 s;   "Paris Outtakes" I & II
This material is available on several LPs and possibly several CDs, but the
Vigatone set of 2 CDs is superior to anything else.  Very good recording and
some interesting alternate and outtakes.

Outtakes late '77;            __ min;   9.0 s;   "Some Girls Sessions"
This is a copy of a rare Japanese CD.  These songs are mostly studio jams
which I find very uninspiring.

      For the 1978 US tour, the band played most of "Some Girls" and dropped
      many older songs.  The sets were considerably shorter than the '75-'76
      sets.  Billy Preston was sacked; keyboardists Ian Stewart and Ian
      McLagan were featured prominently.  After the tour, the Stones
      appeared on Saturday Night Live; they are the only band to appear and
      play a three song set without interruption.

      Typical set for 1978 US tour:  Let It Rock, All Down the Line, Honky
      Tonk Woman, Star Star, When the Whip Comes Down, Lies, Miss You, Beast
      of Burden, Just My Imagination, Shattered, Respectable, Far Away Eyes,
      Love in Vain, Tumbling Dice, Happy, Sweet Little Sixteen, Brown Sugar,
      Jumping Jack Flash.  Played infrequently:  Hound Dog, Satisfaction,
      Street Fighting Man.

      Most if not all shows are available as audience tapes.  This tour was
      heavily bootlegged; about 75% of the tour dates are available on
      vinyl.  Most have decent but not great quality.  The listing below is
      rather short since the LPs are all long out of print and I don't
      collect them all.

Woodstock 5/78 reh.;         129 min;   8.5 s;   "1978 Tour Rehearsals"/
Very good soundboard quality.  This CD is copied from 2 rare LPs.  Oddly
enough they do a version of "CS Blues" which of course was not played during
the tour.

Passaic, NJ 6/14/78;          90 min;   9.0 s;   "Garden State 78"/others
Excellent stereo soundboard recording.  Probably the most well known boot of
the tour.  Legend has it the tape was stolen from the soundboard before the
show ended which explains why the end is missing.  Good performance except
the incomplete encore "Street Fighting Man" sounds completely unrehearsed;
it's terrible.  Original LPs sound better than any CD release; in fact The
Swingin' Pig "Out on Bail" appears to be dubbed from vinyl.

US radio '78 (various);       90 min;   9.5 s;   "A Summer Romance"/others
There are many, many releases of this material.  Modern CDs sound a little
better than the original LPs but usually don't have as many songs.  There are
several versions of the radio broadcasts from different cities (Houston,
Detroit, Memphis, and Lexington), so it is possible to get two different
versions of some songs such as "Shattered."

LA 8/78 outtakes;             93 min;   EX- s;   "One Night with Tallahassee
This is a copy of a rare Japanese CD "The Harder They Come," with extra
material added.  The LA material was never before available.

      Keith's sentence for heroin possession in Toronto was light:  Perform
      a benefit concert for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. 
      At the start of the New Barbarians tour in Toronto, the Stones made a
      surprise appearance.

Toronto 4/22/79 2nd show w/New Barbs; 100 min; 9.0 s; "Blind Date Revisited"
This used to be only available as an audience tape but a soundboard tape
turned up in 1995 and was put out by The Swingin' Pig.  John Belushi
introduces the band.  The performance can charitably (pun intended) be
described as "ragged;" the singing is mostly atrocious.

      "Emotional Rescue" outtakes are available.

"Emotional Rescue" outtakes;  67 min;   EX- s;   "Emotional Rescue Demos"
I don't have this CD, but these songs can be heard in quite good quality on
LP; the CD should be similar.

      As mentioned previously, the Stones broke from previous trends by not
      touring Europe in 1979.  The New Barbarians, with Keith and Ronnie,
      toured instead.  The next Stones tour was in the US, 1981, for "Tattoo
      You."  There was an official live album, "Still Life," and movie,
      "Let's Spend the Night Together."

      Typical set for 1981 US tour:  Under My Thumb, When the Whip Comes
      Down, Let's Spend the Night Together, Shattered, Neighbors, Black
      Limousine, Just My Imagination, 20 Flight Rock, Going to a Go Go, Let
      Me Go, Time is on My Side, Beast of Burden, Waiting on a Friend, Let
      It Bleed, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Little T&A, Tumbling
      Dice, She's So Cold, All Down the Line, Hang Fire, Star Star, Miss
      You, Start Me Up, Honky Tonk Woman, Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack Flash,
      Street Fighting Man (a few shows), and/or Satisfaction (most shows). 
      Played infrequently:  Tops, Down the Road Apiece, Mona, Star Star.

      Most if not all shows are available as audience tapes.  About two
      thirds of the tour dates are available on vinyl.  The listing below is
      rather short since the LPs are all long out of print and I don't
      collect them all.

USA '81 (various, FM);        90 min;   9.5 s;   "Time is on Our Side"/many
The various FM broadcasts are on many different LPs and CDs.  As with the '78
broadcasts, different versions of some songs are available.  The official
live album "Still Life" overlaps with these broadcasts.  Excellent quality
on almost all releases; some CDs are copied from old LPs.

Buffalo 9/27/81;             ___ min;            "Buffalo '81"
This is a Japanese CD, may be hard to get.  I quote: "This is a GREAT
audience recording... There is little crowd noise and it's nice and clear.
Also this neat gem contains the rare '81 tour track TOPS."

Seattle 10/15/81;            125 min;   8.5 s;   "Bloody Night in Seattle"
Raw recording from a pro-shot video, but I like it.  Good sound mix.  First
released as a rare CD on the Terappin (sic) label; this Japanese CD is a
little better.

Chicago 11/22/81 w/M. Waters; 35 min;   EX;      "Sweet Home Chicago"
The Stones pay tribute to one of their heroes by playing with him and other
Chicago blues stars in a small club.  Semi-professionally recorded and filmed
(the film has the wrong date).  Worth seeing, or settle for the audio.

Kansas City 12/1?/81;        145 min;   8.0 s;   "Together At Last" (partly
w/Mick Taylor on third guitar)
I think this is mostly a ripoff.  The Stones played 2 nights in KC and Taylor
joined them onstage for 1.  It sounds like most of the CD is from the night
he wasn't there, which sounds better.  Audience tape.  Not very interesting

Hampton, VA 12/18/81;        140 min;  10.0 s;   "Hampton '81"/many others
Pay-per-view cable special available on many different LPs and CDs.  Of
course videos also circulate.  Excellent recording, unsurprisingly.  I think
a few songs are on the official live album "Still Life."

      The next tour was the 1982 European tour, which was musically similar
      to the 1981 tour.

      Typical set for 1982 European tour:  Under My Thumb, When the Whip
      Comes Down, Let's Spend the Night Together, Shattered, Neighbors,
      Black Limousine, Just My Imagination, 20 Flight Rock, Going to a Go
      Go, Chantilly Lace (first part of tour), Let Me Go, Time is on My
      Side, Beast of Burden, Let It Bleed (first part of tour), You Can't
      Always Get What You Want, Little T&A, Tumbling Dice, She's So Cold,
      Hang Fire, Miss You, Honky Tonk Woman, Brown Sugar, Start Me Up,
      Jumping Jack Flash, Satisfaction.  Played infrequently:  Angie.

      About two thirds of the tour dates are available on vinyl.

Gothenburg, Sweden 6/19/82;  130 min;   8.0 m;   "One More Time"
Quite good audience recording.  Rare LP, copied as "Never Stop" which is now
out on CD.

Wembley, London 6/26/82;      45 min;   9.0 m;   "One Day in June"
Rare German LP made from a BBC video (never broadcast?).  Not on CD.  This
is apparently the show where Keith punches Ronnie for spacing out on stage. 
That's not on the video, but the start of "She's So Cold" is incredibly bad
and the entire concert is pretty lame.  Naturally this is a really good

Naples 7/17/82 + hotel/backstage; 102 min; EX s; "Shattered in Europe"
The concert portion of this is 76 min and said to be the on stage monitor
mix.  I haven't heard it but here's a typical enthusiastic Undercover review: 
"What a great recording and performance...  Keith is really on and at his
best.  The band sounds real raw and powerful with an energetic performance
that leaves Mick breathless much of the time.  Ronnie does some great solos
that complement Keith's rhythm and soloing."  The rehearsals are 26 min and
said to be extremely good quality.

      Due to tensions within the band, there was no touring again until

      Outtakes are available for "Dirty Work."

"Dirty Work" outs. 7-11/85;   69 min;   EX- s;   "Dirtiest Work"
This is also available on vinyl.

      After much speculation if there would ever be another tour, the Stones
      finally toured the US in 1989 in support of "Steel Wheels." For the
      first time, most of the live material was not from the new album. 
      Each concert was a look back on their long career, and they performed
      songs that had never been attempted live.  The band also used a much
      larger cast of supporting musicians than in the past. The Stones
      "toured" Japan in February 1990 by playing in Tokyo for about 10 days.

      Typical set for 1989 Steel Wheels US tour:  Start Me Up, Bitch, Sad
      Sad Sad, Undercover of the Night, Harlem Shuffle, Tumbling Dice, Miss
      You, Ruby Tuesday, Play with Fire, Rock and a Hard Place, Mixed
      Emotions, Honky Tonk Woman, Midnight Rambler, You Can't Always Get
      What You Want, Little Red Rooster (not at all shows), Before They Make
      Me Run or Can't Be Seen, Happy, Paint It Black, 2000 Light Years from
      Home, Sympathy for the Devil, Gimme Shelter, It's Only Rock and Roll,
      Brown Sugar, Satisfaction, Jumping Jack Flash. Played infrequently: 
      Shattered, Salt of the Earth, Dead Flowers, One Hit to the Body,
      Angie, Almost Hear You Sigh, Terrifying.

      Most shows are available as audience tapes.  The sophisticated sound
      system plus improvements in tape recorders and microphones means some
      audience recordings are very good indeed.

Toronto 9/3/89;              95? min;   EX   ;   "Live in Toronto"
Made from a pro-shot video.

Dallas 11/11/89;             145 min;   8.5 m;   "Texas Rangers"
Again, made from a pro-shot video.

Atlanta 11/21/89;            120 min;   EX   ;   "Back in Business"

LA 10/19/89;                            EX-  ;   "Mixed Emotions"

Atlantic City 12/19/89;      150 min;  10.0 s;   many CDs + videos
Widely available.

Tokyo 2/26/90;               140 min;  10.0 s;   "The Steel Wheels
Performances"/ others
Available on several LPs and CDs but not all are complete.  This is one of
a few which are.

      The 1990 Urban Jungle Tour was musically similar to the Steel Wheels
      tour.  Typical set for Urban Jungle Tour:  Start Me Up, Sad Sad Sad,
      Harlem Shuffle, Tumbling Dice, Miss You, Almost Hear You Sigh, Ruby
      Tuesday, Rock and a Hard Place, Mixed Emotions, Honky Tonk Woman,
      Midnight Rambler, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Can't Be Seen
      (3/4 of shows), or Before They Make Me Run (1/4 of shows), Happy,
      Paint It Black, 2000 Light Years from Home, Sympathy for the Devil,
      Street Fighting Man, Gimme Shelter, It's Only Rock and Roll, Brown
      Sugar, Jumping Jack Flash, Satisfaction.  Played infrequently: Bitch,
      Angie, Dead Flowers, Factory Girl, Blinded by Love, Terrifying, Little
      Red Rooster, I Just Wanna Make Love to You.

      Most shows are available as audience tapes.

Basel, Switz. 6/27/90;       145 min;   7.5 s;   "Basel '90"
Fairly good audience tape.

London 7/7/90;               135 min;  10.0 s;   "Seventh of July"
>From a BBC broadcast.  I find Chuck Leavell to be very annoying during
"Midnight Rambler."

      Outtakes from the Stones' next studio album "Voodoo Lounge" first
      turned up on a 4 CD set.

Voodoo Lounge outtakes 7&9/93?; ___ min; EX s;   "Voodoo Brew"
Quality is said to be outstanding, with nice packaging too.  Some people have
said they prefer these versions to the official release.  Some people have
also complained about the cover art.

Voodoo Lounge outtakes 7&9/93?; ___ min; EX s;   "Voodoo Stew"
The follow up to Voodoo Brew.  Quality is once again said to be outstanding. 
Some people prefer this to Voodoo Brew.

      In 1994 the Stones went on tour again, in support of "Voodoo Lounge." 
      This was their first tour after the departure of bass player Bill
      Wyman; his replacement Darryl Jones is not a permanent band member.

      Typical set list for Voodoo Lounge Tour:  Not Fade Away, *, Tumbling
      Dice, **, You Got Me Rockin', Shattered, Rocks Off, Sparks Will Fly,
      Satisfaction, Beast of Burden, ***, ^, Memory Motel or Wild Horses,
      ****, #, Miss You (not at first show), ##, ###, ####, @, @@, @@@, I Go
      Wild, Honky Tonk Woman, Before They Make Me Run or Happy,  The Worst,
      @@@@, Love Is Strong, Monkey Man, Street Fightin' Man (preceded "Brown
      Sugar" until beginning of September), It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, Start
      Me Up (followed "Monkey Man" until beginning of September), Brown
      Sugar, Jumpin' Jack Flash (encore).

      Sometimes played:
      *Undercover of the Night (first two DC shows only),
      **Live With Me,
      ***Out of Tears,
      ****No Expectations (Club gig and Cleveland 8/28 w/Lenny Kravitz),
      #All Down the Line,
      ##Hot Stuff (first DC show only),
      ###Can't Get Next to You,
      ####Brand New Car,
      @Sad Sad Sad (Toronto 8/19 only),
      @@It's All Over Now,
      @@@Heartbreaker (added Philadelphia 9/23),
      @@@@Sympathy for the Devil (added Las Vegas 10/14),
      ^Far Away Eyes (added San Antonio 11/5)

      Played only in Miami November 25:
      Live with Me (with Sheryl Crow), Stop Breaking Down (with Robert
      Cray), Who Do You Love (with Bo Diddley), acoustic set of Angie, Dead
      Flowers, and Sweet Virginia.  Several songs dropped for this show to
      make room for the special ones.

      Most if not all shows are available as audience tapes.

Toronto 7/19/94 club gig;     75 min;   7.5 m;   "Secret Gig"
Audience tape.  Not great by modern standards but listenable.  Missing the
first song, a rare Japanese double CD has it.

Washington, DC 8/1/94;       135 min;   8.5 s;   "First Night Stand"/others
State of the art audience recording.

Birmingham, AL 8/6/94;                           "Out For Blood"
Best audience recording from the '94 Tour according to the Fingerprint File.

Giants Stadium 8/14/94;                  EX m;   "Welcome to Voodoo Lounge"

Giants St. 8/14/94 (video);              EX s;   "Sparks Will Fly"

Giants Stadium 8/15/94;                  EX s;   "The Circus is Back in Town"

Toronto 8/19/94;                         VG s;   "Out for Blood"

Philadelphia 9/23/94;                    VG m;   "Honky Tonk Motel"

New Orleans 10/10/94;                    EX s;   "Voodoo Kiss"/others
Very muddy sounding radio broadcast.  This is on many, many CDs.  This was
remixed for an edited re-broadcast the first weekend in July, 1995, and
sounded much better; we'll see if that turns up on a CD.

