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"Call Me (Come Back Home)"

(As recorded by Al Green)

Call me, call me, call me

What a beautiful time, we had together
Now it's getting late and we must leave each other, yeah
Just remember the time we had, and how right I tried to be
It's all in a day's work, call me.

Losin' your love, acting' foolishly, yeah
Go on and take your time
'Cause you're only losing me, yeah
Love is a long way's from here
Tell you it's all in the way you feel
If your love is real, come to me.

(Call me, call me, call me, come back home)

The best thing I can do is give you your love (Is give you your love) oh baby
Let you go on your way
Feeling as free as a dove
And if you find you're a long way's from home
And somebody's doing you wrong
Just call me baby and come back home
(Call me, call me, call me, come back home)
Come back home, come back home.

When you're worried, thangs ain't going right, yeah
It's all in a day's work
Call me when you're lonely
You can call me when you're feeling sad, baby, wo-wo-wo-wo, yeah
It's all in a day's work
Come back home.

(Call me, call me).

(c) Copyright 1973 by Jec Publishing Co.

- SONG HITS, Summer 1974.


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