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The Cars
Elektra, 1979
Designers: Ron Coro and Johnny Lee
Artist: Alberto Vargas

ars drummer David Robinson brought the quintessential pinup artist, Alberto Vargas, out of semi-retirement for the cover of the Cars' second album, Candy-O. To produce a photo that Vargas could use as a guide, Robinson set up a shoot at a Ferrari dealership in Beverly Hills and asked the Elektra art department to hire a blonde with "a nice figure." The model's name is Candy Moore (purely a coincidence, says Robinson). She and Robinson struck up a brief romance; they've now been out of touch for years. "I wouldn't mind hearing from her," says Robinson. "Maybe I will now."

Vargas's buxom babe helped Candy-O go platinum in eight weeks, despite accusations that the cover is sexist. "Maybe it is," says Robinson with a laugh. "I don't know."

Vargas, then eighty years old, came to see a Cars concert in L.A. "He just said it wasn't his kind of music," says Robinson, "but he was impressed because he could see that we worked really hard. And he said there were beautiful girls all over the place. He liked that very much."

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