Las Vegas 10/14&15/94;                  VG+ s;   "Voodoo Lounge Lizards"

Oakland 10/31/94;                        EX s;   "Voodoo at Halloween"/ at
least 1 other
Made from a pro-shot video.  This is the first non-broadcast pro-shot video
of this tour to become available.  Some releases are said to be better than
others but not sure which is the best.

Miami 11/25/94;                          EX s;   "Party Lounge"/others
Pay-per-view cable special and also a radio broadcast.  Much better sound
than the New Orleans broadcast.  CDs made from the radio broadcast lack
"Beast of Burden."

      After playing Vancouver, BC, December 18 (Keith's birthday), the North
      American Tour ended.

      The tour continues in 1995 with dates in Mexico, South America, South
      Africa, Japan, Australia, and Europe.

      Several 1995 set lists have been posted to Undercover, here they are:

      Rio, Feb. 4: Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice, You Got Me Rocking, It's
      All Over Now, Live With Me, Sparks Will Fly, Satisfaction, Out Of
      Tears, Angie, Midnight Rambler, Rock And A Hard Place, I Go Wild, Miss
      You, Introductions, Honky Tonk Women, Happy, The Worst, Sympathy For
      The D., Monkey Man, Street Fighting Man, Start Me Up, It's Only Rock'n
      Roll, Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack Flash

      Santiago, Chile Feb. 19:  Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice, You Got Me
      Rocking, Rocks Off, Rock And A Hard Place, Sparks Will Fly,
      Satisfaction, Angie, Out Of Tears, Love Is Strong, It's All Over Now,
      I Go Wild, Miss You, Honky Tonk Woman, Before They Make Me Run,
      Slipping Away, Sympathy For The Devil, Monkey Man, Street Fighting
      Man, Start Me Up, It's Only Rock and Roll, Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack
      Flash (encore)

      Johannesburg, South Africa, Feb. 25:  Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice,
      You Got Me Rocking, It's All Over Now, Live With Me, Sparks Will Fly,
      Satisfaction, Out Of Tears, Angie, Rock And A Hard Place, Midnight
      Rambler, I Go Wild, Miss You, Intros, Honky Tonk Women, Happy,
      Slipping Away (first performance), Sympathy For The Devil, Monkey Man,
      Street Fighting Man, Start Me Up, It's Only Rock'n Roll, Brown Sugar,
      Jumping Jack Flash

      Tokyo Dome, March 6, 8, 9, and 12:  Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice, You
      Got Me Rocking, Live With Me (March 6, 12) OR Shattered (March 8) OR
      All Down The Line (March 9), It's All Over Now (March 6) OR Rocks Off
      (March 8, 9, 12), Sparks Will Fly, Satisfaction, Angie (March 6, 12)
      OR Love In Vain (March 8) OR No Expectations (March 9), Sweet Virginia
      (March 6, 12) OR Dead Flowers (March 8) OR Let It Bleed (March 9), Doo
      Doo Doo (March 6) OR It's All Over Now (March 8) OR Rock and Hard
      Place (March 9, 12), Love Is Strong, I Go Wild, Miss You, Honky Tonk
      Women, Before They Make Me Run (March 6, 9, 12) OR Happy (March 8),
      Slipping Away (March 6, 8, 12) OR The Worst (March 9), Band
      Introduction in japanese, Sympathy For The Devil, Monkey Man, Street
      Fighting Man, Start Me Up, It's Only R'n'R, Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack
      Flash (encore)

      Western Springs, Auckland, NZ April 15:  Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice,
      You Got Me Rocking, Shattered, All Down The Line, Sparks Will Fly,
      Satisfaction, Beast of Burden, Angie (acoustic), Sweet Viginia
      (Acoustic), I Go Wild, Miss You, Honky Tonk Women, Before They Make Me
      Run, Slipping Away, Sympathy For The Devil, Gimme Shelter, Street
      Fighting Man, Start Me Up, It's Only R n R, Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack

      Amsterdam, Holland, May 27 (club gig):  Not Fade Away, It's All Over
      Now, Live with Me, Let It Bleed, Beast of Burden, Angie, Wild Horses,
      Sweet Virginia, Dead Flowers, Still a Fool, Down in the Bottom, Shine
      a Light, Like a Rolling Stone, Jump on Top of Me, Connection,
      introductions, Before They Make Me Run, Slipping Away, Monkey Man,
      Can't Get Next to You, All Down the Line, Rip This Joint, Respectable

      Nijmegen, Holland, June 13:  Not Fade Away, Tumbling Dice, You Got Me
      Rocking, It's All Over Now, Live With Me, Sparks Will Fly,
      Satisfaction, Beast Of Burden, Wild Horses, Like A Rolling Stone,
      Gimme Shelter, Rock And A Hard Place, I Go Wild, Miss You,
      Introductions, Honky Tonk Women, Before They Make Me Run, The Worst,
      Sympathy For The Devil, Street Fighting Man, Start Me Up, It's Only
      Rock 'n Roll, Brown Sugar, Jumping Jack Flash

      No doubt most of these shows are available as audience tapes.

Rio de Janeiro 2/4/95;       ___ min;    EX s;   "Bucketfull of Water" others
>From a TV broadcast.  The other release of this is apparently mono.

Buenos Aires 2/16/95;        140 min;    EX s;   "Sympathy for the Voodoo
This is said to be a soundboard tape, as opposed to a broadcast or audience

Johannesburg, S.A. 2/25/95;  ___ min;    EX s;   "Everything But The Cobra"
>From a TV broadcast, except "Rock and a Hard Place" is an audience recording
from 2/24.  Good sound mix on the broadcast but I haven't heard this CD.

Tokyo 3/12/95;               ___ min;    EX s;  numerous CDs
This was a pay per view TV broadcast so sound should be excellent on any
release.  I am told that some have a glitch at one point; sorry don't know
which ones.  This is also out as a legit 2 laser disc set and probably VHS
video as well.

Melbourne, Austr. 3/27/95;               VG  ;   "Keef Sings Slippin' Away"

Melbourne, Austr. 3/28/95;                       "Voodoo Rain Dance"
Best audience recording from the '95 Tour according to the Fingerprint File. 
"Keef Sings Happy" is inferior.

Amsterdam 5/27/95;                       ??? ;   "Marvelous Mickey Jaggero
and His Friends"/others
This is out on several CDs but all are recorded from the town square where
the concert was broadcast.  There's lots of singing along by the crowd.  Said
to be an excellent performance.  There is a very nice audience tape, probably
from the town square but with minimal crowd noise, which will apparently be
coming out very soon on a Japanese CD.

Stockholm 6/3/95;                       VG+  ;   "Voodoo, I Like It"
Also includes 1 song from Helsinki June 6 and 3 songs from a TV broadcast of
this show.

Nijmegen 6/13-14 + Landgraaf 6/18/95; ___ min; EX-;   "Voodoo Lounge Holland"
A 3CD Box of all songs played at these shows plus a 4th CD with the songs
from Rotterdam 8/29-30 not played in Nijmegen/Landgraaf, plus JJF.  Said to
be an audience "state of the art" recording.

Paris Olympia 7/3/95;        135 min;   8.5 s;   "French Made 95"/1 other
Great audience recording of one of the small venue shows.  Interesting song
selection and good performance.  This is a rare Japanese CD; there is a
cheaper and more easily available European CD but I don't know its name.

Brixton Academy 7/19/95;                         "Having A Laugh In Brixton"/
I haven't heard this but am told:  Another nice club gig with again a
different setlist from Paris/Amsterdam.  There are 2 other recordings of this
show (also different source?).

Lisbon, Portugal 7/24/95;                        "Da'Lapa Incident"
I quote:  "This is a strong and impressive stereo DAT audience recording...
They are playing well late in the tour, seemingly well greased, and enjoying
themselves... This is one of the better live Rolling Stones documents ever,
in spite of a noisy Portuguese crowd."

      The author acknowledges that every living member and ex member of the
      band has done some sort of solo project.  Keith's solo tours of 1988
      and 1992-93 have been heavily bootlegged, and Mick's tour of 1988 is
      also fairly well represented.  However, cataloging those releases is
      beyond the scope of this guide.  Plus, I don't collect that material.

Notes on collecting CDs:

      In the United States, every unauthorized release (not made by Virgin,
      London/Abkco, RSR, etc.) is considered a bootleg.  This is not always
      the case in other countries, particularly in Europe.  For example, the
      Swingin' Pig label was legal in Luxembourg due to their less
      restrictive copyright laws.  Similar situations have existed in
      Germany and Italy also.  These companies pay royalties which the
      artist may choose not to collect, and are completely legal, even
      though their CD may be mastered from an old bootleg record. 
      Unsurprisingly, the major record companies are not happy with these
      legal unauthorized releases (which are illegal once they leave their
      country of origin) and are trying to unify the copyright laws.

      The overseas copyright laws seem to be ever-changing.  If anyone knows
      what's going on with the copyright/legality situation in Europe or
      anywhere else, feel free to post the information to Undercover.  Of
      course there are plenty of "underground" companies which don't worry
      about legality.

      General comments on CD companies/labels:

      The Swingin' Pig is generally good.  Most of their CDs were mastered
      from tapes, unlike some companies which use old records, and they
      generally use the best available tape for a particular show.  On the
      downside, they sometimes overdo the noise reduction, which makes the
      music sound bassy and compressed.  They are still in business, and
      released the best CD so far of the first show of the '94 tour.

      Scorpio and related labels such as Gold Standard are also good. 
      Unlike most labels, they have actually put out "new" material.  They
      still aren't above dubbing some tracks off old records here and there.

      Yellow Dog, famed for their Beatles and other releases, has finally
      released a 3 CD set of early outtakes in good quality.

      The Vigatone label has produced only a few Stones CDs but they are all
      excellent, from tapes.  The Chameleon or "Chamelion" label is also

      Invasion Unlimited has produced a series of studio outtakes CD.  All
      of the material appears to be copied from other releases so there's
      nothing new, but the CDs are compiled logically and might be worth
      getting if you are starting collecting and missed the original

      "Terappin" or Terrapin label CDs are very hard to come by but are
      mostly rare material in decent to good quality.

      Japanese CDs on labels such as Digger Productions, Hot Lips Records,
      Idol Mind, Stone Crazy, and especially Vinyl Gang Productions are
      generally hard to come by in the US but often have rare material. The
      quality of these varies but is generally as good as what tape traders
      have.  For most of 1993-1994, it seemed Japanese labels were the only
      ones putting out previously unreleased material, even material which
      was not in tape trading circles.  They seem to have run low on old
      rare material by now, but that hasn't stopped them from putting out
      CDs.  They are releasing any halfway decent tape they can get their
      hands on, from bad quality early recordings with Brian to 1981
      audience tapes to audience recordings of the 1995 Japanese shows.


Basement News fanzines.  Rodgau, Germany:  Dieter Hoffmann

Heylin, Clinton.  The Great White Wonders:  London, England:  Penguin, 1994.

Hoffmann, Dieter.  Das Rolling Stones Schwarzbuch (Black Book). Vaihingen,
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Hoffmann, Dieter.  Rolling Stones--Das Weissbuch (White Book). Winsen,
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Live! Music Review, December 1993.

Musician magazine, September 1994.

No Expectations fanzine. No. 9, January, 1992.  Lerdala, Sweden: Mats Jarl

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Dortmund, Germany:  Stember, 1984.

Zentgraf, Nico.  Collector's Delight or Collector's Disease? 
Berlin, Germany: Zentgraf, 1992.

                                Part Three

                 The Rolling Stones--A Bibliography

         Originally prepared and maintained by: Stephen D. Carter
         [NOTE: please see the end of this document for a 
                copy of a note supplied by Stephen Carter with 
                the December 1995 issue of this bibliography]

         The Rolling Stones, unlike the Beatles seem to have had
         few even half-decent authors or publishers produce books
         about them.  The majority of the books on this list are,
         frankly, not too good.  A few (Stone Alone, etc) are

         Read this list, and the books, with low expectations!

         This list has been constructed with help from many people.
         Among them are : Tony Rzepela, Bruce Dumes, Angi
         and several others who, if they email me will be duly
         credited! Also Jim Henning, Stephen Weinberg, David Wedig,
         Andy Meuck, Ed Fronczkowiski, Steve Portigal,  John
         O'Sullivan, Dave Heller.

         Like the Stones, Stephen's a Brit, so are most of the ISBN's.


         Citations list author, title, year, and finally, ISBN.

         The author, the Stones and the ISBN's are all British.  :-)

	 ...and Mick, I know you'll see this, so if you ever feel
	 like popping in to autograph any of my stuff, there's no need
	 to ring ahead.  


ed. Bill Buford      
 84 0140075658
         Granta is a quarterly book/magazine of 'New English Writing'
         Issue 12 consists largely of an extensive extract from
         Stanley Booth's "True Adventures of the Rolling Stones".

ed. David Dalton     
 The Rolling Stones : The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band in the World
 75 0352300922
         Quite an early and well written account of the band.  It
         does not attempt to be a 'biography, but is collection of
         essays/accounts on various aspects.  As such it succeeds.

         (Reissued with updates in 1979)          

ed. Johnny Dean      
 Record Collector
         Monthly magazine from the original publishers of both the
         Beatles and Rolling Stones Monthly Magazines.  The issues
         that have special features are worth getting.

         Each issue has an 'artists' directory that is up-to-date
         with the right issues to get for your favourite artists.

         43/45 St Mary's Road, Ealing, London, W5 5RQ.  UK

ed. Johnny Dean      
 The Rolling Stones Book
         Date unclear, but precedes the Rolling Stones Monthly from
         the same publishers.  Nice photos - a real period piece.
         Even has a bit about 'The Official Rolling Stones Fan Club'
         93/97 Regent St.  Now, whatever became of that!?

ed. Nicholas Drake   
 The Sixties : A Decade in Vogue          
 88 1871307260
         Vogue magazine has always been noted for the quality of its
         photo's.  Any collation of its Sixties photo's will
         therefore be both excellent and will contain several shots
         of the Fabs, the Stones and their chums. 
         Will not disappoint.  Will re-stress the astonishing changes
         in style (etc) that took place during those turbulent

ed. Jonathan Eisen   
 Altamont - The Forgotten Festival : Death of Innocence ...
         272 page paperback.  A collection of articles, interviews
         pictures about Altamont.  Relic of a bygone era and quite
         worth the read. (SW)

ed. Pete Goodman     
 Our Own Story by The Rolling Stones      
         Wonderful period piece that asserts it is 'as we told it to
         Pete Goodman'.

         Written for mass consumption at the start of the band's

ed. Nigel Grant      
 A Pixerama Foldbook of the Rolling Stones
         A very early period piece - 12 small photo's of the band
         in a concertina fold out style.  The text is superbly dated,
         and very wrong in places.  'The lads got their name for the
         group from a Chuck Berry song 'The Rolling Stones''.

         Buy it if you ever see it.

ed. Mick Jagger      
 The Rolling Stones Monthly Book          
         Short lived (30 issues) monthly 'Official Rolling Stones
         Book edited by the Stones for their Fans' from the same
         stable as the still running Beatles Monthly.

