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Rock your 70's party with slot machines

Wild hair don't care and high heels on the reels! The '70s were super and for good reason: the music, clothes, games, and colors rocked their time and we still look back at the funky vibes of those amazing times 25 years ago. But, did you know slot machines were also a big part of the grooving '70's vibe? There wasn't a club or bar that didn't have fruit machines with colorful funky designs to entertain visitors. Lucky for us we've now got online slot machines to bring this '70's beat back into our mood!

Slot machines were hot in the '70s

It seems like slot machines have always been around. Of course, they weren't, but whenever you look back at a certain period: it's there again! In the corner of a bar, in the middle of a club, or the top of a restaurant you can find some kind of slot machine. The great thing about slot machines is that they change and follow the latest trends and therefore, '70's slot machines are as amazing as everything during that time and can be a great inspiration if you're a super seventies lover just like we are.

Boogy bingo and funky spins

Slot machines of the '70s, the real ones that you can touch and play, are currently hot items on creative platforms all around the world. Some don't even work anymore but are sold for thousands of euros. This might be a bit expensive for your party, but luckily we now have online options too. You won't be able to actually touch the slot machine, but with online gratis gokkasten it does feel like the real deal. With funky music, symbols of billboards, old school cars, or a boogy bingo the life of a super '70s lover will be complete!

Give it a try with a bonus

We've found several slot machines that are all about the '70s. You can give most of them a try with a no deposit bonus at an online casino. This casino bonus allows you to play with credit without paying a dime! It might seem like a trick, but it isn't. An online casino does probably hope you love their slot machines so much that you'll eventually make a deposit and you might! Given the fact that some of these slot machines probably will make you wanna rock and roll all night long, chances are you'll become a real fan!

Free funky '70s

At fantastische gratis casino bonussen you're able to check out many slot machines of your liking and flow into that '70's vibe right away! The Free Funky '70's slot machine is one we can definitely recommend. With 40 bet lines, these casino games can also result in some serious cash but don't forget to enjoy the ride too. Big cars, disco lights, and funky shoes will toll around your screen while the funky tunes and disco sounds get you in the mood. Even the play-button adds '70's sounds to enforce your vibe. Wouldn't it be great to add this slot machine to your own themed party?

Back to the '70s

Another great slot machine all about the super seventies is Back to the '70s. A Dj with a big afro introduces you to a world of funk, disco, and boogie nights. 10 bet lines and a 'real' bar with free drinks will you get in the party mood right away. You might be able to get some credit and let your guests play a couple of rounds.

Create your own special gaming room with slots and a jukebox

Of course, online slot machines aren't the same as the physical ones, but they'll definitely add something to your party. What about creating a special gaming room? Just grab a cardboard box, print some images of disco balls, funky colors, and boogie dancing, and put them on the box. Let people enjoy the slot machines inside while taking pictures with an old school camera. Maybe you can even add the option to choose music from that box to create a real-life jukebox. Add some funk, slot games, and boogie and your super seventies party is ON!  

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