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 Seventies Music Trivia Quiz #3

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obody said this would get easier. These next 100 brainbusters require you to dig back into the memory banks and see how well you recall the soft-rock sounds of California, the hard rock sounds of the Who, and such cultural ephemera as commercial jingles, posthumous successes, and great songwriters of the '70s. It also checks out your knowledge and memory of such crucial '70s phenomena as glam rock, heavy metal, and new wave/punk, not to mention singles, record producers, rock on film, and song lyrics.

As in the first two quizzes, select the correct answers by using the drop down menus. Once you are done, click the "Submit" button at the end of the quiz to see your score (grading requires at least MSIE 4.x or Netscape 3.x with JavaScript enabled). The questions you get wrong will have a check in their respective checkboxes, and you can find out the correct answers to these questions if you desire by following a link at the bottom.

Ready to take the third Seventies Music Trivia Quiz? Let's go!

1. Whose wistful 1971 love song about California threatened to "kiss a Sunset pig"?
2. Two years after he hit the US Top 10 with "It Never Rains in Southern California," Albert Hammond co-wrote a big hit for the Hollies called:
3. After which Eagles album did Bernie Leadon opt to leave the group?
4. Neil Young's 1977 Stars 'n Bars album featured backup vocals by Linda Ronstadt and what other female singer, who also worked on his 1978 album Comes A Time?
5. Which artist did Peter Asher, who supervised Linda Ronstadt's and James Taylor's best-selling records, produce in 1979 and then went on to a much bigger career without Asher?
6. All four of these singer-songwriters helped define the sound of Southern California in the '70s, but only one was actually born in the state. Which one?
7. Which of these four bands has never contained siblings?
8. Which of these fairly obscure '70s groups was led by bassist Jean Millinton and her guitar-playing sister, June?
9. What surname did Paul McCartney's little brother Mike, who released a solo album in 1974 with songs co-written and produced by Paul, adopt in the '60s in order to avoid identification?
10. Three of the Taylors listed below are siblings of James Taylor and also launched recording careers in the '70s. Name the fictitious Taylor.
11. Name the saxophone-playing keyboardist who served as a sideman in his brother's group before launching a band of his own in 1970.
12. Which 18-year-old Jackson 5 member stepped into the spotlight in 1972 for the smash remake of Shep and the Limelight's "Daddy's Home"?
13. It's obvious how many Jacksons were in the Jackson 5, but how many performing Osmonds were there in the '70s -- both in The Osmonds as well as solo acts?
14. Which of these Seventies bands claimed to have mixed their own blood in with the red ink used to print a comic book about them?
15. What group's career was supposed to be aided by one of the most ill-conceived promotional concepts ever: dead animals sent to American radio stations sealed in plastic bags?
16. What was the name of the mystery group that would not reveal its identity and became the center of speculation in 1977 that it was really the Beatles recording under a pseudonym?
17. Which British rock star announced that he was retiring from live performance at the end of a 1973 London concert?
18. The 1976 Grammy Award for Best New Artist went to which one of these one-hit wonders on the strength of a coy song about midday sex?
19. Three members of Savoy Brown broke away from the long-running British blues band in 1970 to form which of these bands?
20. In its original incarnation, Bad Company was comprised of refugees from what three groups?
21. The enormously successful 1970s trio Emerson, Lake and Palmer were former members of which three bands?
22. From which British Invasion group did Rod Argent, the namesake of the group that did "Hold Your Head Up" in 1972, hail?
23. Name the British progressive rock ensemble in which drummer Stewart Copeland played before coming to prominence in the Police in 1979.
24. Which company manufactured the tantalizingly slow ketchup that in a TV commercial was accompanied by Carly Simon's 1972 hit "Anticipation"?
25. For what product did Lou Reed allow his 1973 Top 20 hit "Walk on the Wild Side" to be used as a jingle?
26. What Jimmy Webb song -- a 1967 hit for an American vocal group -- became a TWA jingle?
27. Which of these Top 40 American hits was adapted from a British song entitled "True Love and Apple Pie" and was covered for hit singles by two different groups -- one British, one American -- in 1971?