         Despite the fact that it is mostly the product of the
         imagination of a press/publicity crew it is worth getting
         if you ever (unlikely) see it.  Re-issue long overdue.

ed. Joyce Robins     
 The Sixties : The Style : The Sounds : The Stars
 84 0862731895
         A 64 page rush through the music of the turbulent 60's.
         Produced by Marks & Spencer, so quality is good.  Nothing
         profound, only a bit on the Stones.      

ed. Robert Love      
 The Best of Rolling Stone
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         A compilation of a selection of the best articles from the

         Robert Greenfield gets an article about the Stones.  Worth
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ed. Dr Andreas Papadakis
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ed. Rolling Stone    
 The Rolling Stones
         A compilation of the main features on the Stones from
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ed. Brian Roylance (& Bill Wyman)
 Blinds and Shutters : The Photographs of Michael Cooper
 90 0904351378 Genesis    
         A distressingly beautiful book, full of upsettingly unique
         photos at a heart-stopping price.        

         Cooper was the 'court' photographer to the Beatles (he did
         the Sgt. Pepper cover photo) and the Stones (Satanic
         Majesties) and others.  As such these photos are unique.


ed. Jack Scott, Nick Logan
 Greatest Hits : Very Best of NME         
 74 1850371473
         A selection of the best interviews from NME.  Good interview
         with Mick - Roy Carr interviewer.        

ed. Sue Weeks        
 Creative Technology - August 1995        
 95            Haymarket  
         Magazine for hard-core Art techno-freaks...

         This issue has loads on how the computer animated
         spikey Tongue was done for the 1994/5 Voodoo Lounge Tours

 The Rolling Stones : 24 Posters          
 83 0862830605
         24 nicely printed pictures (not posters) from the 81 Tour.
         No text.  Marginal value.

 The Rolling Stones Complete
 1981 0860017611
         Collection of words and music to all original Stones
         compositions released from 1963 through 1980.  Separate
         complete lyrics section, and a UK discography through 1980.

         Over 70 photo's, up to and including 1978

 Rolling Stones Stripped: A Trip through the Voodoo Lounge Tour 1994-1995
 1995 1873884419
         Glorified post-tour programme, but with excellent and exciting
         photography from the tour. A few minor itinerary mistakes, but 
         lots of interesting interview snippets (largely 
         taken from Westwood One radio network broadcasts), and respectable
         (if uncompelling) prose which steers clear of the self-absorption 
         that has marred other print documentaries of the Stones on the road.

Felix Aeppli         
 Heart of Stone : The Definitive Rolling Stones Discography
 85 0876501927
         Well indexed and and as thoroughly researched as a book
         without 'official' backing could be.  Although it is
         extensive and thorough, sources close to the band dismiss
         this book as dreadfully inaccurate.      

         An obvious need exists for an authorized version.

Mandy Aftel          
 Death of a Rolling Stone : The Brian Jones Story
 82 0283989459
         Reasonably good biography of the life and death of Brian.
         Good photo's, and research are spoiled by the author's
         largely uncritical approach to Brian.    

John Aldridge        
 Satisfaction : The Story of Mick Jagger  
 84 0862761352
         Very good book about the history of the Rolling Stones, plus
         an analysis of the personality of Jagger, explaining how he
         has managed to resolve so many contradictions in his
         character that in the end there seemed to be no
         contradiction (from blurb)

         Great Pix, plus discography.

Christopher Andersen 
 Jagger Unauthorised
 93 0671712098
         Only go for this one if you are a terminal
         completist.  Not the best book in the booklist

Robert Armstrong     
 Rolling Stones
 83 089813109X
         This 31 page children's book provides an overview of the
         Stones' history, their early chart success, the death of
         Brian Jones, the big tours in the early 80's, Tattoo You,
         and so on. 

         Mentions drugs, but not Mars bars.  (SP) 

Atalanta Press       
 The Rolling Stones : Poster Book         
 89 1870049225
         Large format, well printed book of 20 pullout posters.
         Pretty.  For complete-ists only.         

Stephen Barnard      
 The Rolling Stones : Street Fighting Years
 1993 1851708626
         Excellent book.  Despite being so big that it is hernia
         inducing.  Superb photo selection, reproduced with great
         clarity.  The text (not matching the photo's) should be
         read as a series of essays (with flaws).  Photo's arranged
         (seemingly) randomly - but some great ones!

         Grab this book!

Jo Bergman
 The Rolling Stones Blue Book
 ??            ?          
         Jo Bergman's chronology (for the press?) of the Stones
         from 1963 to 1969.  Nice & unusual photo's, even if
         everything is printed in a tasteful blue.

         All text appears in English, French, German & Italian.

Victor Bockris       
 Keith Richards : The Biography
 92 0091743974
         In a field where few serious biographies exist, any gallant
         attempt should be welcomed. But..        

         This book suffers from poor editing, from the (bizarre IMHO)
         view that much of the success of the Stones stems from the
         homo-erotic relationship of Jagger/Richards/Jones.  Later
         parts read as slick cuttings jobs.  I'm glad my copy was a
         half price remainder!

Massimo Bonanno      
 The Rolling Stones Chronicle : The first thirty years
 90 0859651355
         Chronologically arranged list of hi-lights and low spots
         from the first 30 years.

         Nice photo's, but the number of entries ensures a generally
         shallow approach.  The early years (62/3) are better than
         most books - but still flawed. (Ed. note: an updated version 
         closing at the end of the 1995 tour, instead of 1990, 
         was published in the UK. No US issue as of this writing.)

Stanley Booth        
 Dance With The Devil
 84 0394534883
         US version of 'True Adventures'          

Stanley Booth        
 Keith : Till I Roll Over Dead
 94 0747207704
         Unlike 'True Adventures' which is one of the best & most
         readable books about the Stones, this book is hard going
         at times.  A great disappointment, and few insights into the

         Personal gripe.  Much transcribed verbatim from Keith's odd
         speaking style - fun once, tedious after 50 pages!

Stanley Booth        
 The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones
 85 0434081000
         In 1969 Stanley Booth was granted the rights to put together
         a book about the Stones.  16 years later it came out.  An
         entertaining read, full of racy tales and the like - both
         from the Stones and from the author.     

         How much is true?  Who cares!

         (Extract first published in Granta)      

Marie Cahill         
 The Rolling Stones - A Pictoral History  
 90 1856270351
         Extremely well written, not deep, but complete.  Almost
         entirely accurate, carefully and lovingly composed to
         accommodate the format as best it can.  First class

         Honest effort to gain an interesting captivating mix of
         stock images  and the unfamiliar         

Roy Carr
 The Rolling Stones : An Illustrated Record
 76 0517526417
         Well researched and illustrated retrospective.  Some good
         stuff from the very early years (62/63). 

Terry Carty          
 Tumbling Dice
         1991 UK based attempt to get a fanzine off the ground. After
         7 issues (as of Sept '93) it is too early to judge.

         Enthusiastic and deserving of support.   

         Tumbling Dice, 9 Collingwood Close, Westgate on Sea,
         Kent CT8 8JD  UK

Teresa Celsi         
 The Rolling Stones
 1994 0836230981
         Slim & small (8cm x 10cm, hardback) Stones entry in 
         yet another novelty gift-book series. Chronology 
         stops in 1993, and the discography doesn't even pretend
         to be complete.

         Prose stylish, highlighted quotes well-chosen, photos
         wonderful. But small. Really small. (AR)

Barbara Charone      
 Keith Richards
 79 0708816584
         Quite a well researched biography about one half of the
         Glimmer Twins.  Too uncritical to be of real value.  Access
         to Keith assured some unusual photo's.   

         Updated 1982 version in US.

Alan Clayson         
 Call Up The Groups : The Golden Age of British Beat 62-67
 85 0713715537 Blandford Press
         Catches the development of British pop at the moment the
         Beatles were up and coming, follows the careers of the
         well-known and little-known Beat groups of the First Wave

Ray Connolly         
 Stardust Memories
 83 0907516300
         A compilation of articles previously published in the
         Evening Standard.

         Great articles, great background to The Sixties.  Only does
         2 Beatles - Paul & Ringo, and 2 Stones - Mick & Charlie.

Michael Cooper & Terry Southern
 The Early Stones : Legendary photographs of a band in the ma
 93 0436201372
         A book of Michael Cooper's photo's, with a foreword (and
         comments by Keef) could hardly fail.  This one nearly does.

         Illegible text, poor printing of ace photo's, and even some
         mistakes (P157=questionable).

         However, this is an essential book!      

Gus Coral (& David Hinckley & D Rodman)
 The Rolling Stones : Black & White Blues, 1963
 95 1570361509
         Excellent book of Coral's photos of a date on the 1963 tour
         and of the Stones recording 'I Wanna Be Your Man'.

         Although the text drifts off the point from time to time,
         the photo's are SO GOOD that this book is an absolute

David Dalton         
 The Rolling Stones : The First Twenty Years
 81 0500272611
         Well researched, well produced and illustrated retrospective
         on the Stones.

         Time for an update - the First Thirty Years?

David Dalton         
 The Rolling Stones - An Unauthorized Biography in Words, ...
 72 0825626692
         This is Dalton's first book on The Stones, which he has
         revised several times.  It is loaded with outstanding
         pictures and the text is good.

         Difficult to find.  Worth grabbing.  Thanks to DH for
         finding my copy!  Excellent early-ish book. (DH)

David Dalton & Mick Farren
 Rolling Stones in their own Words        
 80 0860015416
         One of an extensive series of similar volumes.  Well
         presented collection of quotes - sorted by topic.  Nice
         photo's.  Being quotes it steers clear of the risk of
         bad research!

         (Reissued with some updates in 1985)     

Mary Laverne Dimmick 
 The Rolling Stones - An Annotated Bibliography
 79 0822933845
         Just what it says, she adds her knowledgable comments about
         the books (etc) listed.  Much less complete than
         'Yesterday's Papers' but more user friendly. (DH)

Tim Dowley
 The Rolling Stones
 83 0882547348
         There are better books on the list.      

Martin Elliott       
 The Rolling Stones Complete Recording Sessions
 90 0713721189
         Any book claiming to be 'complete' that is produced without
         access to either the Stones' own sources,  or even Alan
         Klein's, is doomed.  A brave attempt, but flawed.

         Simply demonstrates the need for an authorized version.

Richard Elman        
 Uptight With The Stones
         Short book which documents a small part of their 1972 US
         Tour.  Elman is a good writer but doesn't know that much
         about The Stones.  Extremely difficult to find. DH.

Marianne Faithfull (with David Dalton)
 94 0718136586
         A far better book that I was expecting.  She tells about
         her life & times, not just with the Stones, but before
         and after. 

         Interesting, far from being a superficial kiss-and-tell, and
         worth getting.

         Even debunks the Mars Bar story!         

Nicholas Fitzgerald  
 Brian Jones : The Inside Story of the original Rolling Stone
 85 0399130616
         Personal memoire of Swingin' Sixties hanger on to Brian's
         entourage. Vivid portraits of whirlwind escapades in
         Paris, London etc.  Fascinating stuff about life on the

         Despite failings, valuable.  AR.         

Paul Flattery        
 The Illustrated History of Pop
         An excellent treatment of 1950's-1960's British Pop.  Out of
         print since mid-70's, but if you find it (Wise Publishers,
         England) you'll learn all about Dickie Valentine, Adam
         Faith, Helen Shapiro, Cliff Richards, and all the British
         stars whose careers were permanently derailed by the
         Fab Four.  

Chet Flippo          
 It's Only Rock and Roll : My On The Road Adventures with the
                           Rolling Stones
 85 0312038518
         Long account of Chet's years on the road thru 75, 78 and 79
         with the Stones.  Worthwhile thoughts on the Stones - at
         times thought-provoking, at times funny, as well as accurate
         reportage of life in the big league.     

         Enjoyable and recommended.  Strangely never available in the

Pete Frame
 Rock Family Trees
 79 0860014142
         This book, an essential part of any book collection, charts
         the evolution of various groups.         

         The Stones are shown linked to the Pretty Things (by Dick
         Taylor) and tenuously to The Kinks.      

         Little on the Beatles.

Pete Frame
 Rock Gazetteer of Great Britain          
 89 0950540263
         Essential reading for any serious student of UK rock music,
         which of course dominates the world.  Lots of short (often
         witty) paragraphs about rock's famous places the length and
         breadth of the land.

         Could do with an index though!

David Fricke & Robert Sandall
 Rolling Stones : Images of the World Tour 1989-90
 90 1852830816
         This 'official' photographic record of the tour is very
         disappointing.  The unique access by chosen photographers
         could have and should have produced a better (in every way)

         The photos should all have been dated and the location

Tony Gale & Andy Neil
 The Rolling Stones : Olympic Recording Sessions June 1968
 94 187388413X
         A slim book of photo's the 1968 One Plus One

         Overpriced, but still nice as the photos seem to capture
         an atmosphere.

Bill German          
 Beggars Banquet
         A semi-official monthly newsletter about the Stones.  Bill
         German has good access to Ronnie.  Worth subscribing.

         Beggars Banquet, PO Box 6152, New York, NY 10128

Geoffrey Giuliano & Cris Eborn
 Not Fade Away : The Rolling Stones Collection
 92 1850282161
         An abolutely SUPERB book full of SUPERB illustrations of
         what is (I guess) the second Best Stones Collection - Chris
         Wonderful printing, well composed, incredible value.
         Let down rather by the text - apart from the captions.

John Glatt
 Rage & Roll : Bill Graham & The Selling of Rock
 1993 1559722053
         Bill Graham was allegedly caught pocketing a *lot* of
         money from the Stones' till on the '81 US tour.          
         Based in part on an included interview with Wyman, 
         this bio of Graham explores the tale and its 
         ramifications, among other topics, like a bio of
         the man who created the big rock concert industry 
         as we know it today. Frequent Stones references/anecdotes

Nigel Goodall        
 Jump Up : The Rise of the Rolling Stones : The first 10 Yrs
 95 1898141088
         The text does not add a great deal to the body of knowledge
         about the Stones.

         The pictures are well selected and printed.

         But, Nigel Goodall should stick to his books on Cliff

Robert Greenfield    
 S T P : A Journey through America with the Rolling Stones
 74 0841503230
         Very famous book about the 1972 US Tour.  Well written by
         an 'insider'.  How did those boys survive!?

Andre Hagedorn       
 It's Only Rock'n'Roll : The Rolling Stones : Dates & Facts
 90 3927801089
         A German book of dates and facts about the Rolling Stones.

         Cheap printing, nice photo's - but I've not got a clue
         about the text.....  :-)

Jerry Hall (with Christopher Hemphill)
 Jerry Halls' Tall tales
 1985 067150911X
         222 page paperback  - Jerry's autobiography. What you would
         expect.  Lots of inside stuff & photo's.  Good for those
         who like gossip. SW

James Hector
 The Complete Guide to the Music of the Rolling Stones
 1995 0711943036
         One of a series of CD-sized books, this Stones entry 
         intelligently discusses their recorded history, and 
         includes coverage of important issues like flipsides 
         and CD re-releases.  Hector can be overcritical, and 
         tends to take mediocre records personally, but he 
         is well-informed and intelligent, which makes the 
         reading a pleasure.  The pictures are good, and with 
         very few exceptions, each and every track the Stones 
         officially released gets a conmment or two. An alphabetical 
         index of song titles is included. [AR]

Gary Herman          
 Rock'n'Roll Babylon
 82 0859650413
         Compulsive reading about the seamier side of the life (and
         death) the Rock Greats.

