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Warner 2740
Released: October 1973
Chart Peak: #133
Weeks Charted: 12
Certified Platinum: 10/13/86

Alan FitzgeraldDenny CarmassiSammy HagarRonnie MontroseEx-Edgar Winter guitarist Ronnie Montrose's new power trio (plus singer) is a potentially scorching outfit. Montrose is the star and plays Jeff Beck-oriented music, with nods to other great leads. His performances have not yet reached the height of his sources, but he uses his talent to best possible advantage throughout. For example, "Rock the Nation" is a solid slice of Johnny Winter's style, done with Top Ten possibilities; "Space Station No. 5" combines Hendrix and the Led Zeppelin of "Communication Breakdown"; "Rock Candy" combines both Zeppelin and Beck's Beck-Ola style. And yet, for all its derivativeness, the band wraps the music up in a convincingly entertaining package. With Stray Dog and the fiery new Kiss, they prove there's no lack of rookie talent in this year's heavy-metal sweepstakes.

- Gordon Fletcher, Rolling Stone, 4-11-74.

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Montrose, a band formed by ex-Edgar Winter guitarist Ronnie Montrose, sticks with a simple, almost elementary approach -- hard-chargin' chord patterns laid over speed-crazed 4/4 rhythm backing. The result is a product that brings to mind thoughts of other heavy-metal monsters, though never in a way that denies Montrose their overwhelmingly individuality.

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Montrose's playing frequently resembles Jeff Beck's, firmly rooted in the same style though without most of the latter's chops. He does particularly well in this line on "Rock Candy," a real smoker that's part Beck, part Led Zeppelin, and three-fourths nitroglycerin. Other stand-out cuts are the Hendrix/"Communication Breakdown" riffer "Space Station #5" and a couple of neo-Deep Purple workouts, "One Thing On My Mind" and "Make It Last."

This album could give the heavy-metal field a real shot in the arm. Montrose has gotten off to an incredibly impressive heavy-metal start on record; now if they can get out do their thunder thing onstage there's no reason why they won't succeed.

- Gordon Fletcher, Circus Raves, 4-74.

Montrose is loud, boy is dey loud! I remember when Ronnie M. was in the Edgar Winter Group playing guitar, and he used to open his mouth so wide when he bent notes that you could put your fist right inside. Well, Ronnie Montrose has picked just the right bands to follow in the footsteps of (MC5, The Who, et al), and the drummer's a basher, the singer's a screamer, and they're almost as loud as Ronnie Montrose himself.

- Jon Tiven, Circus Raves, 4-74.

Yippeeee! Crotch rock is back. Yup, that super heavy, ear splitting, distorted, wunnerful stuff that makes you double over in sheer rock and roll ecstasy when you hear it. Ex-Edgar Winter guitarist Ronnie Montrose has assembled a band that sounds like Mt. Vesuvius at a New Year's party... pretty explosive. The drums quake like thunder, the guitar like a jet plane, the bass cuts the air like a dull butter knife and the vocals are raw as hell. The whole thing is a metallic exercise in plodding, avalanche rock and proves to be quite a head throbbing treat. Throw away dem acoustic guitars and plug into this one.

- Ed Naha, Circus, 3-74.

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