28. Which Jim Croce song went to #1 in America three months before his fatal plane crash, and which Jim Croce song also went to #1 in the US in October the same year?
29. What was the name of the 1976 Australian LP featuring deceased AC/DC singer Bon Scott that sold a million copies in the US when it was finally released five years after it was recorded?
30. What was the time period between the release of Lynyrd Skynyrd's 1977 eerily prophetic Street Survivors album and the occurence of the band's fatal plane crash that killed its lead singer, a guitarist, and a backup singer?
31. Amazingly, the Who never had a #1 album in America, but which two of their albums are their biggest chart hits in the states, both climbing to the #2 position?
32. Which one of these four songs that appear on the Who's Live at Leeds album was written by Pete Townshend?
33. What was the title of Keith Moon's 1975 solo album?
34. Which songwriting partner used by Roger Daltrey for his first solo album became a singing star in his own right?
35. Which song on Who's Next is sung entirely by Pete Townshend?
36. Which of these famous singers wrote Johnny Nash's Top 40 1973 hit "Stir It Up"?
37. Which of these Sixties "girl groups" originally recorded "He's So Fine," whose publisher successfully sued George Harrison in 1971 for "unknowingly" plagiarizing its melody?
38. In what year did the hard-rocking California band Van Halen make its splashy debut with a souped-up version of the British rock classic "You Really Got Me?"
39. What was the name of Blondie's first hit single in England, a remake of a 1963 hit by Randy and the Rainbows?
40. Which famous rock & roll act originally recorded "Love Hurts," which the Scottish band Nazareth remade and scored a Top 40 hit with in the US in 1976?
41. From which state did Brownsville Station, who had a big hit in December 1973 with "Smokin' in the Boys Room," hail?
42. For which Paul Simon song did Aretha Franklin win a Grammy in the '70s for Best Rhythm and Blues Vocal Performance (Female)?
43. What was singer/songwriter James Taylor's first gold single?
44. What '70s dance record's bass line provided the spine for the Sugarhill Gang's 1979 hip-hop groundbreaker "Rapper's Delight," as well as the basis for a Queen hit the following year?
45. Which Beatles song did a former member of the Fab Four help a friend to rerecord and became a hit in 1975?
46. Which Neil Young song started the whole Lynyrd Skynyrd/Young brouhaha, and in which Neil Young song did he subsequently make an allusion to the whole business?
47. What real person is the subject of "Shine on You Crazy Diamond," from Pink Floyd's 1975 Wish You Were Here album?
48. Who wrote Barry Manilow's #1 1975 hit "I Write the Songs," which American pop singer had a minor hit with it before Manilow, and who is the song about?
49. Which American musical institution did Stevie Wonder pay fond tribute to in a chart-topper in 1977?
50. Which of these four famous artists did David Bowie once write a song about?
51. Which of these early '70s songs begins with the opening line "Billy rapped all night about his suicide," which of these four glitter-rockers had a hit with it, and who wrote it?
52. Larry Graham (of Graham Central Station), Harry "K.C" Casey, Robert "Kool" Bell, and Brinsley Schwarz played which instruments, respectively?
53. Which one of these musicians is or was not the lead singer of his group during most of the Seventies?
54. Andy Parker, Lee Kerslake, Albert Bouchard and Darrell Sweet were the drummers for:
55. Which four hard rockin' bands were responsible for the albums Fly to the Rainbow, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, Rock 'n' Roll Machine, and Helluva Band respectively (none of which reached the US Top 40)?
56. The undistinguished heavy metal band formed in the '70s by former Iron Butterfly guitarist Mike Pinera and former Jimi Hendrix drummer Mitch Mitchell was called:
57. What British singer took the liberty in 1976 of remaking five songs by his own band for a solo album?
58. What English group that evolved from another had a 1977 American hit by redoing a 1972 classic from the repertoire of its parent band?
59. On which two Led Zeppelin songs did Jimmy Page adapt the guitar line from "White Summer," a song by his former band the Yardbirds?
60. What song was an American Top 40 hit in two different versions -- recorded a decade apart -- by its author, Don McLean?
61. What song on the first Bad Company record did guitarist Mick Ralphs reprise from his tenure with his former band?
62. In 1979, Cheap Trick had a gold single with a live version of a record that flopped as a 1977 single of what song?