         Not surprisingly the Stones pop up regularly.

Tim Hewat
 Rolling Stones File
         Apparently this is in part the proceedings against
         The Glimmer Twins from the West Sussex Quarter Sessions
         June 27/28/29 1967.  JH.

Clinton Heylin       
 The Great White Wonders : A History of Rock Bootlegs
 95 014023285O Penguin    
         An accessible history of Rock Bootlegs, starting with the
         first (Dylan) and the second (Stones) - taking a level
         headed look at the (let's face it) illegal industry from
         a range of angles. USA Version - Bootleg: The Secret History
         of The Other Recording Industry.         
         If you are serious about Rock, collect Bootlegs, then this
         for you.   

Mark Hodginson       
 Marianne Faithfull : As Tears Go By      
 91 0711924015
         An appreciatively critical, not fawning, well written book
         that sets a good standard for others to match.  Not having
         any 'official' approval is both a weakness, and a strength.

         Whatever the flaws, I wish that more Rock Biographies were
         to this high standard.

Dezo Hoffman         
 The Rolling Stones
 ?? 009158311x
         Dezo was a staff photographer with Record Mirror and his
         first assignment to cover the Stones is re-printed  here
         - dated May 1963.

         An excellent book of first class photos from 1963 to the
         early 70's.

Dieter Hoffman       
 Rolling Stones - Das Schwarzbuch         
 87 3926886005
         The Black Book - bootleg discography with pictures, quality
         ratings etc.  About 600 are listed.  Much, much better than
         Hot Wacks.  DH.

Dieter Hoffman       
 Rolling Stones - Das Weissbuch
 91 3980248940
         Totally amazing detailed catalogue of Stones (legal)
         releases.  UK, US, Germany, 7, LP, CD.  You name it, it's
         there!  Includes song index.  Expensive (99 DM) but well
         worth it for the serious collectors.  (See also Das
         Schwartzbuch by ther same author)        

A E Hotchner         
 Blown Away : The Rolling Stones and the Death of the Sixties
 90 0671693166
         Less than readable account that draws upon interviews with
         everyone except the Stones.  Interview extract pasted
         together out of context results in a book with little value.

         One nice photo.

William Hughes       
         Book of the film.  Almost.

Marsha Hunt          
 Real Life  
 86 0701130261
         Marsha describes life growing up in USA and then her move
         to London, run ins with Mayall, Mick Taylor, Elton John,
         being a cebrity, and then Jagger.        

         Many dropped names, not huge Stones content, but picture
         of Jagger better than most on offer. SP  

Laura Jackson        
 Golden Stone : The Untold Life & Death of Brian Jones
 94 185685067X
         Hardly untold.  Yet another telling of a familiar tale.

         The promised revelation of the identity of Jones' (alleged)
         killer comes 200 pages into the 228 pages of text.

         Only for completeists.

Tony Jasper          
 The Rolling Stones
 76 0706405498
         Cuttings job.  Nicely printed selection of photo's.

Philip Kamin & Peter Goddard
 The Rolling Stones : The Last Tour       
 82 0825301181
         Longish text for little reward. Often pretentious.
         Excellent photo's, although the captions are sometimes

James Karnbach & Philip Kamin
 The Rolling Stones : The Last Tour       
 83 0283989807 Sidgwick & Jackson
         Written by long time Stones authority James Karnbach,
         exciting coverage of shows, many pages of photo's, and
         finally an interview with Ronnie.        

         Plus a breakdown of the performance history of each song
         in the '82 set list.

         (May have appeared in USA as .... In Europe)

Hilary Kay
 Rock'n'Roll Collectables
 92 185510069X
         Coffee table sized book that draws on Hilary's position as
         THE inventor of the famous Sotheby's memorabilia auctions.
         Some excellent photo's - including one of the alternative
         Pepper drumskin - described as 'in a private collection'
         (Paul has it!)

         Expensive, but buy if remaindered at about half price!

The Kicker Twins     
 The Stones Bible
         Privately published (photocopied) in Germany, this lists
         concerts by city and compares bootleg LP/CD to tapes for
         completeness.  Only 200 copies printed.  DH

Volker Kluge         
 The Rolling Stones - At the Rarest       

         Bootleg discography, mostly obsolete due to the passage
         of time, and Das Schwarzbuch. DH         

June Knight          
 On the Scene : The Rolling Stones        
         Only 36 pages, but packed with good quality early photos.
         Interestingly  Brian follows Mick in the pecking order of
         of the group.....

Sebastian Krueger    
 Rolling Stones Pur
 90 3923192453 Kunst Der Comics
         (Precis of AM's submission)
         Excellent book of coloured Stones cartoons, if (by all
         accounts) a tad wierd!

         Keith on Kruger : "Very Interesting Work! It must have been
         a good pencil"

Sebastian Krueger    
 94 3890825052 Edition C, Switzerland
         (Precis of AM's submission)
         Excellent book of coloured Stones cartoons, if (by all
         accounts) a tad wierd.

         Keith on Kruger : "Very Interesting Work! It must have been
         a good pencil"

Annie Leibovitz & Terry Southern
 The Rolling Stones on Tour
 78 0906196078
         Beautifully produced and presented book of great photo's
         of the Tour of The Americas '75.         

         A talented photographer with privileged access to the tour
         has captured some great images.  See page 68.

Spencer Leigh & Peter Frame
 Let's Go Down The Cavern - The Story of Liverpool's Merseybeat
 84 0091585414
         An EXCELLENT book written by Someone Who Was There.  Full of
         detail without being tedious.  Always interesting.  Lots
         of anecdotes and loads of facts.         

         Very good indeed.  Buy it if you see it. 

David Littlejohn     
 The Man Who Killed Mick Jagger
 77 0671819135
         294 page sleazy novel about a psychopath who stabs Jagger
         to death on stage at Oakland Coliseum in 69.

         'A great read for Stones Fans'.  SW      

Philip Luce          
 The Stones 
 70 0093051905
         An early attempt at a half-serious account
         of the rise and rise of the Stones.  A historic curio.

         Wonderful cover shot of Charlie          

Sutherland Lyall     
 Rock Sets : The Astonishing Art of Rock Concert Design
 92 0500276978
         This book details the Stage Set designs of Fisher Park - the
         architects who designed the 'Steel Wheels' and 'Urban Jungle
         stage sets.
         Very high quality photo's and reproduction.  Excellent.

Michael Lydon        
 Rock Folk : Portraits from the Rock'n'Roll Pantheon
         199 page paperback with essays on Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry,
         Smokey Robinson, BB King, Grateful Dead, Joplin, and of
         course the Rolling Stones.

         Stones essay is almost half the book (69 tour) and is a
         good companion to the Stanley Booth book. SW

Chrissie Lytton Cobbold
 Knebworth : Rock Festivals
 85 0711907749
         Fascinating behind the scenes account of the Knebworth
         Festivals - by the lady of the house!    

         Good account of Stones' appearance (longest ever set?).

Jessica MacPhail     
 Yesterday's Papers : The Rolling Stones in Print 1963-84
 86 0876502095
         No original text, but a book of lists  of books, newspaper
         articles, magazines, and file reviews. Ambitious but flawed
         by the fact that the earliest reference is May 1963 - almost
         a year after the first one.  Dreadful typeface makes this
         book very hard to use.

         An honorable attempt at an impossible task.  A must for all
         serious students.

Gered Mankowitz      
 Satisfaction : The Rolling Stones photos of Gered Mankowitz
 84 0283991178
         First class book of photo's taken by one of the inner circle
         of favoured photographers from the early years.

Gered Mankowitz      
 Rolling Stones : Masons Yard to Primrose Hill : 1965-1967
 95 0904351483
         Yet another stunningly produced limited edition (1,750)
         book  from Genesis.  Excellent selection of excellent
         photo's, excellently presented.  First class text about
         Gered's work with the Stones 65-67.      

         All copies autographed by Gered.         

J Marks
 Mick Jagger : The Singer Not the Song    
 73 0349122881
         A less than useful bio of Mick.  Everone has a different
         perspective on the Band, this is J Marks'.

Linda Martin         
 The Rolling Stones in Concert
 82 0617376954
         Text tells you nothing new, but the photos are good - often
         with stunning clarity.

         Suffers, like many books, from badly captioned photos.

Linda McCartney      
 Sixties:  Portrait of an Era
 92 1855100894
         Linda got her Big Career Break by taking photo's of the
         Stones in New York in 1966.  Nice photo's, nicely printed
         and presented.  Overpriced book.         

         Mind you, it has some superb photo's, including The Best
         Photo Ever of Jimi.

Linda McCartney      
 Linda's Pictures
 76 0345278151
         Very nice 1976 collection of Linda's photo's.  Worth
         grabbing if you see it as some of the shots are not
         repeated in the   1992 glossy coffee table production.

         Actually quite a nice book!

Linda McCartney      
 Sixties : Portrait of an Era
 92 1855100894
         Overpriced, but well produced, coffee table book of Linda's
         pictures.  From her early break crashing a Stones session
         in June 1966 through to some intimate photo's with the
         Beatles and her husband.
         Includes The Best Ever Photo of Jimi, and a superb photo
         of the Fabs about to cross Abbey Road.  Accept as a gift,
         or buy if remaindered.

 The Rolling Stones : A visual Documentary
 94 0711934606
         Even if it is a pretty obvious cash-in on the Voodoo Lounge
         tour hype, it is an excellent book of well printed and
         presented photo's and 'diary' entries.   

         What I'd expect from Miles.

         Buy it.    

 Rolling Stones : An Illustrated Discography
 80 0860017621
         An ESSENTIAL book for all Stones fans.  An excellent listing
         of the band's records up to 1980 (and thus in need of a new

         Few books on this list are mandatory, this is one!

Philip Norman        
 The Life and Good Times of the Rolling Stones
 89 0712630384
         A large format photo book, short on text.  Given that Norman
         has written first class books about both the Stones and the
         Fabs, one has to wonder what the point is.

         Only buy of remaindered and very cheap.  

Philip Norman        
 The Stones 
 84 0552124877
         Pete Townshend writes 'It's a good thing that a writer of
         Philip Norman's class has finally produced a book on The

         Agreed.  Even if this is flawed, and I don't know if it
         really is, too many of the Stones books are very lightweight
         and it is a pleasant change to have one that is actually
         serious and thorough.

Andrew Oldham        
 The Rolling Stones : the Singles Collection
         The re-issued boxed set of Singles (CD has an OK
         book of notes.  Useful notes, more useful for all of the
         words of the songs and the notes about the singles.

Robert Palmer        
 The Rolling Stones
 83 0722166567
         A well researched and presented book from the publishers
         of Rolling Stone.  Light on text, heavy on pictures.

Tony Palmer (ill. Ralph Steadman)
 Born Under A Bad Sign
 70 718303036
         Usual 'hard to read' stuff from Palmer.  Book has value
         because it is contemporary, and Palmer moved in the circles
         he writes about.

         Essays about 60's music, musicians and movers...

Jeremy Pascall       
 The Rolling Stones
 77 0702600156
         (No information - source Melvyl System)  

Guy Peellaert, Nik Cohn
 Rock Dreams : Under the Boardwalk        
 74 0330240080
         A book of fantasy drawings of The Great Stars in likely and

         unlikely situations.  The Stones are (rather strangely)

         It is said that Jagger was so impressed that this was the
         reason why Peellaert was commissioned to do the cover for
         It's Only Rock'n'Roll.

John Platt
 London's Rock Routes
 85 0947795707
         Quite a nice round up of famous rock locations around the
         capital.  A good chapters on the Stones, and the Beatles.

Greg Quill
 The Rolling Stones : 25th Anniversary Tour
 89 0921458029
         Some neat pictures, but contains factual errors.

Mike Randolph        
 The Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus 
 95 1898422029 Tracks     
         Not to be confused with a book with the identical title
         from the same author (!), this is a smaller "Stones-only"
         special limited (2,000) edition.  Nice photo's.
         Collectors only though!

         It would be nice to see the video/film!  

Mike Randolph        
 The Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus 
 91 157116210X Faber & Faber
         Lovely book of photo's from a famous, but little documented,
         event.  Photo's of all the artists - including some
         great shots of both the Stones, and of Lennon.

         Daft production means that some of the nicer pictures are
         across 2 pages, but to see them means breaking the book!

         That's the pix... now for the video?     

Terry Rawlins        
 Who Killed Christopher Robin : The Truth Behind the Murder
 94 0752209892
         Further exposure to the theory that Brian was murdered.
         Not an easy book to read.

         The theory undermined by some gross errors in the book
         (Witterings being near Roehampton etc)   

         But, buy if remaindered!

The Rolling Stones   
 Concert Programmes
         Any history of any group can only be helped by a study of
         their Concert Programmes.  As the years have passed these
         have progressed from small quick throw-away jobs, to lavish
         well produced (and expensive) souvenirs. 

         Yet another way for the bands to make money.

William Ruhlmann     
 The Rolling Stones
 93 0861247957 Bison      
         Nicely presented selection of well printed photo's of
         the band, along with a fairly light weight accompanying

         A FAR better book than I was led to believe to expect -
         I guess it to be aimed at the pre-teen market who ask their
         (grand)Parents.... "Who are the Rolling Stones".

Ethan Russell        
 Dear Mr Fantasy
         Many good photo's of the Stones and other bands,
         personalities, etc.  Especially good photo's from 1969
         when he was the official tour photographer. DH.

Tony Sanchez         
 Up and Down with the Rolling Stones : The Inside Story
 79 0688085156
         'Spanish' Tony's account of several years wheeling and
         dealing with the Stones (mainly Keith).  An interesting read
         because even if 99% is grossly inflated it gives a flavour
         of what life was like with the band during the late 60's to
         early 70's.

         Spanish Tony is immortalised on the (censored) Beggars
         Banquet cover (below Parachute Woman).   

Christopher Sandford 
 Mick Jagger : Primitive Cool
 94 0575057491

         (Review Under Construction)

Anthony Scaduto      
 Mick Jagger
         Lengthy and detailed look at how Jagger was perceived
         in 1974.   

Carey Schofield      
 83 0708826156
         A disappointingly lightweight bio of Mick.

Davin Seay
 Mick Jagger : The Story Behind The Rolling Stones
 93 1559721928
         (Original reviewer's notes abbreviated by Carter to...)

         'There is some stunningly inept writing here, apart from
         subject matter.  Makes the head spin.'   

         For completeists only

Marianne Sinclair    
 Those Who Died Young : Cult Heroes of the 20th Century
         Inevitably a mention of Brian Jones (& Keith gets mentioned
         in the Gram Parson's bit). JH.

Mandy Smith (with A Coulson & I Millar)
 It's All Over Now
 93 1857820827
         Kiss and Tell.

