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"Sweet Surrender"

(As recorded by Bread)

Baby I'm through, runnin' it's true
I'd be a fool to try to escape you
And maybe I'm beat
But oh what a sweet surrender.

You keep your rights, I'll take your nights
No one can lose when we turn the lights out
And tastin' defeat, lovin' that sweet surrender.

I'm givin' up myself to you
But I didn't really lose at all
I gained the only love I've known and it never 
Hurt me to fall.

Now that it's done, so glad you won
I know our lives have only begun
No more retreat, only my sweet surrender.

Hmm baby, I admit defeat, but oh what a sweet surrender.

Surrender, and you sweet thing in my life
I surrender to you.

(c) Copyright 1972 Screen Gems - Columbia Music, Inc.

- HIT PARADER, April 1973.


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