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Super Seventies RockSite!'s

 Guestbook 'Greatest Hits' - 2001 (Jan. - June)

Name: Eugene Engebretson - 06/28/01 11:24:29 PM
Location: Brooklyn Park, MN
Age: 60
Favorite Seventies Acts: Mary Macgregor
Comments: I wish Mary's albums would be re-released on CD.

Name: Kevin C - 06/28/01 11:15:54 PM
Location: Albany, NY area
Age: 38
Referred by: Nobody - stumbled upon the site.
Favorite Seventies Acts: I forgot to mention Steely Dan, David Bowie, King Crimson, CCR, ELP, BTO, ELO, CSN&Y, Traffic (60s and 70s, I know), Blue Oyster Cult, Yes, Genesis, and on and on and on.
Comments: (no comment)

Name: Kevin C - 06/28/01 10:53:17 PM
Location: Albany, NY area
Age: 38
Referred by: Nobody - stumbled upon the site.
Favorite Feature: Hmmm. No particular favorite - like it all.
Favorite Seventies Acts: Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Starship, Joe Walsh, Santana, Badfinger, Wings, Rush, Heart, Queen, Led Zeppelin, the Who, Guess Who, America, Allman Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Edgar Winter.
Comments: Regarding the "racist" accusation from a previous visitor, I find that comment preposterous. This site is as balanced as a site could be relative to the contributions by both white and black artists. Keep up the good work. The memories that you triggered in me are almost palpable!

Name: Anonymous Surfer - 06/25/01 10:14:51 PM
Comments: Well, your choice of albums is so Lilly-White, that, I'm afraid of asking if you have ever heard of: (God Forbid) "Diana Ross"? It's amazing how racist these selections are? Not that I care because the biggest selling album is by a black??? White here...just found it appalling that in the second millenium, the same bull is perpetuated?

Name: Bill B - 06/24/01 12:43:57 AM
Location: Georgia
Age: 51
Referred by: not referred--just stumbled on to you
Favorite Feature: MIDI Jukebox and Lyrics
Favorite Seventies Acts: Three Dog Night
Comments: What a wonderful resource for finding lyrics! I wish you had the lyrics to "Louie, Louie." Always wondered what they were singing. -

Name: Zodiak Overun - 06/23/01 11:44:28 AM
Location: Germany
Age: 31
Favorite Feature: 1970-74
Favorite Seventies Acts: VDGG, Rarebird, Tangerine Dream, Agitation Free
Comments: Very good, but I hope thereęs gonna be more of the groups beyond the charts (like Van der Graaf Generator)... I appreciate all information about my favourite time.

Name: Ron Gardner - 06/23/01 01:37:43 AM
Age: 36
Comments: I own a Carpenters test pressing, and I would like to know the titles of all the songs on it. -

Name: Riffraff - 06/20/01 01:43:24 PM
Comments: I love the site!!!!

Name: Jalbas Paz Japiassu - 06/19/01 12:05:50 AM
Location: Brazil
Age: 47
Comments: It's like a dream to find a place like this. Thank you very much, Jalbas.

Name: toh - 06/18/01 11:54:03 PM
Location: Singapore
Age: 31
Comments: You have a great site!

Name: Andrea - 06/18/01 09:23:58 PM
Location: Canada
Age: 18
Favorite Feature: The 150 Best Rock Albums
Favorite Seventies Acts: Led Zeppelin, Heart, Pink Floyd, Foghat and Lynard Skynard
Comments: This is a very very cool website...the only one I've ever encountered that featured at least 10 of my favourite artists. Awesome.

Name: hartono - 06/17/01 11:42:58 PM
Location: Indonesia
Age: 38
Favorite Seventies Acts: Deep Purple, Beatles, Led Zeepelin, Koes Plus
Comments: You're the greatest site about info music seventies. How about news seventies from Indonesia, liked Koes Plus, God Bless And The Others.

Name: tito - 06/17/01 10:12:53 PM
Location: Moron
Age: 46
Favorite Seventies Acts: Janis Joplin of course
Comments: Congratulations for your site, if you want know about 70`s in Argentina go to the site - tito

Name: danny wright - 06/17/01 01:41:11 PM
Website URL:
Age: 18
Favorite Seventies Acts: dave mason
Comments: can any one refer me to somewhere where I can get all the lyrics from dave masons HEADKEEPER album. TA. -

Name: The Ancient One - 06/14/01 01:24:47 PM
Website URL:
Location: hamilton ontario canda
Age: 43
Referred by: yahoo
Favorite Feature: everything
Favorite Seventies Acts: stones, doors, janis joplin, pink floyd, alice cooper...
Comments: you have a great site. i enjoyed every word. peace.