         Miss Smith was the much publicised teen-bride of Bill.
         The marriage did not last much longer than the Steel Wheels
         & Urban Jungle Tours.

         This is her version of events.

Mick St Michael      
 Keith Richards in His Own Words          
 1994 071193634X Omnibus    
         Disappointing collection of tertiary quotes from Keith
         along with equally disappointing pictures.  (JO'Sullivan)

         For completists only.

Wilfred Stember      
 The Rolling Stones : Collectors File 2   
         A stirling attempt by a German fan to list all shows,
         albums, recordings etc.

         Yet another book to compare with other similar and worry and
         wonder about the differences.

         Come on Bill, do the decent thing and publish YOUR database!

George Tremlett      
 Rock Gold : The Music Millionares        
 90 0044405480
         Although in parts a bit like an economics text book, it
         is a surprisingly readable account of where (and how) the
         MONEY goes.

         Could have done with a harder editor - but worthwhile

George Tremlett      
 The Rolling Stones Story
 74 0860071286
         Tory Ex-GLC Councillor does a mean job with a cuttings

Andre Verdet and Bill Wyman
 Chagall's World
 84 0385193246
         When a book of an interview with Chagall was to be published
         who better than to do the photo's than (then) near neighbour
         Bill Wyman.

         Nice book. 

Sue Weiner & Lisa Howard
 The Rolling Stones : A-Z
 83 0711905495
         Encyclopedia format of a paragraph about people, songs and
         the like to do with the band.  Helpful in settling disputes.

         3000 entries ensures brevity of each entry.

Welch, Chris
 The Rolling Stones
 1994 1858680697
         Part of a mass-market 'CD book' series, the editors
         at least chose a competent and knowledgeable author
         to pen the Stones' history. Welch, with much industry experience 
         and a KR interview from '77 under his belt, writes an 
         engaging and lively (if compact) history with some unorthodox
         but at least well-informed views on the Stones' history and output.
         Great photos. Sloppy discography/summary for the appendix.

Timothy White        
 Rock Lives : Profiles & Interviews       
 90 0805013962
         Interviews  & profiles of everyone from Robert Johnson
         to Prince, taking in Keith on the way.   

         'There's really only one song in the whole world and
         probably Adam and Eve hummed it to each other....'. SP.

Ron Wood (with Bill German)
 The Works  
 88 0006373542
         Ronnie's short autobiography.  Also has a paragraph or two
         about his influences.

         Lightweight, but the sketches are nice.  

Bill Wyman
 Stone Alone : The Story of a Rock'n'Roll Band
 90 0670828947
         Bill's own account of the band's story up to the 1969 Hyde
         Park concert.  A surprisingly absorbing read, despite the
         great detail.  Although Ray Coleman did edit the book, it
         was written by The Man himself and was reportedly cut down
         from 300,000 words. Deals with interraction with Beatles.

         Essential.  How long will we have to wait for Volume 2 (in

Nico Zentgraf
 Complete Works Vol. I    1962-1975
         Covering the years 1962 to 1975, Zentgraf meticulously records 
         all appearances by the Rolling Stones together or alone: 
         television shows, concerts, recording sessions; nothing escapes 
         the relentless cataloguing. Published by Stoneware Publishing, 
         a private publisher in Germany specializing in Stones'
         books, copies of this book from an unfortunate press run are 
         still available directly from them.   Not reviewed.

Nico Zentgraf
 Complete Works Vol. II   1976-1986
         This 'sequel' to "Complete Works Vol. 1", covering 
         1976-1986, is no longer available. Like Volume I, 
         published by Stoneware. Not reviewed.

      Special note from outgoing editor Stephen Carter  (12/95)

This message should reach you as the header to a new version of 
the Books FAQ.  This version incorporates a number of changes:

*    I have gone through the text very carefully, and there are 
     many fewer silly typo's than there once were.

*    The list is in fact generated from a database on my home 
     personal computer - a getting-rather-old Atari.  Previously 
     I had two databases - one for each of the two rather good 
     bands.  This meant a rather large amount of duplication 
     (etc), so I have now merged the two, and re-categorised some 
     entries around a schema of Beatles, Stones, Both and 
     General.  The Beatles FAQ is the total less Stones, and vice 

*    Necessarily some text had to be tinkered with to make sense.

*    I have edited some text entries - see later.

Those are the changes.

In doing the above, one thing that 'drove me' was the need to 
EDIT the text to make it less 'informal' - and in some cases to 
remove what may have been read as libel!  The increasingly 
litigous nature of the Internet has forced me to do  this.  A 
couple of years ago it may have been OK to describe a book as 
"Dreadful" - perhaps no longer?

I have been doing the Stones list for 3 years, and the Beatles 
one for (?) 5 - this will be my last one.  The main reasons for 
giving this up are:

*    The litigous nature of the Internet (above)

*    I was, and am, more than happy to do this job out of the 
     kindness of my heart.  I do this for the next guy/girl - and 
     she/he does a similar turn for me (or the next person).  But 
     I deeply resent the growing commercialisation of this aspect 
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     and is selling it on a CD offends me most profoundly.  I am 
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     I'm not prepared to permit someone else to sell it for their 

*    It is a lot of work in all.  It is someone else's turn - so 
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     future FAQ maintainers can take Atari Superbase files, then 
     they can have the original database copied - or in due 
     course I expect I'll have a more industry standard version 
     which I'll make available.

*    I want to use the database for my own purposes - basically 
     as a catalogue of my own book collection - which extends the 
     scope of the FAQ a tad too far.

It has been fun, and I **DO** want to hear about any new (or 
discovered old) books - but as a user and not a FAQ maintainer.

                                Part Four

              The Rolling Stones--The Lazy Man's Discography

              Version 3.09
              September 1996 

This discography 

1) lists the Rolling Stones' original long-play and EP releases issued 
   in either the UK or United States, sorted by release date.   

   Those DECCA LP releases of the 60s which were unique to the UK, 
   in either title or configuration, are underlined in Eastward-pointing 
   arrows: ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"

   Those London LP releases which were unique to the US, in either 
   title or configuration, use Westward-pointing arrows: "<<<<<<<<<<<<<"

   From "Their Satanic Majesties' Request" on, the British and American 
   releases of previously unreleased material on LPs were congruent, with 
   the exception of "Metamorphosis" (1975). 

2) discusses the Rolling Stones on Compact Disc (search forward
   in this document for the text "CDs, CDs, CDs"). This section 
   answers the following questions:

    Who issues them? 
    When did they come out? 
    What are they like? 
    What do I need minimally for a "complete" Rolling Stones collection on CD?
    What about stereo versions of early Stones tracks? 

   (The detail work on this last question was done by Chris M. 
3) lists songs that were officially sanctioned and available at 
   some point, but never made it to any EP or LP in the UK or US 
   (search forward in this document for the text "Flipsides and 

Concerning comprehensiveness: 

  We have declined to catalogue out-of-print compilations that began 
  appearing in Europe in the seventies.  While they filled important 
  gaps in European collections at the time they were released, the fact 
  is that with only a few exceptions, any track that was on those records 
  is now available somewhere on Compact Disc, small variations of 
  individual versions of a title notwithstanding. 

  * 2 tracks (plus an intro) from the 1965 UK EP "Got LIVE if you want it!"   
  * 6 tracks released on "Rest of the Best", a 1984 German box set

  These tracks appeared on out-of-print European compilations, but 
  have still to make it to CD.

  We have also declined, at this point in time, to exhaustively catalogue 
  those small variations on the same track between different LP releases. 
  While some variations are indeed significant, and some versions still
  have not appeared on a legitimate Compact Disc in any country, we feel the 
  omissions do not prevent the document from being a useful resource. 
  With the specific exception above, compilations stay on the list as 
  long as they either stay in print, or offer something found on no 
  other EP or LP. 

This discography/FAQ-section is maintained by Anthony J. Rzepela 

Helps, hints, corrections, suggestions, and even some more 
substantial contributions were graciously provided by:

     Jens Backlund            (
     Stephen D. Carter        (
     Dave Heller
     Michael Honig            (
     Chris                    ( 
     Mark C. Walters          (



Hoffman, Dieter               "Das Weissbuch"  ISBN: 3980248940
Wyman, Bill (w/ Ray Coleman)  "Stone Alone"    ISBN: 0670828947


 The Rolling Stones (EP)                  (17-Jan-1964)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>            PROD: Impact Sound

     Bye Bye Johnny / Money (That's What I Want) // You Better  Move  On  /
     Poison Ivy

     NB: Rereleased on vinyl in  1982;  Track  3  appears  on  "December's
         Children", German compilations "20 Super Hits" & "Heartbreakers",
         and the UK compilation "Slow Rollers"; Tracks 1,2, and 4  appear
         on "More Hot Rocks"; all tracks are on out-of-print German  vinyl
         compilations "Around and Around" and "The  Rolling  Stones  Story
         (Part 2)"

 The Rolling Stones                       (17-Apr-1964)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                 PROD: Oldham/Eric Easton/Arr. Stones

     Route 66 / I Just Wanna Make Love To You / Honest I Do / Mona (I  Need
     You Baby) / Now I've Got a Witness / Little By Little //  I'm  a  King
     Bee / Carol / Tell Me / Can I Get A Witness / You Can Make It  If  You
     Try / Walking the Dog

     NB: To duplicate this track lineup with US releases, take US lp debut
         ("England's Newest Hitmakers"), remove "Not Fade Away",  and  add
         "Mona" (found on 3rd US LP/CD, "Now!") and replace "Tell Me" with
         the "long" version of it, not found on any US CDs. Long "Tell Me"
         was on the 11-LP box set from Mobile Fidelity in 1984, but on  no
         other US release.

 England's Newest Hit Makers              (01-May-1964)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<        PROD: Oldham/Eric Easton/Arr. Stones

     Not Fade Away / Route 66 / I Just Want to Make Love to You / Honest  I
     Do / Now I've Got a Witness / Little By Little // I'm  a  King  Bee  /
     Carol / Tell Me / Can I get A Witness / You Can Make it if You  Try  /
     Walking the Dog

     NB: Then-manager Eric Easton's co-producer credits have been  removed
         from CD reissue. To duplicate this release's track listings, take
         UK lp debut, remove "Mona", and  add  "Not  Fade  Away"  and  the
         "short" US album version of "Tell Me" (both found on  the  German
         "More Hot Rocks" CD).

 Five by Five (EP)                        (14-Aug-1964)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                  PROD: Oldham/Impact/Arr. Stones

     If You Need  Me  /  Empty  Heart  /  2120  South  Michigan  Avenue  //
     Confessin' the Blues / Around and Around

     NB: Vinyl rereleased 1982; all 5 tracks  can  be  found  on  American
         LP/CD "12 X 5"; a longer/complete version of track 3 ("2120 South
         Michigan Avenue") appears nowhere except the  German  compilation
         "Around and Around", which was included in toto in  the  box  set
         "The Rolling Stones Story" - also vinyl, also out of print.

 12 x 5                                   (24-Oct-1964)
 <<<<<<                             PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Around and Around / Confessin' the Blues / Empty Heart / Time Is on My
     Side / Good Times Bad Times / It's All Over Now // 2120 South Michigan
     Avenue / Under The Boardwalk / Congratulations / Grown Up Wrong  /  If
     You Need Me / Susie Q

     NB: includes all of the "5 X 5" UK EP, four tracks from the second UK
         LP ("No.2"), and 3 tracks taken from singles/compilations:  "It's
         All Over Now", "Good Times Bad Times", and "Congratulations"

 No. 2                                    (16-Jan-1965)
 >>>>>                              PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Down Home Girl / You Can't Catch Me
     / Time Is On My Side / What A Shame / Grown Up Wrong // Down The  Road
     Apiece / Under the Boardwalk / I Can't Be Satisfied / Pain In My Heart
     / Off The Hook / Suzie Q

     NB: To duplicate, start with US LP "Now!", and add (from  "12  x  5")
         "Time Is On My Side",  "Susie  Q",  "Under  the  Boardwalk",  and
         "Grown Up Wrong"; and finally (from  "More  Hot  Rocks")  use  "I
         Can't Be Satisfied".

 Now!                                     (13-Feb-1965)
 <<<<                               PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Down Home Girl / You Can't Catch Me
     / Heart of Stone / What a Shame / Mona (I Need you Baby) //  Down  the
     Road Apiece / Off the Hook / Pain in My Heart / Oh Baby (We Got a Good
     Thing Goin') / Little Red Rooster / Surprise, Surprise

     NB: To duplicate this track lineup using UK releases, take UK LP "No.
         2", delete tracks 4,6,8,9,12, and add "Mona" (from first UK LP),
         "Heart of Stone" and "Oh Baby" (UK version of "Out of Our Heads")
         , "Little Red  Rooster"  (single,  or  UK  "High  Tide  and Green
         Grass"), and "Surprise, Surprise" (flipside). Track 1 claims  to
         be 2:57, but is actually 5:00.

 Got LIVE if you want it! (EP)            (11-Jun-1965)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      PROD: Oldham/Impact/Arr. Stones

     We Want the Stones / Everybody Needs Somebody To Love  /  Pain  in  My
     Heart / Route 66 // I'm Moving On / I'm Alright

     NB: Vinyl rereleased 1982; all  tracks  are  on  German  compilations
         "Rest of the Best" and "Collectors Only" (vinyl only, both out of
         print); Tracks 4 and 5 can be found  on  "December's  Children";
         track 6 on US version of "Out of Our Heads"; tracks 2,3,5, and 6
         are on German compilation "Legends of Rock"

 Out of Our Heads                         (30-Jul-1965)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                   PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Mercy Mercy / Hitch Hike / The Last Time / That's How Strong  My  Love
     Is / Good Times / I'm Alright // Satisfaction / Cry To Me / The  Under
     Assistant West Coast Promotion Man / Play With Fire / The  Spider  and
     the Fly / One More Try

     NB: Features "I'm Alright" from the UK EP "Got Live if you want  It".
         To duplicate using UK releases, use also the UK version  of  "Out
         of Our Heads"; the singles "Satisfaction", "The Last  Time",  and
         "Play  With  Fire";  "One  More  Try"  (found  on  the  1971   UK
         compilation "Stone Age"); and "Spider and the Fly" (flipside  to
         the UK "Satisfaction" single)

 Out of Our Heads                         (24-Sep-1965)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                   PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     She Said Yeah / Mercy Mercy / Hitch-Hike / That's How Strong  My  Love
     Is / Good Times / Gotta Get Away // Talkin 'Bout You / Cry To Me /  Oh
     Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin') / Heart of Stone / The Underassistant
     West Coast Promotion Man / I'm Free

     NB: To duplicate this UK  issue,  Americans  need  "She  Said  Yeah",
         "Gotta Get Away",  "Talkin  About  You",  "I'm  Free"  (all  from
         "December's Children"), "Heart of  Stone"  and  "Oh  Baby"  (from
         "Now!"), and the US "Out of Our Heads"

 December's Children                      (04-Dec-1965)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     She Said Yeah / Talkin' About You / You Better Move  On  /  Look  What
     You've Done / The Singer not the Song / Route 66  //  Get  Off  of  My
     Cloud / I'm Free / As Tears Go By / Gotta Get Away  /  Blue  Turns  To
     Grey / I'm Moving On

     NB: Tracks 6 & 12 are taken from the UK "Got LIVE if You Want It" EP;
         To duplicate, Britons can find tracks 1,2,8, and 10 on  the  UK
         version of "Out of Our Heads". Compilations, singles,  or  buying
         the US CD outright are the only way to cull tracks 3,4,5,7,9,11;
         German CD based on mono version of old US LP lineup.

 Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass)     (02-Apr-1966)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>                          PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Mother's Little Helper / Stupid Girl / Lady Jane / Under  My  Thumb  /
     Doncha Bother Me / Goin' Home // Flight 505 / High and Dry  /  Out  of
     Time / It's Not Easy / I Am Waiting / Take it or Leave It  /  Think  /
     What To Do

     NB: To duplicate this Euro-config, Americans  need  "Mother's  Little
         Helper","Take It or Leave It", and "Out of Time" (all found on US
         compilation "Flowers"), and "What To Do"  (from  the  double-disc
         "More Hot Rocks"); but the correct, long version of "Out of Time"
         (5:36) is not on a US CD at all, and on US vinyl  only  with  the
         1984 Mobile Fidelity box set.

 Aftermath                                (02-Jul-1966)
 <<<<<<<<<                          PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Paint It, Black / Stupid Girl / Lady Jane / Under My  Thumb  /  Doncha
     Bother Me / Think // Flight 505 / High and Dry / It's Not Easy / I  am
     Waiting / Going Home

     NB: "Paint It, Black" is the only title here not also on the European

 Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass)     (04-Nov-1966)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow? /  Paint  It,
     Black / It's All Over Now / The Last Time / Heart of Stone / Not  Fade
     Away / Come On // Satisfaction / Get Off of My Cloud / As Tears Go  By
     / 19th Nervous Breakdown / Lady Jane / Time Is On My Side / Little Red

     NB: Several tracks appear on UK LongPlayer for the first  time  ever:
         US LPs had by this point already included "Little  Red  Rooster",
         "The Last Time", "Not Fade Away", "Satisfaction", "It's All  Over
         Now", "Paint It, Black" & "Get Off of my Cloud".

 Got LIVE if you Want it!                 (10-Dec-1966)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<           PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham

     Under My Thumb / Get Off of My Cloud / Lady Jane /  Not  Fade  Away  /
     I've Been Loving You Too Long / Fortune Teller // The Last Time / 19th
     Nervous Breakdown / Time is On My Side / I'm Alright / Have  You  Seen
     you Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow? / Satisfaction

     NB: Poorly recorded; several tracks are just studio  recordings  with
         canned audience on top (esp. track 5). ABKCO's "Digital Remaster"
         from the mid-80s uses a different version  of  "Under  My  Thumb"
         from the original London release; UK customers got tracks 1,3,5,
         6,9, and 12 in 1971, on the compilation "Gimme Shelter"

 Between the Buttons                      (20-Jan-1967)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Yesterday's Papers / My Obsession / Back Street Girl  /  Connection  /
     She Smiled Sweetly / Cool, Calm and Collected // All Sold Out / Please
     Go Home / Who's Been Sleeping Here? / Complicated / Miss Amanda  Jones
     / Something Happened to Me Yesterday

     NB: Last non-compilation album produced by  Andrew  Loog  Oldham;  US
         release can be duplicated  by  starting  with  this,  and  adding
         singles "Let's Spend the Night Together" and "Ruby Tuesday",  and
         dropping tracks 8 and 3.

 Between the Buttons                      (11-Feb-1967)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Let's Spend the Night Together / Yesterday's Papers / Ruby  Tuesday  /
     Connection / She Smiled Sweetly / Cool, Calm,  and  Collected  //  All
     Sold Out / My Obsession / Who's Been Sleeping Here?  /  Complicated  /
     Miss Amanda Jones / Something Happened to Me Yesterday

     NB: last album produced by Oldham; to get UK release, drop tracks  1,
         3, and add "Please Go Home" and "Back Street  Girl"  (both  found

 Flowers                                  (15-Jul-1967)
 <<<<<<<                            PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Ruby Tuesday / Have You  Seen  your  Mother,  Baby,  Standing  in  the
     Shadow? / Let's Spend the Night Together / Lady Jane / Out Of  Time  /
     My Girl // Backstreet Girl / Please Go Home / Mother's Little Helper /
     Take it Or Leave It / Ride On, Baby / Sittin' on a Fence

     NB: A US compilation containing  4  single  sides,  5  UK-version  LP
         tracks (2 from "Between the Buttons",  and  3  from  "Aftermath")
         plus 2 tracks which remain unavailable elsewhere on CD ("My Girl"
         and "Ride On Baby"). "Sittin' on a Fence" can be found on the UK
         version of "Through the Past  Darkly",  and  also  on  "More  Hot

 Their Satanic Majesties' Request         (09-Dec-1967)
 ================================   PROD: Rolling Stones

     Sing This All Together / Citadel / In Another Land / 2000 Man  /  Sing
     This All Together (see what happens) // She's a Rainbow / The  Lantern
     / Gomper / 2000 Light Years from Home / On With the Show

     NB: First album not produced by Andrew  Loog  Oldham;  1st  and  only
         album  to  be  produced  by  'Rolling  Stones';  1st  album  with
         identical track listings on either side of  the  Atlantic  Ocean.
         Last LP to have an American  Mono  version.  Super-short  "promo"
         versions of tracks 6 and 9 briefly appeared commercially on a  US
         7" rerelease with 5N-906 etched in groove.

 Beggar's Banquet                         (07-Dec-1968)
 ================                   PROD: Jimmy Miller

     Sympathy For the Devil / No Expectations /  Dear  Doctor  /  Parachute
     Woman / Jig-Saw Puzzle // Street Fightin' Man / Prodigal Son  /  Stray
     Cat Blues / Factory Girl / Salt of the Earth

     NB: First album produced by Jimmy Miller.  DECCA banned  use  of  the
         original "toilet & graffiti" cover, which was later used  on  the
         ABKCO rerelease in 1986 on lp and CD. NB: an alternate version of
         "Street Fighting Man" was only on the earliest pressings  of  the
         US 7-inch.

 Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits, Vol. (12-Sep-1969)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PROD: Andrew Loog Oldham/Arr. Stones

     Jumping Jack Flash / Mother's Little Helper / 2000  Light  Years  From
     Home / Let's Spend the Night Together / You Better Move On /  We  Love
     You // Street Fightin'  Man  /  She's  A  Rainbow  /  Ruby  Tuesday  /
     Dandelion / Sittin' On a Fence / Honky Tonk Women

     NB: Compilation; dedicated to Brian Jones, dead two months earlier

 Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits, Vol. (13-Sep-1969)
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                 PROD: (various)

     Out of Time / Don't Lie To Me / Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind  /
     Each and Every Day of the Year / Heart of Stone / I'd Much  Rather  Be
     with the Boys / (Walkin' through the) Sleepy City / We're Wastin' Time
     / Try A Little Harder // I Don't Know Why / If You  Let  Me  /  Jiving
     Sister Fanny / Downtown Suzie / Family / Memo From Turner / I'm  Going

 Made In the Shade                        (06-Jun-1975)
 =================                  PROD: (various)

     Brown Sugar / Tumbling Dice / Happy  /  Dance  Little  Sister  /  Wild
     Horses // Angie / Bitch / It's Only Rock 'n Roll / Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
     (Heartbreaker) / Rip This Joint

     NB: compilation; Briefly available as a CD under Sony and EMI. Virgin
         Records still have not put a version out on disc.

 Black and Blue                           (01-Apr-1976)
 ==============                     PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Hot Stuff / Hand Of Fate / Cherry Oh  Baby  /  Memory  Motel  //  Hey,
     Negrita / Melody / Fool To Cry / Crazy Mama

     NB: first new album released  with  Ron  Wood  as  a  member.  20-bit
         digital remaster CD, issued by Virgin/EMI 6/94, said to have  one
         or two tracks with longer fades.

 Love You Live                            (23-Sep-1977)
 =============                      PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Intro/Honky Tonk Women / If You Can't Rock Me/Get Off My Cloud / Happy
     / Hot Stuff / Star Star // Tumbling Dice  /  Fingerprint  File  /  You
     Gotta Move / You Can't Always Get What  You  Want  //  Mannish  Boy  /
     Crackin' Up / Little Red Rooster / Around and Around // It's Only Rock
     and Roll / Brown Sugar / Jumping Jack Flash / Sympathy for the Devil

     NB: live;  recorded  in  Paris  1976,  Toronto  1977,   and   several
         uncredited sites; another 'Warhol' cover art; dedicated to  Keith
         Harwood, recently deceased; CD version, which was available under
         Sony, is not scheduled (so far) from Virgin.

 Some Girls                               (09-Jun-1978)
 ==========                         PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Miss You / When the Whip Comes Down / Just My Imagination / Some Girls
     / Lies // Far Away Eyes / Respectable / Before  They  Make  Me  Run  /
     Beast of Burden / Shattered

     NB: Cover  reworked  due  to  objections  of  pictured   celebrities,
         including Lucille Ball. One flipside  ("Everything's  Turning  to
         Gold") and one remix ("Miss You") were  later  "compiled".  There
         are "Promo" mixes for "Before they Make Me Run"  and  "Shattered"
         which are still uncompiled. 1st Stones lp preceded  by  a  2-year

 Emotional Rescue                         (23-Jun-1980)
 ================                   PROD: Glimmer Twins/Kimsey (assoc.)

     Dance (Pt. I) / Summer Romance / Send it To Me / Let Me  Go  /  Indian
     Girl //  Where the Boys Go / Down in the Hole  /  Emotional  Rescue  /
     She's So Cold / All About You

     NB: Early copies had a very large, color 'thermo' poster, also  found
         in the special limited edition Virgin/EMI CD, June 1994.  "Promo"
         edits of "Emotional Rescue" and "She's So Cold"  (latter  has  no
         line saying "God Damn Cold") are still "uncompiled".

 Sucking in the Seventies                 (12-Mar-1981)
 ========================           PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Shattered / Everything Is Turning to Gold / Hot Stuff (version) / Time
     Waits For No One (version) / Fool To  Cry  (version)  //  Mannish  Boy
     (version) / When the Whip Comes Down (live) / If I was a Dancer (Dance
     Pt. 2) / Crazy Mama (version) / Beast of Burden (version)

     NB: Compilation  featuring  six  single  edits,  a  B-side,   and   2
         previously unreleased goodies (tracks 7 and 8). A separate Promo
         12" single has an instrumental version of "If I  was  a  Dancer".
         Only "Shattered" is issued here  as  found  on  its  original  LP
         incarnation. Available on CD under Sony, Virgin has no  plans  to
         release this compilation.

 Tattoo You                               (27-Aug-1981)
 ==========                         PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Start Me Up / Hang Fire / Slave / Little T & A  /  Black  Limousine  /
     Neighbours // Worried About You / Tops / Heaven / No Use in  Crying  /
     Waiting On a Friend

     NB: featured songs in the can from as far back as 1973.  Last Stones'
         studio LP to be preceded by less  than  a  two-year  gap.  20-bit
         digital  remaster  CD  issued  by  Virgin/EMI  June  1994  has  a
         significantly different version of track 3 ("Slave").  The German
         1983 release on CD (EMI) is  the  first-ever  CD  issued  by  The
         Rolling Stones.

 Still Life (American Concert 1981)       (01-Jun-1982)
 ================================== PROD: Glimmer Twins

     Intro (Take the A-Train) / Under My Thumb  /  Let's  Spend  the  Night
     Together / Shattered / Twenty Flight Rock / Going to a Go-Go // Let Me
     Go / Time Is On My Side  /  Just  My  Imagination  /  Start  Me  Up  /
     Satisfaction (outro: "Star Spangled Banner")

     NB: live album from the US tour in '81; first US CD ever  issued  (by
         mistake in 1984). "Beast of Burden (live)", issued  only  as  a
         flipside to "Going to a Go-Go", later appeared  on  the  1990  CD
         "Collectibles". This live record was available on a CD under Sony
         and EMI, but is not currently scheduled for release by Virgin.

 Undercover                               (01-Nov-1983)
 ==========                         PROD: Glimmer Twins/Chris Kimsey

     Undercover of the Night / She Was Hot / Tie You Up (The Pain of  Love)
     / Wanna Hold You / Feel On Baby // Too Much Blood / Pretty Beat  Up  /
     Too Tough / All the Way Down / It Must Be Hell

     NB: "short" version of "Wanna Hold  You"  available  in  US  only  on
         initial vinyl pressings distributed by WEA, and  in  Germany  and
         Japan on EMI CDs. As of CBS reissue,  the  track  seems  to  have
         disappeared. One flipside ("Think I'm Going Mad", B-side to  "She
         Was Hot") is still "uncompiled".

 Rewind (lp)                              (01-Jun-1984)
 >>>>>>>>>>>                        PROD: (various)

     Brown Sugar / Undercover of the Night / Start Me Up / Tumbling Dice  /
     It's Only Rock 'n' Roll / She's So Cold // Miss You / Beast of  Burden
     / Fool To Cry / Waiting on A Friend / Angie / Respectable

     NB: compilation - UK issue is missing "Hang Fire" from  its  American
         counterpart, but includes "Respectable" and "She's So Cold".

 Rewind (lp)                              (01-Jul-1984)
 <<<<<<<<<<<                        PROD: (various)

     Miss You / Brown Sugar / Undercover of the  Night  /  Start  Me  Up  /
     Tumbling Dice / Hang Fire // Emotional Rescue / Beast of Burden / Fool
     To Cry / Waiting on a Friend / Angie

     NB: compilation. Note  different  track  listing  from  CD,  and  the
         European version of  the  lp,  which  had  "She's  So  Cold"  and
         "Respectable", but left out "Hang Fire".

 Dirty Work                               (21-Mar-1986)
 ==========                         PROD: Steve Lillywhite/Glimmer Twins

     One Hit (to the Body) / Fight / Harlem Shuffle / Hold Back / Too  Rude
     // Winning Ugly / Back To Zero / Dirty Work / Had It With You /  Sleep

     NB: Dedicated to recently deceased Ian Stewart; check  out  "fadeout"
         at end of album.

 Rewind (CD)                              (01-Dec-1986)
 ===========                        PROD: (various)

     Miss You / Brown Sugar / Undercover of the  Night  /  Start  Me  Up  /
     Tumbling Dice / Hang Fire / It's Only Rock'n'Roll / Emotional Rescue /
     Beast of Burden / Fool To Cry / Waiting on a Friend / Angie / Doo  Doo
     Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)

     NB: compilation (adds "Heartbreaker" and "It's Only Rock and Roll" to
         the American LP configuration); A German CBS reissue on vinyl in
         1990 (450199-1) uses this CD-based song lineup.

