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Little Feat
Warner Bros., 1972
Artist: Neon Park

artin Muller, the exceptional artist who is better known by the name Neon Park, broke onto the scene with his unforgettable cover for Frank Zappa's 1970 album Weasels Ripped My Flesh. His cover for Little Feat's second LP, Sailin' Shoes, is only slightly less provocative. The combination of an anthropomorphized cake with a slice missing between her legs and a phallically looming snail is the perfect visual counterpoint to the surrealistic imagery, funky sound and lazy sexuality of Little Feat. "The Sailin' Shoes cover was inspired by Louis XIV," says Park, who has painted all of Little Feat's subsequent album covers. "I'd just seen Rossellini's film about Louis XIV. And it seemed to relate a lot to Hollywood. A situation ruled by someone who kept everybody under his thumb by keeping them in hock from bying fancy clothes seemed to relate to Hollywood somehow. Actually, the only thing that was missing was the Hollywood sign, which I was going to put in the background. I thought that would be gauche. But I had a chance to pick up on that later with The Last Record Album." Look closely at the cover and you'll notice Mick Jagger dressed as Gainsborough's Blue Boy (Park was inspired by the film Performance); on the back, the artist Bruegel -- wearing one of his trademark upside-down funnels -- peeks from behind a pillar.

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