Name: Julia - 06/12/01 07:19:47 PM
Location: Waterloo
Age: 19
Referred by: wackohahahah
Comments: where's the radio station? how can i play these groovy tunes?

Name: Agata - 06/10/01 08:28:51 AM
Location: Poland
Age: 20
Favorite Seventies Acts: it would take months to name them all
Comments: oh, thanks a lot for a nice page. I have already lost my hope to find anything on Mary MacGregor. Nothing in the music encyclopedias, nowhere. Haven't read much of Your pages yet, but I surely will. Thanks a lot. By the way, anyone interested in oldies music? It would be great to get to know someone sharing my musical interests. -

Name: tracy - 06/08/01 06:51:25 PM
Age: 30
Favorite Feature: links
Favorite Seventies Acts: styx, reo speedwagon
Comments: i love everything of the 70s. that was great music then & i still love listening to it today.

Name: Fowler Jones - 06/08/01 05:04:48 PM
Location: Shawnee Mission, KS
Age: 36
Referred by: search engine - google
Favorite Feature: n/a
Favorite Seventies Acts: Shields and Yarnell
Comments: Check out my web site for summer camp nostalgia, 70s style! It's called Camp Zoe Memories.

Name: ray hernandez - 06/07/01 02:11:54 PM
Location: san angelo tx
Age: 45
Referred by: a friend
Favorite Feature: top songs of the seventies
Favorite Seventies Acts: james taylor, carly simon, simon and garfunkel, crosby,stills nash, young
Comments: I really appreciate this website, it takes me back to the seventies when I really did not know that history was in the making, both in the music scene and politics. Reliving those memorable years help relieve stress and the ongoing drugeries of life.

Name: Julee Cormier - 06/04/01 11:56:08 PM
Age: 44
Referred by: Found it on my own
Favorite Feature: The Lyric page
Favorite Seventies Acts: Elton John, The Eagles, Wings, America, Three Dog Nite
Comments: Wow, I can't believe the hours of fun I'm having just checking out all this site has to offer. It brings me back to a time I'd love to relive! There was just something about the seventies that won't go away. I love it. I can't wait to tell my friends about this. We have a whole group who loves to talk about the seventies and all the great times we had. Keep up the good work Dennis. Sincerely, Julee

Name: Lynne Aperios - 06/03/01 02:01:05 AM
Favorite Feature: seventies night
Favorite Seventies Acts: Anything to do with disco
Comments: My favorite thing about the seventies was the Disco era..

Name: Pammi - 06/02/01 03:54:45 PM
Referred by: Geocities Search
Favorite Feature: MUSIC
Comments: Loved your website... so thorough! Peace & Love, Pammi

Name: Sherry Jones Bullington - 05/29/01 10:27:12 PM
Location: Ringgold, Va.
Age: 48
Comments: I know i didn't get to graduate with you guys. I moved to Danville,Va. when I was a Jr. I ended up graduating from G.W. UGH!!!! I even attended the class reunion in 1981. Would love to hear from ya'll. It has been a while. Sherry -

Name: Christian - 05/29/01 05:51:55 AM
Website URL:
Location: Halle - Germany
Age: 21
Favorite Seventies Acts: Yes and so many others
Comments: Great site and I want to sign me in this guestbook.

Name: chris raffoul - 05/29/01 03:28:06 AM
Location: sydney
Age: 13
Comments: dear elton Ilove your songs and i wish you keep sing more

Name: The Ancient One - 05/28/01 10:58:29 AM
Website URL:
Location: canada
Age: 42
Referred by: yahoo
Favorite Feature: loved everything
Favorite Seventies Acts: april wine, guess who, zeppelin, sabbath, dylan, stones...
Comments: you have a great site. as an old hippy i enjoyed every word of it. peace.