 The London Years                         (01-Aug-1989)
 ================                   PROD: (various)

     Come On/ I Want To Be Loved/ I Wanna Be Your  Man/  Stoned/  Not  Fade
     Away/ Little By Little/ It's All Over Now/ Good Times, Bad Times/ Tell
     Me/  I  Just  Want  To  Make  Love  To  You/  Time  Is  On  My   Side/
     Congratulations/ Little Red Rooster/ Off The  Hook/  Heart  Of  Stone/
     What A Shame/ The Last Time/ Play With Fire/ Satisfaction/  The  Under
     Assistant West Coast Promotion Man/ The Spider and the Fly/ Get Off Of
     My Cloud/ I'm Free/ The Singer Not the Song/ As Tears Go By
 (Disc 2)
     Gotta Get Away / 19th Nervous Breakdown / Sad Day / Paint It, Black  /
     Stupid Girl / Long Long While / Mother's Little Helper / Lady  Jane  /
     Have You Seen You Mother,  Baby,  Standing  in  the  Shadow?  /  Who's
     Driving Your Plane / Let's Spend the Night Together / Ruby  Tuesday  /
     We Love You / Dandelion / She's A Rainbow / 2000 Light Years From Home
     / In Another Land / The Lantern / Jumpin' Jack Flash /  Child  of  the
 (Disc 3)
     Street Fighting Man / No Expectations / Surprise Surprise / Honky Tonk
     Women / You Can't Always Get What You Want / Memo From Turner /  Brown
     Sugar / Wild Horses / I Don't Know Why / Try A Little Harder / Out  Of
     Time / Jiving Sister Fanny / Sympathy For the Devil

     NB: Compilation; features most of the singles and flipsides  released
         under DECCA/ABKCO. Heavy overlap with the 1972 compilations  "Hot
         Rocks" (This set has all HR's titles but 3, and  the  "You  Can't
         Always Get What You Want" found here is not the same)  and  "More
         Hot Rocks" (17 of MHR's 25 tracks are found here.)
         Finally on CD are "Metamorphosis" tracks (the four songs  relased
         as singles); three early gems ("I Wanna Be Your Man", "I Want to
         Be Loved", and "Stoned"); and the single version (no  choir)  of
         'You  Can't  Always  Get  What  You  Want'.   The   'Performance'
         soundtrack version of "Memo from Turner"  was  previously  not  a
         'Rolling Stones' title in the States.

 Steel Wheels                             (28-Aug-1989)
 ============                       PROD: Chris Kimsey / Glimmer Twins

     Sad Sad Sad / Mixed Emotions / Terrifying / Hold  on  to  Your  Hat  /
     Hearts For Sale / Blinded By Love // Rock and a Hard Place / Can't  Be
     Seen / Almost Hear You Sigh / Continental Drift / Break  the  Spell  /
     Slipping Away

     NB: three flipsides from this  album:  seek  out  "Cook  Cook  Blues"
         ("Rock and a Hard Place"), "Fancyman Blues"  ("Mixed  Emotions"),
         and "Wish I'd Never Met You" ("Terrifying"), or get all three  on
         the 1990 CD compilation entitled "Collectibles". First LP  to  be
         preceded by a 3-year gap.

 Collector's Edition/Collectibles         (01-Jun-1990)
 ================================   PROD: (various)

     Rock and a Hard Place (version) / Miss You (12" single)  /  Cook  Cook
     Blues / Everything Is Turning to Gold / Winning Ugly (remix)  /  Beast
     of Burden (live) / Fancyman Blues / Harlem Shuffle (London Mix) / Wish
     I'd Never Met You / Mixed Emotions (remix)

     NB: included with either the "Collection 1971-1990" box set,  or  the
         "Flashpoint" special edition  double-pak  issued  in  the  States
         (where it uses the name "Collectibles")

 Flashpoint  (CD)                         (02-Apr-1991)
 ================                   PROD: Chris Kimsey / Glimmer Twins

     Continental Drift / Start Me Up / Sad Sad Sad / Miss You / Rock and  a
     Hard Place / Ruby Tuesday / You Can't  Always  Get  What  You  Want  /
     Factory Girl / Can't Be Seen / Little Red Rooster / Paint it  Black  /
     Sympathy  For  the  Devil  /  Brown  Sugar  /  Jumpin'  Jack  Flash  /
     Satisfaction / Highwire / Sex Drive

     NB: This CD, not yet on Virgin Records' release roster, is  de  facto
         out of print.

 Flashpoint  (lp)                         (02-Apr-1991)
 ================                   PROD: Chris Kimsey / Glimmer Twins

     Continental Drift / Start Me Up / Sad Sad Sad / Miss You / Ruby Tueday
     / You Can't Always Get What You Want  /  Factory  Girl  /  Little  Red
     Rooster // Paint It Black / Sympathy For the Devil  /  Brown  Sugar  /
     Jumpin' Jack Flash / Satisfaction / Highwire / Sex Drive

     NB: 14 (12 on vinyl) live  +  2  new  studio  tracks;  first  time  a
         simultaneous release had different  tracks  on  different  media;
         seven live songs were released as flipsides to singles from  this
         album. (see list at bottom).

 Jump Back - The Best of the Rolling Ston (22-Nov-1993)
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PROD: (various)

     Start Me Up / Brown Sugar / Harlem Shuffle / It's Only Rock 'n' Roll /
     Mixed Emotions / Angie / Tumbling Dice / Fool To Cry / Rock and a Hard
     Place / Miss You / Hot Stuff / Emotional Rescue / Respectable /  Beast
     of Burden / Waiting On a Friend / Wild horses / Bitch / Undercover  of
     the Night

     NB: Compilation; with 20-bit digital remastering, this is  the  first
         Stones' release on Virgin records (Keith's solo label since 1988)

 Voodoo Lounge (CD)                       (12-Jul-1994)
 ==================                 PROD: Don Was/Glimmer Twins

     Love Is Strong / You Got Me Rocking / Sparks Will Fly /  The  Worst  /
     New Faces / Moon Is Up / Out of Tears / I Go Wild / Brand  New  Car  /
     Sweethearts Together / Suck on the Jugular /  Blinded  by  Rainbows  /
     Baby Break it Down / Thru and Thru / Mean Disposition

     NB: Release date puts this a month shy of being first  Stones'  album
         with a 5-year delay. Flipsides include "The Storm",  "So  Young",
         "Jump On Top of Me"  and  "I'm  Gonna  Drive".  Track  15  ("Mean
         Disposition") is not on non-CD media. First new studio  album  to
         have different track listings on different media.

 Voodoo Lounge (lp)                       (12-Jul-1994)
 ==================                 PROD: Don Was/Glimmer Twins

     Love Is Strong / You Got Me Rocking / Sparks Will Fly // The  Worst  /
     New Faces / Moon Is Up / Out of Tears // I Go Wild / Brand New  Car  /
     Sweethearts Together / Suck on the Jugular // Blinded  by  Rainbows  /
     Baby Break it Down / Thru and Thru

     NB: Release date fell one month shy of being the first Stones'  album
         with a 5-year delay. Flipsides: "The Storm", "So Young", "Jump On
         Top of Me" and "I'm Gonna Drive" (see bottom). CD version is the
         only format with a 15th  track,  "Mean  Disposition".  First  new
         studio album to feature different tracks on diff. media.

 Stripped                                 (14-Nov-1995)
 ========                           PROD: Don Was/Glimmer Twins

     Street Fightin' Man / Like a Rolling Stone / Not Fade Away /  Shine  A
     Light // The Spider and the Fly / I'm Free / Wild  Horses  //  Let  it
     Bleed / Dead Flowers / Slipping Away / Angie // Love In Vain  /  Sweet
     Virginia / Little Baby

     NB: Special "Multimedia" portion of  CD  version  features  QuickTime
         video of acoustic and backstage jams.  Requires computer hardware
         (a select list of CD-ROM models) which can recognize the  CD-Plus
         disk format. Flipsides not on album include  versions  of  "Black
         Limousine" and "All Down the Line", live from 1995 European tour.
         No vinyl version in USA.

      ========================     CDs, CDs, CDs    =========================

    Who issues them? 

      At any one time, legitimate CDs from the Rolling Stones (i.e., CDs
      the Rolling Stones WANT to release, and not the "Official
      Unauthorized" variety of CDs widely issued in Europe over the last
      several years, often including live concerts and out takes) are
      issued by only two companies:  

          ABKCO (owned by Allen Klein, who has rights to all Rolling Stones  
                 recordings originally issued up to and including 1970, and 
                 the rights to all Rolling Stones compositions up to and 
                 including 1971's "Sticky Fingers", plus a handful of songs 
                 from 1972's "Exile on Main Street") and its subcontractors 
                 (typically, "London" records, which is the label on which 
                 American versions of Stones recordings were issued in the 
          "The Rolling Stones" (which owns all of the band's post-1970  
                 recordings) and its subcontractors. (As of this writing, 
                 this would be Virgin Records, which was coincidentally 
                 sold to Stones' alma mater EMI after the Rolling 
                 Stones signed with Virgin in 1992.) 

      Since "The Rolling Stones" own almost all of their post-1970 "recordings",
      what they can do is license them for release on their current label,
      whatever it may be, and take the recordings with them when the
      record company contract expires.  This would explain the variety of
      companies you may see issuing post-1970 CDs by the Rolling Stones in
      your local used CD store (although American Stones CDs from this era
      were, up until 1993, and with only one WEA exception, issued only by
      Sony/CBS, who signed the Rolling Stones worldwide in 1984. One may
      also see European or Japanese CDs from this era issued by EMI, the
      Rolling Stones' label in much of the world from 1977 to 1984.)


    When did they come out? 

      The first Rolling Stones CD ever issued was 'Tattoo You', in Europe 
      by EMI in 1983.  In the States, it is "Still Life", mistakenly
      released in 1984 by WEA, the Stones' American label at the time. 
      American CDs did not officially appear until 1986, when Sony/CBS
      started issuing them, and ABKCO began unleashing its cache of 
      1960s recordings in the States as it had been doing since 1984 
      in Europe.
    What are they like? 
      The release of CDs did not freeze in stone (heh heh) any particular
      version of a song, or album, or Stones recording career overview. 

      Indeed, it exacerbated a long-standing problem where different
      issues of a Stones album have literally different tracks on them, as
      was the case in the early 60s; or where discernibly different
      versions of a single song may be on different issues of an album, a
      situation still happening 20 years on, in 1983, with the release of 
      'Undercover', and its two distinct versions of "Wanna Hold You".  

      Even when a CD has two different versions (as in the interesting 
      case of "More Hot Rocks"), it may still mean that a particular 
      version of a song can only be found on old vinyl. 

      (some examples include: 

      * a full-length version of "2120 South Michigan Avenue" found 
        only on the German compilation LP _Around and Around_, 
      * the "original" live recording of "Under My Thumb" which did not 
        make it to the CD remaster of the "Got LIVE if you Want it!" album, 
      and on and on......)

      Other, more esoteric issues also exist: true (i.e., channel-separated)  
      stereo vs. electronically processed stereo versions of songs; and  
      multiple (as many as four) distinct versions of a single song existing  
      officially with obvious changes, such as a missing guitar solo, organ,
      percussion track, or verse. Many of the American ABKCO CDs 
      are considered inferior to their European counterparts (released 
      on the "London" label) due to a poor selection of masters. 

      Many of the tracks which people find preferable on  
      European CDs were remastered by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs for an
      American box set of vinyl reissues in 1984.  This deluxe set included
      the Stones' London Records (US) album catalogue up to and including 
      1972's "Hot Rocks (1964-1971)". 

      In July 1995, the line becomes almost hopelessly blurred, 
      as ABKCO "streamlined" its' Stones catalog, and officially 
      released in Europe CDs made from the masters which had 
      previously fed only the American market, and discontinued 
      the "original European" pressings which had been available 
      on London CDs. 

      Hype about "remastering" (a red-on-black banner across the 
      front of each title - just like the American covers) should 
      be taken with a grain of salt. The CDs and LPs made available 
      by ABKCO for the European market in July of 1995 are only 
      clones of the inferior CD catalogue which had been available 
      in the United States for many years. 
      These sweeping changes seem to have had little impact, 
      however, on Polydor's operations in Japan.  In Japan, 
      Polydor today continues to issue CDs which do not conform to the 
      "ABKCO" standard.

   What do I need minimally for a "complete" Rolling Stones collection on CD?

      As it stands now, there is no way to have a complete Rolling
      Stones' collection without having at least some old vinyl records.
      As this applies to ABKCO, there are 22 song _titles_ never 
      issued on CD at all (12 of those courtesy of the unimportant 
      "Metamorphosis", which can be found on several illegitimate CD 
      releases), and several previously released and available 
      _versions_ of other titles yet to see the light of laser.

      As it applies to Rolling Stones Records, there are three or
      four (depending on your attitude towards flexi-discs) _titles_
      still not released on CD.  In addition, there are more than a 
      dozen versions (promo/mono edits and dance remixes) of titles 
      which are not on CD.

      The ABKCO years:

      [Ed. note: July 1995 - 
                 Thanks to ABKCO, the distinction between 'US' and 'UK' 
                 CDs is now obsolete. References to 'UK' CDs in the 
                 following paragraphs should be taken to mean the now 
                 out-of-print CDs which were in circulation in Europe 
                 in the 1980s and early 1990s.

                 As of July 1995, ABKCO replaced the preferable 
                 Euro-market CDs and LPs with recordings pressed from
                 the 'American masters'. Since, as 
                 of this writing, limited quantities of the preferable 
                 Euro-CDs may still be available on the aftermarket, 
                 we will reserve the luxury of the easy terminology
                 for the sake of legibility.
                 Note also: It may still be possible to get the 
                 'preferable' [or 'UK'] versions of select titles, 
                 such as 'Hot Rocks 1', as Japanese imports.

      When wondering "which version" of an ABKCO CD to buy, consider 
      recommendations on sound quality from friends, and remember, 
      if you are trying to get a "complete" (i.e. as complete as it 
      can be on CD) collection of CD _versions_, no collection which 
      does not mix CDs of "UK" and "US" versions will do it for you, 
      as no "American CD" has, for example, the five-minute-plus 
      version of "Out of Time" (from "Aftermath"), the full-length 
      "Tell Me" (from the first album) or true stereo versions of several
      early tracks, even ones that were available in true stereo
      on American vinyl previously (such as "Paint It, Black").  

      Buying "all American" on ABKCO CDs will give you a complete 
      collection of CD-available _titles_, but you have to buy 
      them _all_ (including the 3-disc "London Years" box), and 
      you only get to economize by leaving out "Hot Rocks (1964-1971)" 
      and the two single-disc "Big Hits" compilations. 

      After all this CD collecting, you still will not have
      the following titles: 
         * the six vinyl-only tracks which were released in Germany 
           ("I've been Loving You Too Long (studio)", "Con le Mie Lacrime", 
           "Tell Me Baby, How Many More Times", "Memphis Tennessee", 
           "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Cocksucker Blues") 

         * the first three tracks from the 1965 EP "Got Live if 
           You Want it!" (although one of these tracks is just a restless 
           crowd chanting "We Want the Stones!", called, appropriately
           enough, "We want the Stones!") 

