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The 50 Most Stylish Rock Stars of All Time

One of the perks of being famous is that you often become a style icon. Over the years, there have been many noteworthy trends. From fabulous 80's fashion to the somewhat dubious shell suits and gold medallions of the 90s. Not all rock stars manage to pull off the style icon, though. But the ones that do are often seen as trendsetters. Fans from all over the world dress and style to emulate their heroes. Here are 50 of the most stylish rock stars of all time.

Mick Jagger onstage

1. Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses frontman, was a true icon of the late eighties.

2. Lenny Kravitz has a bad lad vibe and is known for his aviator sunglasses.

3. Billy Idol was an early 80s icon and one of the first MTV stars.

4. Julian Casablancas of The Strokes made skinny jeans trendy again.

5. Nick Cave made ladies swoon with unbuttoned shirts and long hair.

6. Zakk Wylde favours denim and leather for the pro-wrestler look.

7. Pete Doherty sets trends by making fedora and scarf-wearing look good.

8. Lou Reed enjoys oversize leather jackets and dark glasses for a classic look.

9. John Mayer rocks the tattooed outlaw with an expensive watch trend.

10. Carlos Santana made the Mexican influence cool in the '60s.

11. Paul Weller just enjoyed looking good in whatever he wore.

12. Ezra Koenig looks fab in knitted jumpers and fitted sport coats.

13. Elton John is loud, proud and often outrageous but so lovable and emulated.

14. Liam Gallagher swings from tracksuit to trench coat with a 90's vibe.

15. Freddie Mercury had a totally unique and off the wall style.

16. Billy Gibbons made long beards cool rather than terrifying.

17. Rivers Cuomo is a trendsetter in the geek rock set of the '90s.

18. Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols rocked a unique look that made girls scream.

19. Morrissey will be forever remembered for his striped suits and t-shirts.

20. Lemmy Kilmister, the Motorhead legend, simply was a style icon, enough said.

21. Joe Strummer wore lots of blacks and rocked the leather look to the max.

22. Ian Svenonius was part of the post-punk era and looked brilliant in suits.

23. Tom Waits has a style of his own but didn't conform to any trends.

24. George Lewis Jr. has a very laid-back dress sense that is considered quite a hipster.

25. Jack White found his style by only wearing black, white and red.

26. Keith Moon made lots of statements in fur coats and loud patterns.

Slash onstage

27. Bruce Springsteen kept it simple with blue jeans, white tees and a leather jacket.

28. Elvis Costello loved hats and Buddy Holly glasses giving him a quirky look.

29. Dennis Wilson was a definite Beach Boy in his Hawaiian shirts and surfer look.

30. Slash is unmissable with a mane of black hair, bare chest and top hat.

31. Chuck Berry was a sharp dresser in coloured suits that set him apart.

32. Buddy Holly and his thick-rimmed glasses made nerds feel cool and trendy.

33. Eric Clapton was a lover of psychedelia back in the day and made it fashionable.

34. Bob Dylan was a bohemian trendsetter that oozed cool and style.

35. Alice Cooper didn't dress to impress the in-laws, but he was rather dark and monstrous.

36. Joey Ramone brought us ripped jeans and hair in the face, making it look good.

37. Elvis Presley was the King, and he earned that title by offering the whole package.

38. David Byrne was a lover of oversized suits and the avant-garde look and feel.

39. John Lennon was something of a flower power hippy and always looked great.

40. Jimi Hendrix was flowing with psychedelic colours in the form of scarves and patterns.

41. Jarvis Cocker is another vote for geeks being cooler than cool, glasses and all.

42. Dave Macklovitch swaps between sharp suits and casual leather jackets.

David Bowie portraits

43. Paul Hudson, HR, went for an eclectic mix of dreadlocks, sportcoats and beanies.

44. Ray Davies stuck to tailored suits and sportcoats, making him one of the smartest dressed.

45. Sid Vicious is the epitome of punk with plenty of leather and metal, the classic bad boy.

46. Keith Richards inspired the character of Captain Jack Sparrow with his flamboyant look and arrogant swagger.

47. David Bowie and his alter ego Ziggy Stardust introduced us to the delights of glam rock.

48. Kurt Cobain was a 90's icon with a rather unkempt jeans and cardies look that became iconic.

49. Mick Jagger went for the suits and silk scarves look, and it served him well; he still dresses to impress.

50. Prince really loved the colour purple and animal prints, and that basically sums up his dress style.  

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