63. When MTV went on the air in August 1981, the first song played, a prescient slice of 1979 new wave, was:
64. The Ramones' second album, 1977's Leave Home, was withdrawn and reissued with which track deleted?
65. Name the two pivotal punk bands Richard Hell co-founded but left before they made their debut albums.
66. What American pop singer who rose to fame in the '70s covered three Elvis Costello songs on one 1980 album?
67. Which British punk band was the first to release a full-length album and the first to tour the US?
68. Name the first Clash album to be released in America.
69. What independent record company founded in 1976 launched the career of Elvis Costello and many other important artists?
70. What was the aroma of the scratch 'n' sniff cover of a 1978 compilation album of new wave bands from Akron, Ohio?
71. Rat Scabies, Poly Styrene and Lux Interior were the interesting pseudonyms of musicians in which three '70s new wave bands?
72. What is the total number of musicians who where members of Fleetwood Mac from 1967-1991?
73. Which members of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young have collaborated on albums as duos?
74. Bev Bevan was the drummer at one time in which three bands?
75. Who were the other two original Wailers besides Bob Marley?
76. Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar each composed a song on which '70s Beach Boys album?
77. Tony Visconti, who produced many of David Bowie's biggest '70s albums, also worked on '70s albums by:
78. The Fabulous Poodles and Turkey Buzzard had '70s albums produced by which famous bassists?
79. Musicians who died in 1972, 1973, 1974 and 1975 respectively were:
80. The two dissimilar instrumentals, coincidentally performed by men sharing the same initials, that became million-sellers in 1973 were:
81. Which '70s musician won a Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance only two years after taking home a pair of Grammys for his instrumental work?
82. What was the excerpt from an instrumental album that became a hit single in March 1974, months after the LP's release?
83. What name did the fictional band led by Dave Edmunds in the 1974 film Stardust share with a real band that Edmunds later produced?
84. What name did screenwriters Roger Ebert and Russ Meyer give to the fictional all-female group in Meyer's 1970 skin/rock/violence exploitation cult classic, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls?
85. Who wrote the magazine article on which the massively successful 1977 film Saturday Night Fever was based?
86. Which of these four movie scores was not written and performed in the '70s by Curtis Mayfield?
87. What '70s song, while not a major smash in the US, received loads of airplay in America, particularly on a certain day of the week?
88. Which three consective smash 1971 singles by Marvin Gaye came off his classic What's Going On album?
89. "Money," from Pink Floyd's hugely successful Dark Side of the Moon album, was released as a single and was a US Top 40 hit. Name the second single from Dark Side which didn't even crack the US Top 100.
90. Todd Rundgren, the producer of Grand Funk's first chart-topper "We're an American Band," scored the biggest hit of his solo career in 1973 with:
91. Name the four songs from Fleetwood Mac's monster-selling 1977 Rumours album that became Top 10 singles in the US.
92. Bachman-Turner Overdrive's stuttering 1978 chart-topper "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" was recorded and unintentionally released as a joke for their stammering
93. Which of these four songs from the Eagles' Hotel California album did Don Henley not sing lead on?
94. The lyrics from which album track from The Knack's 1979 debut LP had to be rewritten before it could be released as a single because of its blatant vulgarity?
95. Which three rockers who've had brushes with the law do the Clash make reference to in their 1978 song "Clash City Rockers"?
96. The subject of Carly Simon's 1972 hit "You're So Vain" flew his lear jet up to where to see the total eclipse of the sun?
97. With which famous artist's niece does the narrator of Bob Dylan's "When I Paint my Masterpiece" have a date?
98. Nils Lofgren's eponymous 1975 solo album contained a heartfelt tribute to which real-life rock star?
99. Which 1973 David Bowie song made reference to "Twig the Wonder Kid"?
100. Which of these film stars does not make a cameo appearance in the Kink's 1972 song "Celluloid Heroes"?

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90-100% - "You Should Be Dancing"
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 70-79% - "Happy"
 60-69% - "Over My Head"
 50-59% - "Pick Up The Pieces"
  0-49% - "You Haven't Done Nothin'"

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