Name: Guy Bickel - 05/25/01 06:02:41 AM
Website URL:
Location: Tampa, FL
Age: 49
Referred by: Me
Favorite Seventies Acts: Pink Floyd of course
Comments: I am looking to contact Norm N. Nite I need to speak with him. We had a mutual friend. -

Name: caitlin - 05/24/01 09:47:14 AM
Age: 17
Referred by: surfed on in
Favorite Feature: the almonac thingy
Favorite Seventies Acts: carpenters
Comments: your site is ace it helped me out heaps with a music assignment I had to do on the '70s

Name: robyne dunn - 05/23/01 06:58:07 AM
Website URL:
Location: sydney, australia
Comments: I am desperately trying to find a copy of the lyrics to a Carole King song 'Spaceship Races' from her first album 'Writer'. I would appreciate any guidance anyone could offer, many thanks Robyne -

Name: Nikki - 05/21/01 04:23:30 AM
Location: Australia
Age: 28
Referred by: A Geocities search
Favorite Feature: ".... In Their Own Words."
Comments: I'm a huge rock fan, especially of the eighties! I surfed on into your site and an hour later and I'm still here! *Laff* You have an awesome page well done!!! (-:

Name: Scott Hudson - 05/17/01 11:09:57 PM
Location: Concord, NC
Age: 39
Favorite Feature: It's all good!!
Favorite Seventies Acts: Alice Cooper, Grand Funk, Boston, Kansas
Comments: This site is the absolute bomb. You can visit as often as you like and never get bored. The comprehensive volumes of '70s related material is second to none. Thanks dude!!

Name: Mike - 05/16/01 06:38:43 PM
Location: Japan
Age: 18
Referred by: Someone
Favorite Feature: Top singles blah blah
Favorite Seventies Acts: Dunno
Comments: Hey nice place

Name: Val - 05/16/01 12:46:04 AM
Website URL:
Location: Maryland, USA
Age: 35+
Referred by: Dennis
Favorite Feature: all the memories
Favorite Seventies Acts: Kansas, Santana, Fleetwood Mac, QUEEN!
Comments: What a magnificent site you have. I've been here many times and each time I come back I find something that touches me in a very special way. Thanks for all the effort you have put into this site, the 70's was a unique time in human history.

Name: Hartono Wijaya - 05/15/01 09:57:29 PM
Location: Makassar, Indonesia
Age: 37
Favorite Seventies Acts: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin. Queen, God Bless (Ina), Beatles
Comments: DP, LZ, Queen and Beatles is very Fantastic and In Indonesia God Bless Is very Mistery for musician in Indonesia

Name: Linda - 05/15/01 06:03:41 AM
Website URL:
Location: Mission Viejo, CA
Comments: I linked your lovely site to mine. I found the navigation within your site to be excellent! Nice being linked together, Linda

Name: Moo Swartz - 05/14/01 11:53:23 AM
Location: below Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Age: 14
Referred by: I tripped upon this site
Favorite Feature: Rock 'n Roll is Awsome
Favorite Seventies Acts: Star Wars and Fleetwood Mac
Comments: You should be able to see the lyrics to all of the songs listed. I sing in shows, I'm a preformer actually, and I know all the oldies tunes but not the words. Lyrics would definitely help me get ideas for songs to compete with. An excellent site my dears.

Name: Melissa - 05/14/01 11:41:11 AM
Age: 14
Comments: The entire set-up made all of the information very easy to navigate. I needed to copy pictures from the 70's for a History project. This site has saved me an enormous amount of time. I also dig old music, so the lists were pretty cool.

Name: Rebecca Smithberger - 05/13/01 02:03:01 PM
Location: Ohio
Age: 16
Referred by: just found the site
Favorite Feature: not sure
Favorite Seventies Acts: Three's Company
Comments: Your site is great for school research projects!! Thank you!!

Name: Flowerchild - 05/13/01 02:00:35 PM
Location: Somewere in Ohio
Age: 16
Referred by: Knowone
Favorite Feature: List by list year by year of the seventies music
Favorite Seventies Acts: Fleetwood Mac
Comments: You should have an overall seventies thing... What was music about overview .

Name: Adnan Husomanovic - 05/12/01 04:45:43 PM
Website URL:
Location: BIH
Age: 16
Favorite Seventies Acts: Led Zeppelin
Comments: Great Site!!! Great site!!! I love 70 s.

Name: Bert - 05/12/01 01:16:48 PM
Location: USA
Age: 37
Comments: I live in Texas from 1974 to 1978. Every Saturday morning there was a show on that featured kids competing in various games. Many of the games and events involved swimming pools and other water-oriented games. Does anyone recall the name of the show?

Name: Larissa - 05/10/01 09:09:29 PM
Location: st.louis
Age: 15
Favorite Feature: I loved the stories
Comments: This was a great page and it really helped me with my report I was doing on joni mitchell. thank you!

