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"My Maria"

(As recorded by B.W. Stevenson)

My Maria, don't you know I have come a long long way
I've been longin' to see her
When she's around she takes my blues away
Sweet Maria, the sunlight surely hurts my eyes
I'm a lonely dreamer on a highway in disguise.

Maria, I love you.

My Maria, there were some blue and sorrowed times
Just my thoughts about you bring back, my peace of mind
You gypsy lady, you're a miracle worker for me
You set my soul free like a ship sailin' on the sea.

She is the sunlight when the stars are gray
She treats me so right lady, take me away.

Maria, I love you
Maria, I love you.

(c) Copyright 1973 by ABC/Dunhill Music, Inc. and Speed Music, and Prophecy
Publishing, Inc.

- SONG HITS, Summer 1974.


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