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The best apps for fans of music at the moment
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Whether you're a seventies singles connoisseur or enjoy annoying your children with a classic track every now and then, there are a selection of music apps capable of providing you with a bigger and better library of hits to access whenever you feel like it.

Apps are a popular modern-day creation embraced by most of society. Some people can't grasp them, while others simply can't live without them. Likewise, numerous apps provide worthwhile functions, while others fail to really hit the mark. Overall, though, the type of apps we can access today are bigger and better than ever before, thanks to the more powerful mobile phone devices we all have access to.

These types of devices have led to an impressive selection of apps for users to sample. In fact, the options have never been so vast. Alongside being able to surf the web for a bargain or having the option to enjoy more than 20 variants of roulette on this website, people are downloading banking apps, health and fitness apps, dating apps, and a whole lot more. Music apps are a popular choice for many too, with the sheer amount of them growing on a regular basis.

Not every music app is worth downloading, of course. Some cater towards certain genres, while others cover them all. Without further ado, here is a look at some of the best music apps available right now.

Wynk Music

A hugely popular app at the moment, Wynk Music specialises in offering its users uninterrupted music while on the go. Users can access the very best online radio stations, tuck into streamed music, sync lyrics, enjoy curated playlists, and listen to 6 million+ tunes. The fact Wynk Music is ad-free is arguably its biggest selling point of all, though.


Only available to iPhone users at the moment, Pandora is a massively prominent app in the space, which is widely adored by many music lovers. In 2019, Pandora had 66 million users a month. The app is particularly adept at helping its users unearth new music and playlists specifically suited to them and the style of music they like. You can bookmark your favourites, rate the streaming speed and song quality, as well as being able to save any radio stations you like too.

Deezer logo

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Deezer offers an extensive selection of up to 50 million tracks to explore. The difference with Deezer compared to many apps is that it specialises in creating highly personalised playlists. The app takes note of all of your listened to bands, artists and genres of music and then from there recommends new music and creates playlists specifically with your music taste in mind. Deezer is also well designed and extremely simple to grasp, too.


An app championing the social aspect of music and the ability to share music easily with family and friends, Rdio is a paid service that offers exactly that alongside its library of over 8 million tracks. You can keep tabs on what your Facebook and Twitter friends are rocking out to, discover new talent, sample artist-created radio stations, and plenty more.


There is nothing worse than being at a party and being reminded of a track you used to love without knowing the name of it, which is why apps like Shazam help keep people informed on the tracks they warm to. Essentially just an audio search engine, users can record the song in question and Shazam will follow through with all the details on who it is and where you can buy it. You can even download the lyrics, too.  

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