Name: The Ancient One - 05/07/01 08:55:50 AM
Website URL:
Location: hamilton ontario canada
Age: 42
Referred by: yahoo
Favorite Feature: everything
Favorite Seventies Acts: edgar winter, alice cooper, april wine, bto, bob dylan
Comments: you have a wonderful site. i wish you continued success. peace.

Name: Billy Griffin - 05/07/01 12:55:03 AM
Website URL:
Location: Hollywood Ca.
Favorite Feature: Songs of 1976
Favorite Seventies Acts: Miracles
Comments: Sure would like to get the picture of the Miracles: "Love Machine," 1976 for my site. Billy Griffin -

Name: Estrella Mattix - 05/03/01 09:25:14 PM
Location: Cornwall,Ontario
Age: 14
Favorite Feature: Lyrics
Favorite Seventies Acts: groupis
Comments: Finally,a sight where I can find all the great 70s music.

Name: Don Breithaupt - 05/03/01 07:36:25 PM
Location: Toronto
Age: 40
Favorite Feature: reviews archive
Favorite Seventies Acts: Steely Dan
Comments: 70s INFO REQ'D FOR FORTHCOMING BOOK! Fellow seventiesologists, I'm currently compiling information for a book to be published in 2002 on rock & roll sequels -- songs that are followups, in some sense, to previously existing songs (by the same artist or not). Examples include: Ashes to Ashes, David Bowie's followup to Space Oddity; Sequel, Harry Chapin's followup to Taxi; Little Marie, Chuck Berry's followup to Memphis, etc. Are you aware of any connections along these lines? Any assistance I receive will be credited in the book's acknowledgments. Many thanks, Don Breithaupt CONTACT ME DIRECTLY BY E-MAIL! -

Name: Anita Bosley - 04/29/01 10:30:01 AM
Location: Ohio
Favorite Feature: Shows all the shows I grew up with
Comments: I would like to know the 10 top 70 & 71 shows for tv. I really like your site & will tell my friends about it.

Name: Marilyn ("Lawgoddess") - 04/28/01 04:24:00 PM
Comments: What a flashback! I feel like I have those stupid wings in my hair again.

Name: William "badhead" Warren - 04/26/01 11:11:18 PM
Location: Cullman Al.
Age: 41
Referred by: rolling stone
Favorite Feature: historical details
Favorite Seventies Acts: Hot Tuna, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, New Riders of the Purple Sage, ect., ect.
Comments: Overjoyed that Phil is rockin' on with Friends!

Name: Tyla - 04/26/01 12:36:40 PM
Favorite Feature: 70s stuff
Comments: Thanks your site was a big help on my project.... It was great I got most of the information that i needed but I think it might be helpful if you put the technology that we got in the seventies... ~~HUGS~~ I'll be back..

Name: Drea Nantina - 04/25/01 11:45:39 PM
Age: 17
Referred by: I donno, just found the website on my own
Favorite Feature: The colors and pictures
Favorite Seventies Acts: what??
Comments: I think that this website has a lot of room for improvements. I mean, shit, I was looking for sport highlights of the seventies, and I could not find jack, like, I was expecting more info than a few lines of information. If you are going to mention that your website is going to have sports info included in it, then you should have some sports info, but the colors were pretty rad I guess.

Name: Anna - 04/25/01 05:03:06 PM
Location: Denver
Age: 52
Comments: Re: David Gates. Just wondering if David Gates is the son of Clarence Gates. Mr. Gates was my first violin teacher. -

Name: Cazhmir Cooper - 04/25/01 10:48:40 AM
Location: 8450Howard Houston Tx. 77061
Age: 16
Referred by: Friend
Favorite Feature: 72
Favorite Seventies Acts: 75
Comments: This web site is really cool and I would like to thank you guys for making it up for students like me!!!

