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"I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby"

(As recorded by Barry White)

(Spoken) Feels so good you lying here next to me
Oh what a groove
You have no idea how it feels
My hands just won't keep still
I love you babe, I love you, I love you
Just wanna run my fingers through your hair
Out o'sight right there
You like it right there closer, closer oh baby.

Give it up, ain't no use
I can't help myself if I wanted to
I'm hung up no doubt
I'm so in love with you
For me there's no way out.

'Cause deeper and deeper in love with you I'm falling
Sweeter and sweeter the tender world of love you call it
Eager and eager yeah to feel your lips upon my face
Please her and please her any time or any place.

I'm gonna love you, love you, love you just a little more babe
I'm gonna need you, need you, need you everyday yeah
I'm gonna want you, want you, want you in every way yeah.

(Spoken) Out o'sight, far out
Hold back, no way
This time it looks like love is here to stay
As long as I shall live
I'll give you all I have and all I have to give.

(Spoken) Baby I swear you're out o'sight
I can't believe that I'm really here
It's like when you're doin' somethin' that's such a groove
That it's hard to believe that you're really there doin' it
Baby don't stop.

(c) Copyright 1973 by January Music Corp., a division of A. Schroeder International Ltd.,
and Sa-Vette Music, Inc.

- SONG HITS, Summer 1974.


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