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 The Marantz 2230 Receiver

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Marantz 2230 Receiver



"Best in its class. With impressive specifications and Marantz-exclusive features, the Model 2230 offers more value and performance than any other receiver in its class. We've known that for years. But just recently, one of the nation's most respected independent consumer testing organizations verified it. In not one, but two separate categories -- features and performance. It delivers 60 Watts continuous power, both channels driven, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with total harmonic and inter-modulation distortion well under 0.5%. Stepped, three-zone tone controls for BASS, MID, TREBLE. Provisions for tape decks, phones, record changers and 4-channel adaptors. Ultra low-distortion FET, RF and IF circuitry. Massive heat sinks; automatic protection for internal circuitry and associated speakers, plus the famous Marantz gold-anodized front panel. Looking for a moderately priced receiver? The Marantz 2230 out-does them all."

- excerpted from a 1973 Marantz stereo equipment catalog

Marantz's Legendary Audio Classics Website

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