Name: Kieren Strain - 04/23/01 02:20:50 PM
Location: Toronto, Canada (born and raised in Australia)
Age: 38
Referred by: Stumbled on after searching for a 70's music site
Favorite Feature: List of songs and albums!
Favorite Seventies Acts: Little River Band; Yes; Bowie; Zep; Supertramp; The Guess Who; Chicago; Stevie Wonder; Grand Funk; Bee Gees; Steve Miller; Rory Gallagher; Hot Tuna; America; Bread
Comments: This site is awesome! Thank you! My wife is turning 40 this year and I want to throw her a 70's party - she loved the disco/dance stuff, while I'm a huge rock'n'roll fan of the 70's! I was struggling with pulling together a "hit list" of songs, but your site not only helped me with the stuff she'll love, but also brought back some great memories for me as I perused the pages! Awesome! Thanks, Kieren Strain

Name: Jennifer - 04/22/01 10:16:18 PM
Location: Texas
Age: 16
Referred by: me!!!!
Favorite Feature: midis
Favorite Seventies Acts: Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Lennon Solo
Comments: (no comment)

Name: rhonda - 04/22/01 06:58:45 PM
Location: texas
Age: 42
Referred by: N/A
Favorite Feature: the music
Favorite Seventies Acts: too many to list
Comments: This is the best site I have found. The 70's will always be a influential time in the music industry.

Name: Tom Guerra - 04/19/01 01:16:49 PM
Website URL:
Location: US
Age: 35
Favorite Feature: 70's
Favorite Seventies Acts: Mott The Hoople
Comments: Nice website. I'm a US guitarist and have recently recorded my first solo cd w/ Rick Derringer called "Mambo Sons". I also write for Vintage Guitar magazine and have recently interviewed / biographed Paul Kossoff, Ian Hunter, Simon Kirke, Kenny Aaronson, Matt Guitar Murphy and a bunch more. I have these bios and interviews on my website at as well as mp3's of my own music. Feel free to check out and link to it if you like. Cheers, Tom Guerra

Name: Stephen A. - 04/14/01 06:12:26 PM
Location: florida
Age: 46
Referred by: N/A
Favorite Feature: List of Music
Favorite Seventies Acts: Mountain, Rye Coode, Commander Cody and Lost Planet Airmen, Early Joe Cocker
Comments: I rank 70's as some great music from: DELANEY and BONNIE, RYE COODER, DEREK AND THE DOMINOES LIVE !!!, COMMANDER CODY AND THEIR LOST PLANET AIRMEN, MOUNTAIN (not just one song), FACES WITH ROD STEWART (A Nod As Good As Wink To A Blind Horse album), ERIC CLAPTON GOING SOLO. Why is none of this music on classic-rock radio? -

Name: Roger P. - 04/11/01 11:19:55 PM
Location: Brazil
Age: 38
Comments: This is the best site I ever saw on the web. I always spend some minutes (hours?) here, just remembering facts that send me to the best time of all - Congratulations

Name: Hawkan - 04/10/01 08:35:18 PM
Website URL:
Location: Sweden
Age: 34
Favorite Seventies Acts: Leaf hound, Mariani, Tear gas, Trower, Hendrix, Mountain, etc..
Comments: HEY! GREAT SITE! I LOOOOVE THE 70ęs ROCK! Together we Rockers shall fight the Rap-hip-Rave virus on Earth! LOL! Wanna be nostalgique? Check us out! We play 70ęs influenced Rock! In the vein of: Cream, Zeppelin, Govt mule, Trower, Mountain, Free, etc... Best, Hawkan

Name: Eric Blakesley - 04/07/01 11:37:39 PM
Location: Iowa
Age: 40
Referred by: Sherry
Comments: This was a GREAT SITE!!! Thanks for a night of fun just remembering back to those great times.......!!!!!!

Name: Sherry Russell - 04/07/01 11:29:17 PM
Age: 42
Favorite Feature: All
Comments: I love this site. Very informative. I would say more about it, but it's now 7:30 in the morning and I haven't been to sleep yet, because of this site. It was great to reminisce! You did a wonderful job of putting together an era in time that will always be remembered. Thank you, Sherry

Name: johnny - 04/07/01 02:11:32 PM
Location: western canada
Age: LATE 30'S
Referred by: my surfing
Favorite Feature: french connection
Favorite Seventies Acts: joy division

Name: Cathi - 04/07/01 03:27:46 AM
Website URL:
Location: Las Vegas
Age: 40
Referred by: web
Favorite Feature: top 40 songs by year
Favorite Seventies Acts: too many to name!
Comments: I love this page!