         * the 12 tracks from the UK version of the 1975 compilation 
           _Metamorphosis_ which never made it to the _London Years_ 
           box. So far, the only non-bootleg CD source of ANY tracks 
           from _Metamorphosis_ is the _London Years_ box, and that 
           box only provides four of the 16 tracks which were originally 
           released on Metamorphosis. (The US 'Metamorphosis' had  
           fewer tracks.) 

      A CD collector trying to get a complete set of CD-available _titles_ 
      _must_ include some discs whose track listings are based on American 
      LP track listings, as several US LPs (esp. "December's Children") 
      have tracks which never appeared in a DECCA/UK-format LP except on 
      long-out-of-print and definitely-not-on-CD compilations (like 
      1971's "Stone Age").

      The post-ABKCO years: 

      Certain later (post-1970) albums were notoriously mistreated in their 
      switch to digital, and with the advent of 20-bit mastering
      technology, Virgin Records reissued 20-bit remasters of the
      Rolling Stones' studio output from "Sticky Fingers" (1971) to
      "Steel Wheels" (1989), with eight of these titles available in 
      limited edition commemmorative packaging, in June 1994.

      Some people report (trivially) longer fades on some of the tracks 
      on these Virgin remasters, raising the spectre of "different versions" 
      all over again, and forcing one to track down CBS-issue CDs in 
      order to have a complete set of CD _versions_. 

      At this point, the future on CD of the three compilation and three 
      live albums originally issued by "Rolling Stones Records" between 
      1975 and 1991 (all of which were issued on CD after 1984 by CBS) is 
      up in the air.  The three live albums and the single compilation 
      "Sucking in the Seventies" have material which can't be culled 
      from other currently available CD sources. 
      About two dozen post-ABKCO tracks have never been issued on CD, 
      although only four of them ("Let it Rock", "Exile on Main Street
      Blues", "Through the Lonely Nights", and "Think I'm Going Mad") 
      are actually separate performances. For the most part, post-ABKCO 
      tracks still not on CD are 12" "dance" remixes, or mono/promo edits, 
      and are of varying value.

   What about stereo versions of early Stones tracks? 

      (Thanks to Chris M. []) 

      "Aftermath", released in the US in June 1966, was the first Stones' LP 
      recorded entirely in stereo.  A good deal of the material issued 
      before that is available, scattered, in _true_ Stereo (and not the
      'Electronically Reprocessed' Stereo of the early US LPs issued 
      on London records.) 

      Japanese CDs currently provide the bulk of this luxury item. 
      The Japanese "Rolling Stones No. 2" has true stereo on "Time Is 
      On My Side", "What A Shame" (Charlie hammers the right channel!), 
      "Down The Road Apiece" and "I Can't Be Satisfied", with the remaining
      tracks in mono. The Japanese issue of "The Rolling Stones, Now!" 
      has a stereo "Heart of Stone", but, faithful to the track listing 
      of its' original LP counterpart, includes neither  "Time is on my 
      Side" nor "I Can't Be Satisfied".  It does, however, include the true 
      stereo "What a Shame" and "Down the Road Apiece".
      On the 1965 title "December's Children", one finds true stereo 
      for "Look What You've Done" and "Get Off My Cloud". The UK track 
      listing of the 1966 greatest-hits compilation "High Tide and Green 
      Grass" was used for a Japanese CD reissue which has true stereo on 
      "It's All Over Now", "Heart of Stone", and "Time is on my Side".
      This same "High Tide" CD inexplicably uses the 'electronically 
      reprocessed stereo' version of "Get Off My Cloud", even though 
      a true stereo is issued on other disc titles.

      The Japanese CDs of the 1972 titles "Hot Rocks" and "More 
      Hot Rocks" are probably the easiest to locate for American 
      consumers, and they provide most of the tracks mentioned above.
      (Note the 3 exceptions: "Look what You've Done", "What A Shame",
      and "Down the Road Apiece". These 3 tracks are found on neither
      "HR" nor "MHR").  

      Also note: 

        * "Hot Rocks" and "More Hot Rocks" are four individually issued CDs
        * "Hot Rocks 2" is NOT the same as "More Hot Rocks" 
        * the Japanese track listing used on "More Hot Rocks 1" and 
          "More Hot Rocks 2" is not what one would expect 
          after looking at the American CD issue of "MHR". The American 
          CD issue just followed the London LP's idea of what songs 
          belong on "disc 1" and "disc 2", and in what order.

      All of "Hot Rocks 2" is in stereo (no big whoop, although 
      some find that a true stereo "Honky Tonk Woman" is a coveted
      item), and "HR1"'s pre-"Aftermath" stereo stuff includes 
      "Time Is On My Side", "Heart Of Stone", "Play With             
      Fire", "Satisfaction", "Get Off My Cloud", and  
      "Mother's Little Helper". 

      "More Hot Rocks 1" has true stereo for "It's All Over Now" 
      and the shorter, "American" version of the track 
      "Out of Time" (3:50). "More Hot Rocks 2" rounds out our list 
      of pre-6/66 stereo with "What To Do", "Have You Seen Your 
      Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow?", and "I Can't Be Satisfied".
      Neither "The Last Time" nor "19th Nervous Breakdown" has been 
      _officially_ released in Stereo, but both are available on 
      'unauthorized' (some would say "bootleg") CDs, including 
      one title called, helpfully, "In Stereo" (Chapter One, 25203).

    ========================Flipsides and oddities=========================

    The following selections appeared on the 1980 German Compilation
    LP called "For Collector's Only" [sic], and the 1984 4 LP German boxed 
    set "The Rest of the Best",  but nowhere on the albums listed above for  
    the USA or UK.  Since the deletion of these two compilations, 
    these tracks remain unavailable officially.  Items marked "F" are 
    available on "For Collector's Only", and "B", the German box.
    (Note that the first and sixth tracks are glorified bootlegs, 
    the third and fourth are not _really_ the Rolling Stones, 
    and that "For Collectors Only" would get you what remains.)

  B  "Tell Me Baby, How Many Times"     recorded Chicago, June 1964
  BF "I've Been Loving You too Long"    recorded Los Angeles, May 1965
  B  "Da Doo Ron Ron"                   Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra,  1964
  B  "Memphis Tennessee"                      ""               ""
  BF "Con le Mie Lacrime"               Italian "As Tears Go By", Spring '66
  B  "Cocksucker Blues"                 Olympic Studios, 1970 
                                          (limited edition 7" bonus single
                                           found only w/ Sept. '84 issue.)

    The following titles/versions have been officially released by the
    Rolling Stones for public consumption (i.e., not exclusively 
    found on promo items, intentionally or not) at some point, but have 
    yet to appear on any LP or compilation released in the States or the UK.

1968   "Street Fightin' Man"
                        Notorious 1st issue of the US single had not only 
                        a banned picture sleeve, but an alternate version
                        which disappeared as well. One of the priciest 
                        of all Stones rarities.
1971   "Let It Rock"    - third track on UK "Brown Sugar" single
                        - replaced "Sister Morphine" on the Spanish version 
                            of the LP "Sticky Fingers"
1971   "Sway"
                        This 3:25 version was the B-side to original 
                        "Wild Horses" 7" single in the States.
1972   "Exile on Main Street Blues"
                        promotional flexi-disc, included w/purchase of 
                        UK magazine, so since one COULD just go out 
                        and buy it at one point, it's listed here.
1972   "All Down the Line"
                        different version from LP. This pressing of the 
                        "Happy"/"ADTL" single was eventually discontinued.
1974   "Through the Lonely Nights"
                        flipside to "It's Only Rock'n'Roll" 7" 45

1978+  "She's a Rainbow"/"2000 Light Years From Home"
                        The 1967 US 7" promo held edited versions which 
                        eventually reappeared, after 1978, on a London 
                        Records USA single with a "Sunset" style label.
                        Etched into closing groove of the "Sunset" 
                        issue is the matrix number 5N-906.

1984   "Think I'm Going Mad" 
                        flipside to "She Was Hot" 7" 45

1990  The "Flashpoint" sides. A number of live performances
      recorded on the 1989-1990 tours were used as flipsides
      to singles pulled off "Flashpoint". These include:

      "2000 Light Years from Home"      (Highwire   US7", UK CD single "A")
      "Undercover of the Night"         (Sexdrive   US7", 
                                              Ruby Tueday UK CD single "A")
      "Play With Fire"                  (Ruby Tuesday 7", UK CD single "A")
      "I Just Wanna Make Love To You"   (Highwire  UK12", UK CD single "A")
      "Tumbling Dice"                   (Jumpin' JF   7", Benelux CD single)
      "Street Fightin' Man"             (Benelux CD single [same as above] )
      "Harlem Shuffle"                  (Ruby Tuesday     UK CD single "B")

      This list does not pretend to exhaust your methods of getting
      the tracks, it just offers suggestions for finding them.
1993  "Gimme Shelter (live)" - (cassette only, UK only) - 
             issued as part of a benefit project for the homeless in 
             1993, in which various artists cover the song, the Stones' 
             contribution was a live, "Urban Wheels" version. This
             version does appear on a CD, but it is the Promo. 

1994  "The Storm" (Flipside of "Love Is Strong" - found on US 
             cassette, CD single, and 7" vinyl of "LIS".  Also on 
             the 4-track European CD VSCDT1503, and a Limited 
             Edition, numbered, 7" UK single.)

1994  "So Young" (Found on European "Love Is Strong" CD listed 
             immediately above, and the US CD single for "Out 
             of Tears".)

1994  "Jump On Top of Me" (Found on European CD [VSCDG 1518], 
          cassette [VST 1518] and Ltd. edition 7" UK single of "You 
          Got me Rocking", but NOT on the UK 12" vinyl single, which 
          has 3 remixes of YGMR only. In the States, it's found on CD 
          single V25H-38468, cassette single, and 12" single. Also, 
          this is on the full-length soundtrack CD to Robert Altman's 
          1994 film "Pret-a-Porter". It is also on the "Voodoo
          Lounge CD-ROM", an interactive computer disc released in 
          November 1995, as one of four choices for accompaniment 
          to the "Screen Raver".)

1994   "I'm Gonna Drive" (flipside of "Out of Tears", found on US 
           Cassette single 4km-38459, the US CD single V25H-38459,
           the US 7" NR-38459, and in the UK on the 7" single and 
           CD single.)

1995   "I Go Wild (live)" (found on US/European CD-5 of "I Go Wild";
           performance is taken from the Nov. 25, 1994 show in Miami,
           Florida at Joe Robbie Stadium.) 

1995   "Black Limousine (live)" (Track 2 on European CD-5 of "Like a 
           Rolling Stone" [VSCDT 1562], released October 1995; also on 
           the American "LARS" single V25F-38523; and the Japanese CD 
           of the full-length album release, "Stripped"; 
           Performance is from Brixton Academy in London, July 1995.)          

1995   "All Down the Line (Live)" (Track 3 on European CD-5 of "Like a 
           Rolling Stone" [VSCDT 1562], October 1995, and in November
           of that year on the US CD single V25F-38523) 
1996   "Live With Me (live)" 
       "Tumbling Dice (live)"
       "Gimme Shelter (live)" 
           (Tracks 2, 3, and 4 on the first European CD single 
           [VSCDT 1578] issued for "Wild Horses" (track 1),  
           which was taken from "Stripped". "TD" is actually an edit 
           of two versions: a rehearsal and a public performance.)

1980-1994  The "remixes".  While the Collectibles CD includes
      one remix each of several popular songs, some persist that
      have never been released on any collection:

      "Undercover (Extended)"            (Undercover     12")
      "Feel On Baby (Instrumental)"      (""             " ")
      "Too Much Blood" (several exist)   (Too Much Blood 12")
      "Harlem Shuffle (New York mix)"    (Harlem Shuffle 12")
      "One Hit (London Mix)"             (One Hit        12")
      "Rock and a Hard Place"            (R & a HP    US 12")
          (Oh oh hard dub mix, Bonus Beats Mix, Dance Mix, 
           Michael Brauer Mix)
      "Terrifying (remix)"               (Terrifying     12")
      "Sexdrive" (Club Mix,Dirty Hands Mix) 
                                         (Sexdrive Euro- CD5)
      "Love Is Strong" (Bob Clearmountain Mix)
                                         (4th track on European
                                           CD single VSCDT1503)
      "Love Is Strong" (Joe the Butcher club mix, plus 
                        5 Teddy Riley mixes - radio, extended,
                        extended rock, dub, & instrumental)
                                         (UK CD VSCDX1503)
                       (US 12" has all these except the radio mix, 
                        US CD  has the extended remix and the instrumental.
                        US 7"  has the extended remix.)

      "You Got Me Rocking" (Perfecto Mix, Sexy Disco Dub Mix, and Trance 
                            Mix, last of which is on the UK and US 12" vinyl 
                            singles and US CD-5; first two are on the UK and 
                            Australian 4-track CD-5.)

      "Out Of Tears"  (Don Was Edit, and the Bob Clearmountain Remix Edit;
                          both found on US Cassette single 4km-38459
                               and US 7" NR-38459.)

      "Sparks Will Fly" (Radio Clean; found on VSCDT 1524, 7243 8 92711 26)
                            Added to the European CD-5 of "Out of Tears", the
                            big change, in the words of Michael Honig 
               It sounded as if someone has added some ... ahem, "lubricant" 
               exactly on the little holes of the cd that encode the words 
               of the line in question: It goes something like 
                      "... I wanna 'uck you sweet a" 

      "I Go Wild" (Scott Litt remix, and Luis Vesto Straight Vocal mix)
                      Both are on the US CD-5 for "I Go Wild", 
                      rel. April 1995 (V25H-38478); and a European 
                      CD-5 released the month after that. Scott Litt 
                      remix available on a Ltd. Ed. UK 7" picture 

      "Like a Rolling Stone (Edit)" 
               A 4:18 version of the Bob Dylan cover tune done on the 
               November 1995 album "Stripped". Found on the European 
               CD-5 for "LARS" [VSCDT 1562], released October 1995. 

1971-1990  The "promos".  Released to radio stations and DJ pools, 
      promotional singles will often include a version of a record that
      is more amenable to commercial airplay or dance club use, by virtue 
      of cleaned-up language, a different running time, or a hotter mix 
      more friendly to the intended arena (radio play or dance clubs).

      Many promos exist for the Rolling Stones where one side is "Mono"
      and the other is "Stereo", but here we catalogue records that 
      were more substantially altered or edited, AND did not see a 
      public commercial release: 

      "She's a Rainbow"/"2000 Light Years from Home" (Promo           7")
           (eventually released commercially by mistake - see above.)
      "Wild Horses"  (shorter version)               (Promo           7")
      "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll"  (shorter)           (Promo           7")
      "Before They make Me Run"                      (Promo           7")
      "Shattered" (clocks in under 3 minutes!!)      (Promo           7")
      "Emotional Rescue"                             (Promo           7")
      "She's So Cold" ('clean' - no 'God damn cold') (Promo           7")
      "If I was a Dancer (Instrumental)"             (Promo          12")
      "Waiting On a Friend" (more than a minute off) (Promo           7")
      "Undercover"                                   (Promo           7")
      "Sexdrive" (edited Club version)               (US Promo       12")
      "Wild Horses (Edit)"  (4:07)                   (European Promo CD 
                                                              VSCDJ 1578)


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