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"I Saw The Light"

(As recorded by Todd Rundgren)

It was late last night,
I was feeling something wasn't right
There was not another soul in sight,
Only you, only you
So we walked along
Though I knew that there was something wrong
And a feeling hit me oh so strong
About you
Then you gazed up at me,
And the answer was plain to see
'Cause I saw the light in your eyes,
In your eyes.

Though we had our fling
I just never would suspect a thing
Till that little bell began to ring
In my head, in my head
But I tried to run
Though I knew it wouldn't help me none
'Cause I couldn't ever love no one,
Or so I said
But my feelings for you,
Were just something I never knew
Till I saw the light in your eyes,
In your eyes.

But I love you best
It's not something that I say in jest
'Cause your different girl from all the rest
In my eyes
And I ran out before,
But I won't do it anymore
Can't you see the light
In my eyes
In my eyes
In my eyes
In my eyes.

(c) Copyright 1971 by Earmark Music, Inc. and Screen Gems -
Columbia Music, Inc. c/o 75 E. 55th St., New York, N.Y. 10012.

- HIT PARADER, September 1972.


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