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(As recorded by Jimmy Castor Bunch)

What we're gonna do right here is go back
Way back into time
When the only people that existed were Troglodytes
Cave men, cave woman, Neadrothol, Troglodytes
Imagine the average cave man at home
Listening to his stereo
Sometimes he'd get up and dance
He'd move something like this "dance dance"
He'd get tired of dancing alone and look in the mirror
And say "gotta find a woman"
"Gotta find a woman, gotta find a woman, gotta find a woman"
Then he'd go down to the lake where all the girls
Would be swimming or washing clothes or something
And he'd grab one by the hair
You can't do that today fellas
'Cause it might come off
You have a hand full of hair
And she'd be swimming away from you
This was a big woman, big
Her name was Bertha, Bertha Butt -- one of the Butt sisters
She looked down on him
And started to crush him
Then she began to play him
He looked up at her and said "sock it to me"
"Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me"
She looked down on him
And said "I'll sock it to you daddy"
And you know what he said
He started it all way back then
I ain't gonna lie to you
He said "right on, right on"
Hot pants, hot pants
Uh uh uh.

(c) Copyright 1972 by Jimpire Music.

- HIT PARADER, October 1972.


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