Name: kathy robertson - 04/03/01 10:12:12 PM
Age: 43
Favorite Seventies Acts: music
Comments: I'm looking for a song in probably '75,'76, or '77 with the words "sweatshirt to sweater". i don't know the artist nor the name of the song. But I would like this info if anyone has something. I want to say it's John Cougar but I'm not sure. thank you -

Name: Jeanna Elaine Cornett - 04/01/01 10:29:10 PM
Location: Kentucky
Favorite Feature: album reviews
Favorite Seventies Acts: Derek & the Dominoes, Roxy Music, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Three Dog Night, the Who, Sutherland Brothers, the Clash, ELO, Pilot, Laura Nyro, Rolling Stones, Big Star, many more
Comments: This site is the stuff that dreams are made of. Thank you so much.

Name: Juliet Burt - 03/28/01 10:15:07 PM
Location: New Zealand
Age: 30
Referred by: altavista
Favorite Feature: extensive information
Comments: Do you know the song with the words ...some girls will, some girls won't, some girls need a lot of lovin and some girls don't -

Name: Nichole - 03/27/01 04:51:04 AM
Location: Australia
Age: 28
Favorite Feature: Almanac
Favorite Seventies Acts: Just too damn many!
Comments: Am in the middle of organising a 70's theme night and this site has just been a life saver. Pity it's for a pack of boring accountants, I'm sure I got more fun out of organising it than they will on the night itself!!

Name: Ev - 03/26/01 05:41:45 PM
Location: The one, the only.....the UK
Age: 17
Referred by: Found it all by myself
Favorite Feature: 150 classic albums
Favorite Seventies Acts: Bowie, Zepellin, Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Doors...U know, the classics
Comments: Really helpful...for all things connected to the 70's. Damn do i wish i was alive then!

Name: Karyn - 03/23/01 01:01:53 PM
Website URL:
Location: California
Age: you've got to be kidding
Comments: Wow, your site is fantastic. Love your selection of 70's hits. Great songs, the best of memories.

Name: Grant - 03/20/01 09:10:52 PM
Location: Ohio
Age: 18
Favorite Seventies Acts: The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Elton John
Comments: This place makes me wish I grew up in the 70s. Modern music is terrible with few exceptions. 70s rock is the best music ever produced. You people are lucky to grow up with Led Zeppelin instead of Puff Daddy and N'Sync

Name: Kim Ahmed - 03/19/01 10:18:29 PM
Location: U.S.A.
Age: 43
Referred by: Found it by surfing
Favorite Feature: quiz
Favorite Seventies Acts: Carly Simon, Barry White, Beatles
Comments: Wow! Thought I knew a lot--guess memory is fading as the years go by!! Difficult but fun- sure helped me recall good old times! Thanx Kim A

Name: Roberto Motoie - 03/19/01 09:07:04 PM
Age: 47
Comments: I like very much your songs and letters! I have your work in vinyl.

Name: Jamie Penner - 03/17/01 02:23:37 AM
Location: Canada
Age: 36
Favorite Seventies Acts: Prism
Comments: Great site! Anyone who has a fondness for Canadian 70s rock will remember Prism! Come see their official website at!

Name: nancy wallace - 03/13/01 11:58:17 PM
Comments: Would like to find an album by Samantha Sang that included "Kansas City" and "Could This be my Love Affair?" Can you help?

Name: Lady Mariah - 03/13/01 10:23:21 PM
Website URL:
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Age: 53
Referred by:
Favorite Feature: photos
Favorite Seventies Acts: doobie brothers
Comments: What a great site. Excellent content. If you get a chance, stop by my site. PEACE

Name: Pat Bourne - 03/13/01 12:34:49 AM
Comments: Looking for Bob Gilbert. Do you know where he is now....old friend from the 1970's.

Name: David L. Palmer - 03/12/01 10:01:55 PM
Location: Collierville Tennessee
Age: 44
Referred by: surfing
Favorite Feature: 70s music
Favorite Seventies Acts: Women
Comments: I like sittin here thinkin about the 70s I graduated in 1975. man how did i survive? Partied with the best. Lived in Hawaii and partied there to no end. Traveled alot mardi gras a couple of times. spent the whole 90s in Alaska. Lost my girl in the 70s that i never quit thinkin about. I miss the 70s

Name: Hans Peder Dissing - 03/09/01 07:43:15 AM
Website URL:
Location: Denmark
Age: 30
Referred by:
Favorite Feature: Albums by month
Favorite Seventies Acts: Don't know...
Comments: Fantastic site!!! I'm preparing a "History of Rock" for my students, and I've found everything I need about the 70s here. I'll definitely direct my students to this site for further information. Thanks!

