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Most Common Types of Online Casino Players

One of my favorite pastimes is sitting back with a drink and watching the action on a casino floor. My
eyes often wander to the different personalities playing those casino games. Over time, I think I've
managed to categorize the most common types of casino players out there. I also believe there's not
much difference between the way behave on the casino floor and when we're behind the computer
screen playing at online casinos.

Check out the different types of online casino players and see in which category you fall!

The New Guy

We were all newbies at online casinos at one time or another (or you may still be one) and it's not
rocket science to recognize others. These are the guys who dominate the live chat and seem super
friendly, even when nobody wants to be friendly back. They ask the most random questions and place
the most obscure bets. Sometimes they hit a winning streak and then everyone curses them under their
breath. Most times, however, they make beginners' mistakes and learn the hard way.

The Old Guy

OK, not so old. Just older than the usual people you'll find at a casino. He's very sure of himself and
prances around like a peacock, making sharp comments to anyone on the live chat and showing
everyone how much he knows. Unfortunately, he knows a lot. He's been around the block (or the online
casino floor) a few times and knows all the rules of every game. He'll know which bets to avoid and
which games to seek out. He'll also be able to rattle off all the odds of every single video poker variant at
the online casino. You want to be this guy's friend!

The One with the Bad Luck

We hope it's not you, but these guys do exist. The ones that try and try and try but never seem to be
able to win at the online casino. They've read all the rules, practiced for free, learned how to play the
games upside down and inside outÉ and yet they're still unable to win a tiny jackpot. These guys are
good to be around, only so that you feel better about your own gameplay (something like being friends
with the fat guy). Don't worry about his bad luck rubbing off on you. He's a magnet for that type of

The Angry Player

Let's face it: some players just don't understand how they should behave at a casino. They're loud
and angry. They react without thinking. They curse if they lose. They write in capital letters and use lots of
exclamation marks in live chat. They'll also blame everyone except themselves about their run of bad
luck -- the online casino, the software, the game, the computer, even the weather. People come to the
online casino to have fun, not to watch an adult throw a hissy fit. Stay away from him!

The Laid Back Player

Nothing fazes this guy. Nothing. He drifts into the online casino at any time of the day or night, spins the
reels of a slot here, plays a hand of blackjack there. He has no strategy and just goes with the flow. If he
happens to hit a losing streak, he's totally chilled. He may hang around to cheer on his friends or he may
go offline to go for a midnight surf... you know the type.

The Cheapster

If you were at a brick-and-mortar casino, you'd recognize this guy right away. He's the one in a tux,
smoking what looks to be an expensive cigar and looking like the cat that ate the canary. But if you go a
little closer to him, you'll smell his cheap cologne and see that the size of the bets he has placed are so
puny that they're laughable. The cheapsters are a bit more difficult to spot in the world of online
casinos, but you can pick them out as those who talk about their fancy cars and big bankrolls on live
chat, but then place the smallest bets around the virtual table. If anything, they're entertaining.

The Ghost

We've all come across phantom players who just seem to pop up in a chat and then disappear from the
casino table as the game is set to begin. He'll start a conversation and then won't wait around to
continue it. He'll make a comment or two about joining, but then when the time comes, he suddenly
won't be there. We call these guys ghosts or lurkers. They want to be part of the online casino vibe but
don't want to actually play. Go figure.

Are you one of the player types above? Do you know someone who is? If recognize yourself and don't
like what you see, think about changing some of your online casino habits. If you are happy with the way
you're perceived at the online casino, good for you!

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