Name: Destiny - 03/07/01 09:48:43 AM
Comments: Right On! This web page is one of the best I've seen. Thanks for the information. See you later alligator! LOL

Name: Susan - 03/05/01 12:37:18 PM
Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Age: 42
Referred by: msn search
Favorite Feature: All of them so far!
Favorite Seventies Acts: Eagles, Janis, CSN&Y
Comments: This site is AWESOME!! The memories that have flooded back while visiting here are enormous! Thank you for providing an 'Old Lady' with some young and lasting memories! Keep up the great work and I'll keep coming back. Rock On!!

Name: john - 03/04/01 06:41:16 AM
Location: la
Age: 25

Name: wayne - 03/01/01 10:15:44 PM
Location: ohio
Age: 40
Favorite Feature: top songs by year
Favorite Seventies Acts: aerosmith-heart-van halen-kiss-hall and oates-j geils band-kansas-
Comments: absolutely loved your site--the seventies were a wonderful and hazy time in my wonderful and rich life. thank you and all those who contributed to this little piece of nostalgia-- get it on--bang a gong--get it on...

Name: John Michaelson - 02/25/01 01:11:54 AM
Location: Greeneville, Tennessee
Age: 32
Referred by: browzing
Favorite Feature: The almanac
Favorite Seventies Acts: Bee Gees, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, ELTON JOHN
Comments: I was more impressed with almanac than with anything else. I can tell that alot of time and effort was put into this site.

Name: Reg Clark - 02/12/01 11:43:43 PM
Age: 32
Referred by: Search Engine
Favorite Feature: Almanac- year by year
Favorite Seventies Acts: Everything from Fleetwood Mac to Captain & Tenille
Comments: This is the best site I've seen for this sort of thing. You have lots of great info here and its simple to navigate. Great work!... KUDOS

Name: peter - 02/10/01 06:01:03 AM
Location: england-uk
Age: 35
Referred by: search engine
Favorite Feature: seventies rock
Favorite Seventies Acts: steely dan (chicago)
Comments: i caught up with all the steely dan back catolog ten years ago and i have not stopped listening since,the same applies to chicago.

Name: Kelly Nicole - 02/07/01 07:56:57 PM
Age: Sweet 16
Referred by: Me, Myself, and I
Favorite Feature: THA SEVENTIES!!!!
Favorite Seventies Acts: Steppenwolf, Kiss, Alice Cooper
Comments: The 70's were a killer decade!! I am one who truely appreciates this time, all the movements and things that this era changed so much of what is today, and that is truely GROOVY!!!! The music, the people (especially my favorite- the hippies), women's rights movement (even the burning bras thing??). Rock on! Do ya DIG??!!

Name: The Shadmock - 02/02/01 01:34:36 PM
Location: UK
Age: 90
Referred by: yahoo
Favorite Seventies Acts: David Bowie
Comments: I wouldn't say Mick Jagger is mean, but I heard that when the weather is cold he sits around a candle. And when it's very cold, he lights it.

Name: eric d. peiffer - 02/01/01 01:47:22 AM
Age: 41
Referred by:
Favorite Seventies Acts: beatles/chicago
Comments: (no comment)

Name: Smokin' Dave - 01/30/01 03:39:52 AM
Website URL:
Location: Uptown New Orleans, baby
Age: 42
Referred by: Return Visit
Favorite Seventies Acts: Led Zep, The Sweet, Mott The Hoople, KISS, George Harrison, BTO
Comments: Returning to your site for the 100th or so time. Still the most righteous and informative 70's tribute -- all done up in a slick package -- that I've yet to see. Keep up the good work and have a nice day!

Name: Val - 01/28/01 07:46:40 PM
Website URL:
Location: Montgomery County Maryland
Age: 35+
Referred by: previous visit here
Favorite Feature: the pictures, posters, all these memories
Favorite Seventies Acts: Queen, Kansas
Comments: I love this site, it brings back so many wonderful memories. Some groups I had forgoten about, and others I never knew that much about. But wow, this is excellent. Thanks for making a site like this that honors a beautiful time in human history.

Name: Alan Peaty - 01/26/01 09:06:06 PM
Location: UK
Age: 17
Referred by: Yahoo
Favorite Feature: Album Reviews
Favorite Seventies Acts: Van Halen
Comments: I love your site. 70's were definitely the times!! I loved the 150 album reviews too. I have most of the 150 albums listed there. Shame I can't say the same about today's music.

Name: Mary-Ellen - 01/23/01 05:38:52 PM
Age: 22
Comments: What a great site! Enjoyed seeing what was popular the day i was born ....

Name: Stewart - 01/22/01 07:28:52 PM
Location: Scotland
Age: 39
Favorite Seventies Acts: most of the rock music from that era
Comments: Groovy site, keep up the good work

Name: KELLY MANGUM - 01/20/01 08:58:41 PM
Age: 35
Favorite Seventies Acts: M*A*S*H*
Comments: What a great website! However, I am looking for information on an old favorite of mine -- albeit the show was short-lived -- that appeared on NBC in the early-70s called the "The Magician" and starred the late Bill Bixby. When was it first broadcast, mainly? -

Name: Brendan - 01/20/01 12:53:53 AM
Website URL:
Location: Canada
Age: 14
Favorite Seventies Acts: YMCA!!!

Name: randy - 01/18/01 11:37:29 AM
Age: 17
Referred by: Yahoo!
Favorite Feature: top 40's lists
Favorite Seventies Acts: soo many, Three Dog Night, James Taylor, ABBA.....
Comments: I loved this web site!! It was just what I was looking for. There was just soooo much information!! Thanks!

Name: Anonymous Surfer - 01/18/01 04:34:33 AM
Location: Rhode Island USA
Age: 37
Referred by: google search
Favorite Seventies Acts: Frank Zappa, John Stewart, the song "Thunder Island" by Jay Ferguson
Comments: God,talk about time warping back to my early teens! Just seeing some of this stuff confirms that my late childhood and early adolescence didn't suck. I see some of these songs and good memories flood back. I HATED Disco back then but now when i hear it...i get nostalgic...

Name: cory & nancy aingworth - 01/18/01 12:43:30 AM
Location: st joe
Age: 44 , 43
Referred by: kiss44t
Favorite Feature: music
Favorite Seventies Acts: pink floyd
Comments: i need an update on all of the rock &roll groups from 1960 to 1980! thanks cory

Name: Gabe Aylward - 01/14/01 12:39:44 PM
Location: Cleveland
Age: 32
Referred by: Me
Favorite Feature: Bob Quotes
Favorite Seventies Acts: Bob Seger

Name: James A.D'Amico - 01/13/01 10:57:26 PM
Location: The Bronx of NYC
Age: 30
Referred by: WebTV
Favorite Feature: The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3
Favorite Seventies Acts: Pink Floyd, KC And The Sunshine Band and Led Zeppelin
Comments: Hi, I'm James D'Amico from the Bronx. Do you have the song, "Come And Get Your Love"? I forget the name of the artist, can you e-mail me if you get the chance? Thanks! -

Name: Nancy Deedrick - 01/13/01 01:05:17 PM
Location: Nashville
Age: 56
Referred by: Leon Russell
Favorite Feature: "in their own words"
Favorite Seventies Acts: Fleetwood Mac
Comments: I have a website that zeroes in on the late sixties/early seventies in Hollywood. Lots of inside information on the events and escapades of many people who lived there. If you have an obscessive curiosity with that time and place, go to the Great Hollywood Hangover --

Name: Fleur - 01/12/01 06:28:57 PM
Age: 14
Referred by: Ask Jeeves
Favorite Feature: Groovy Writing
Favorite Seventies Acts: Pans People
Comments: Really good for my project on the 1970's!

Name: Allan-Michael Isherwood
Location: American in Germany
Age: Old enough to know!!!
Favorite Seventies Acts: Marc Bolan & T.Rex.
Comments: How could you pick 150 albums without one mention of the MIGHTY T.REX??? There would definatly be no Glam Rock without them! David Bowie was a Pantomime Opener for them before he `Made itę!!! Check out the facts.

Name: kosras
Location: greece
Age: 17
Comments: thanx!!a very good site. but not having deep purple's in rock or the machine head in the top 150 list or the first of the doors? if you except these, it's really a good site. ROCKIN A LIFETIME

Name: John campanella - 01/12/01 03:47:48 AM
Location: arvada,co
Age: 41
Referred by: love for rosann
Favorite Seventies Acts: led z.,ozzie, l

Name: Fireball - 01/12/01 03:42:27 AM
Website URL:
Location: Luxembourg
Referred by: Surf
Favorite Seventies Acts: Deep Purple
Comments: Very Informative Page !!! Greetings from Luxembourg ... The Fireball-Crew !!!!

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